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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    @mrgreaper and @_Zw_ I will be officially supporting iConomy within the next hour.
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    cool i`ll hold off on the update to our server then (though i only have 2 hours before work lol

    you are one of the best plugin creators, you and afforess seem to not only listen to us mere users but add stuff and help, it is a really good thing thank you
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    BUG: If you are using ServerPort and associated Proxy client.
    When you connect, it shows "Welcome, <name of first person to join>"
    Can you change your system to look at the entity id or the port instead of just IP?

    I'll test mail system now.
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    Well i when i didnt edit it, then i couldent do /give or /i and then when i edited it, i could.
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    @Denni199 That was a coincidence. Do not edit users.yml.

    - Added /sell to sell whatever is in your hand
    - Added support for egg items, thanks to Morczor
    - Added support for iConomy
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    Further to bug. Seems fine overall, just displays name of firstjoiner / lastjoiner (can't fully test due to only myself and 1 other on server)
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    @Dawrom That is a bukkit bug, and is beyond my control.
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    @Zenexer was working fine until I put on the ServerPort... and figured seeing as I'm using the proxy client you were only reading the joined via IP?
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    thanks for sorting it so fast!

    though my config file is still not being updated
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    @Daworm Nope, it'll do that for everyone. It's a weird bug.

    @mrgreaper And you've completely deleted it and updated Essentials? Do you want me to see if I can get it to work via TeamViewer or something?
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    It would be so nice if we could modify the /help pages to edit and add other commands :)
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    @lawina MCDocs provides that feature :D
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    Hey Zen, awesome plugin. One quick useful request.
    Upon /ban/kick, please log to server.log.

    I banned liike 8 people last night, and it doesnt show up in server log at all unless they try to login, which the "you are banned from this server!" message shows up.

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    must admit i didnt delete it as i have spent too long getting it how we want it, i thought the plugin read the file and added the new lines?

    sadly i got to go to work in a few mins so i cant update the file on the server further (just my net book at work :) poor over taxed netbook) it seems to be working ok though, could you post the extra lines and ill add them manualy?
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    Hey Zen, thanks for your hard work on this mod.. It is coming along nicely. Is there any way to add to the /help menu? With other plugins adding commands, I want to make sure the users can see them.... Thanks!

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    At least one item was not recognized by name or id when using /i this time around. (Item ID 344 (Egg) used to be recognized by /i). Is this a bukkit thing with the recent build? I am using build 62 of Essentials and build 129 of CraftBukkit.

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    Bug Report
    In the config.yml, i have {PLAYER} in my MOTD, when i type /motd, it shows a different player..
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 2:21 PM ---
    another small feature request :)
    {ONLINE} for online count
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    Very nice work so far!! I love it

    I have a little request, is it possible to set certain kits per group (Permissions is used), because now all groups can use all the kits. And i would like to narrow it down for lower group levels
    Could it be i have to set essentials.kit.nameofkit in the permissions file or doesn't it work like that? It is possible

    Every time i edit the config to add kits it overwrites it with the default data when i start my server? Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Fixed with update

    And is there a way to load the config file ingame? Like you can with the permissions config file?

    Thx in advance =)
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    Same problem, looks like it shows the name and ip of the first player connected.
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    Also whenver me or my users type a a command it says you do not have permissions to use that, but it still does the command and it works.
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    @AbsolutePolak You probably have another plugin that is conflicting, or your permissions file is incorrect.

    @Incendia and @fffizzz That is a CraftBukkit bug, and is beyond the scope of this plugin. I'll let Grum know if I run into him. :)

    @weirdbeard Are you sure? I just added eggs within the past few releases. I think it was b63.

    @Red00 I am not implementing that feature because it already exists in the form of a really nice plugin, MCDocs. Let me know how you like it! :)


    - Added /sell to sell whatever is in your hand
    - Added support for egg items, thanks to Morczor
    - Added support for iConomy
    - Removed verbose debugging information now that features are known to work
    - Added backward compatibility for non-iConomy users
    - Added {ONLINE} tag
    - MotD and rules now add a space to the end of each line to prevent colors at the ends of lines from crashing the client
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    Whenever i log in i get "Welcome Mormoth" while my name is dacorpsemaker, and the first guy who joined the server was Mormoth... Also, could you make an option so i can make moderator's name orange? Thanks!
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    Actually I was the first to report this issue :p
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    You're my new favorite person
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    How can I get Essentials to recognize Permissions? I've already configured the nodes, but it uses the default OP system, and Permissions doesn't appear on the plugin list with I type "/plugin list".
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 3:47 PM ---
    You can make OP's names orange, it's at the top of the config.yml file where it says something like OP Name Color or something. You then would use the color code found here(without using those silly S's):
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    {3 Luw
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    Zenexer, any word on being able to place spawners of any type other then pigs?
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    Nice and fast updates mate...+1 for you!!

    But ...could you add possibility to copy your old home.txt into your plugin?
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    Wow Zen, you had a busy night!

    Could you add a note somewhere in the OP that you don't have to modify your config.yml if using 'Permissions'? Could you also add a server console message like, "Essentials detected Permissions, ignoring Essentials/config.yml".

    Needless to say I did not know this and wasted a lot of time, lol XD
  31. Hi. I need help to use the plugin. Every time I become this:
    I have the newest version of Minecraft, CraftBukkit und Essentials.

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