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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Still no tabs, unfortunately, but then I don't mind spaces myself. Actually, I'm guilty of using them for indentation elsewhere too.

    I think it's pretty understandable that YAML would disallow either tabs or spaces for indentation since it causes headaches with Python allowing both, but unfortunately they chose to disallow what I guess many people think was the wrong choice. I think it's good that they don't allow mixing them, at least. I'm not sure why tabs aren't allowed in the inline syntax, though, since indentation doesn't even count there.
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    I can't get /give to work on essentials it worked fine on general

    help plz

    Invalid Item ID

    or something like that
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    @InhumanSkills What item are you trying to spawn, and what is the command that you are using (the entire thing)?

    @Eris Ah, then never mind, I won't make the config too verbose. ;)
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    Gee I am glad you posted so quickly. I had the backup ready to restore. Haven't updated the plugin yet but problem did go away after 5 minutes. It didn't even occur to me that the null item could be on the map. Waiting makes sense. I must have made good time getting back to the area from spawn when I last tested it! All is well! Thanks again!
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    can we not have ops names default to a certain color? I have specific colors defined with iChat instead and your plugin overwrites them. :(
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    Charles Harvey

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong; but every time I edit the config.yml and restart the server it appears to revert to its previous form. Have tried editing with nano as well as notepad via ftp client. Sorry if I missed anything regarding this but help would be appreciated.
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    /give 344 30 or /i 344 30 do not work.
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    Yea just any item. None work /give 1 64 for instance
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    ohh ok but why is it still listed under /help?
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    OHHH ok figured it out. Thank you might want to add that to the front page and if not just have it say /give 1 64
    "invalid user" or something since "1" is not a user and this line will let people know it is for "giving"
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    Yeah, Can't use the /i or /g to give my self eggs at all. Also Idea if the number of the item is not given make it give only 1 and not a stack. Also use like 35:4 to give our selfs colored wool
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    I'm experiencing server lag when certain people log in. It lasts for 5-10 seconds, and during the time they are stuck at "Downloading Terrain". The console outputs "Can't keep up!". Once they are connected, they are fine.

    While in #bukkit on IRC, another person reported the same problem. The lag goes away completely if we disable Essentials.

    Plugin list:


    Other Person (Zhiland)

    If I am around, you are more than welcome to use my server to reproduce the problem. I can have the person that it happens with log in whenever.

    Edit: While on another server, I noticed the same lag when someone logged in. Asked them, they have essentials too. Perhaps it is a common issue atm? Was also not an issue with General.
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    /Who and /List crash the server
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    Whenever I try to use a commands my console just gets spammed with errors and nothing happens. halp
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    Sorry if this was already asked, but how do you escape characters in the motd? It breaks if I want to use an apostrophe in the motd.
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    Your help system is still clobbering the internal help of other plugins.
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    @Nipper You can change the stack size in config.yml (set it to 1). You can already do 35:4. ;)

    @AskCharlie The latest update should fix that bug.

    @Jezarith Try deleting your config file. Perhaps the MotD is the issue? If not, I think it's a Bukkit bug, because that's the only on-login event. I'll talk to you on IRC in a moment. Note that this is a very common problem without Bukkit, and indicates that you need a better hard drive. Normal SATA/PATA hard drives are inadequate for running large maps. You should use an SLC SSD (best) or striped RAID array, preferably with Ultra320 SCSI HDDs.

    @Apoc_8bit Double-apostrophe to escape an apostrophe. 'Welcome to the Eternity''s End Server' for example. That's two apostrophes, not a double-quote.

    @Shippage Can you show me some of the errors?

    @Beatkidz Perhaps you have another plugin interfering? They shouldn't do that. Those are pretty basic commands. In fact, this plugin should be unable to crash the server whatsoever.

    @ewe2 You can disable it in the config.

    - Removed redundant /help message
    - Added new permissions node for /heal-ing other players: essentials.heal.other
    - Added economy system. Add "cost-xxxxx: 30" in the config to charge 30 for command /xxxxxx.
    - Added /eco give and /eco take.
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    Some reason disabling commands still shows them in /help
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    @Kane Good catch, Kane; fixing that now.
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    This is what it looks like when using /time day, I get an error whenever I do any command.
    This is from a brand new clean install of Essentials, my only other mods are AreaChat and HotSwap.

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    Can you add these commands (taken from the original Minecraft server vanilla software):
    /op (Makes an user an OP, correct usage would be /op Bobby)
    /deop (Makes an OP user a normal user, correct usage would be /deop Bobby)
    /stop (Saves chunks and gracefully stops the server and shuts down Bukkit)
    /save-all (Forces a server wide save.)
    /save-off (Turns off level saving.)
    /save-on (Turns on level saving.)
    /say (Gives a server wide message in purple. I.e, /say Server is going down for five mins)
    /kill (Makes the user kill themselves, returning them to the spawn point. Useful for getting stuck or lost. Also can be used in the form of /kill <username> by admins/mods)
    /me (says something IRC style. Correct usage would be /me eats some cheese, and would come out as "LaDestittute eats some cheese")
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    Those commands are already in the console. In-game just type /#commandname to use them.

    My MotD still displays the motd that the first person who logs in gets, to everyone else.
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    Getting Error:0 when i try to use any commands
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    Sooo so glad this now works with permissions plugin...its a great day :D
    thanks x 10000
    My 3 fav plugins all now have permissions (working)
    WorldEdit, Essentials, and Permissions weoo
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    Error: 0 when i use /who or /home or most commands.
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    when i manage plugins. after unloading one and reloading it the red version of it still stays
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    Same here
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