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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    I am working on adding time--it's one of my favorite commands! :D

    Updated to disable /nick by default. Edit the configuration file (uck) if you want to enable it.

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    I'll stick with General, thanks. If unzipping is so much trouble for you, you shouldn't use computers.
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    Wow dude, if the nickname does what it's supposed to do then this is far the best general plugin I've used!!! :D You just saved my sever xD
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    If you're gonna add time, Make sure to skip time, and not go back, or it will break redstone! I found this out the hard way with TimeShift.

    Here is how to do it ;)

    //24000 ticks is a MC day
    //get the server's time
    long time = server.getTime();
    //find how far into the day they are
    long relativeTime = time % 24000;
    //Thus find the start of the day
    long startOfDay = time - relativeTime;
    //then for your command CASE TIME etc...
    server.setTime(startOfDay + 24000);
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    Yeah, I'm still running General on craftbukkit 66 as well as the other plugins I use they all run flawless. If people would let CRaftbukkit go for a while and the plugins to catch up instead of feeling like the must update them everyday it would work for them as well.
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    Hmm dman.. /item <id> <amount> isn't accounted for. Minding adding that option in?
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    Can other commands be disabled via the config.yml file? I like using MyWarp, MyHome and TelePlus. Also, I prefer to keep editing tools to an editing plugin such as WorldEdit.

    Edit: OH- and /item only seems to work with item name and not ID. Can you add that as well?

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    Looks like a reasonable alternative, tho General is working for me ATM ( i have not upgraded to ver 1.8 due to comments on that thread about issues).
    As far as there being two ways to tackle general commands I say Bravo! there should be 3 or 4 or more. I hope that each of u looks at the others products and adds features, and thus stay a viable alt. so i would love to see the time command here and the mail command there.
    One suggestion for all our plugin creators is to create a txt file or something with the version # in the title or body. I have so many versions of so many plugins i dont remember which one i actually have running. Thus I have been creating my own Ver##.txt in each of there folders to keep them straight and stay on top of upgrades.
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    why won't you all stfu about all this shit and agree this plugin and any plugin out there has a purpose. :)
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    Can't wait to give this a try tonight!

    And just ignore the haters, I think you got a good plugin here.
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    what about adding "/setspawn" to change the localtion of spawn
    and i cairntenly keep on using this plugin
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    Yet another general plugins plugin.

    So far we have ScrapBukkit, General, and now this one. But at the same time we have about a million different warp plugins, and lots of doubling up of different plugins as well. So I see no problem with yet another general commands plugin.

    But just to throw the hate out there - I'm going to stick with ScrapBukkit. :p
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    I haven't seen a complete feature list out there ._. what exactly does it do as of now? Just /give and the very most basic commands?

    @ Thread:

    Any chance you could change it so you can type /nick Pencil newpencilname ? as in I as an admin can change other peoples nicks? Would be cool :)
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    These "General" plugins would be better released as separate mini-plugins, imho. i.e. Mail plugin, Give plugin, Kit plugin, Teleport plugin, MOTD plugin, Nickname plugin, etc.

    I like the Mail feature of this one, btw! :)

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    That's the biggest problem with ScrapBukkit right now - hard to know what commands you can use.

    The ones I know off the top of my head are: /tp and /tphere. (I know there are about 10 commands, but I just can't remember them. I'll scrub these forums for the list - its in here somewhere).
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 5:13 PM ---
    I would love a kit plugin.
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    in my opinion, it is a major fail to have removed all of these BASIC, NECESSARY functions for running a server.

    these commands were the meat of hey0 and are a huge reason people used that wrapper in the first place.

    clearly it's just creating problems with redundant plugins and causing conflict among people who would do better to work together.

    I would hope the bukkit team would reconsider this. there is no reason we should have to install plugins to have basic administrative functionality - I'm not saying it's difficult to install plugins, I am saying that the community is wasting a lot of time with very basic plugins like this when the wrapper should provide these functions inherently.
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    Update 1
    Added /time, thanks to Tazzernator!

    Also, updated with a new config: you can disable individual commands. The only command disabled by default is /nick. The plugin will not intercept such commands, leaving them to be intercepted by other plugins. Old configs will automatically be converted.

    Update 2
    Updated to support /item [numeric]. Also added usage information for /time.
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    Hey did you read this yet? :p

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    Works Fine :D
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    Working on it now! :D
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    I like the format of this plugin and the options much better than 'general' personally.. BUT
    Could you prefix your commands with maybe 'g'? It conflicts with other plugins when you're using up a whole slew of commands.
    I know you can disable them, but maybe we want access to both? What about aliasing commands as an option?

    /gtime, /gmail, /gwhatever?
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    @Gimmic Gmail :D

    /nick can now be used by administrators to change the nickname of another user. Thanks to Pencil for this!

    Update 2
    Now supports command prefixes. You will need to add the command-prefix option to your config. Example: "command-prefix: g". Great idea, @Gimmic!

    Update 3
    Added ob-dependent support for /setspawn
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    New Download link ?
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    The download link remains the same for each build. I make it a habit not to break support for previous Bukkit builds without a good reason. :) As far as I'm concerned, regressions are bugs, so there shouldn't be any of those, either.
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    Awesome! Thanks! Works on b106 FYI.
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    /give and /i doesnt work for me. It says no item id like that or something
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    WorldEdit already has /tree and /bigtree.
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    Works for me on CraftBukkit build 106. What craftbukkit build are you on?
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 7:17 PM ---
    How should the users.yml be structured? Is it just:

                - /tp
                - /i
    Etc. ?

    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 7:19 PM ---
    Indeed! (WE FTW!) \o/
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    Thannnkkksss!!!!!!!!! <3
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    It appears to work with things like "stone" and "tnt" for me, however when attempting '278' (diamond pick axe) it says the same thing for me.

    Also, doing a /i pickaxe 1 will give you a diamond pick axe, there seems to be no real clarification of what are allowed names / ids with this...?
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