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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Its bug that when you remove some commands from the users, they have like:
    Page 1: shows 1 command
    Page 2: shows 3 commands
    Page 3: shows 0 commands
    Page 4: shows 1 command
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    is there an essentials.afk permission? I don't see it in the first post and /afk doesn't seem to be working for me in-game....

    Also, can we have /afk announce in-chat that the user has gone afk? :)

    so example:
    /afk going fishing

    would return:
    seriosbrad is AFK: going fishing
  4. Erm.. My config.yml is getting rewritten every time I start the server...
    idk if this issue has been addressed yet but does anyone gnow what's going on there..?
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    I'm running latest builds and never seen this happen... I've restarted servers like 20 times today messing with things getting this mod working, everything working sweet now :)
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    Oh i just noticed im running the config file from version 23. Should i delete the folder and let the new jar recreate one?
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    Whoever is the first person to connect, their motd (login message) becomes everyone elses motd, even when I log in! It shows the same IP and name.
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    exactly the same problem here even after i delete the file and let the server recreate it...spent halfhour editing the kits poof gone on server load
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 1:45 AM ---
    lol fixed it i think...i added
    version: 47

    to the top of the file
  9. @zengrath
    I'v downloaded essentials today and craftbukkit the day before yesterday... I think I'm running all the latest builds too :confused:
    Will reload everything and report back if that fixes it.

    Oooh lemme try that :p

    EDIT: from now forth adding 'version: 47' to the top of the file is a legit solution ^^ ty Mr!
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    add the line i mention as its not added by default on version 47 trust me its worked for me
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    how do i make it once the player used a kit they cannot reuse it? op or not.
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    adding the version: 47 does indeed fix the config rewrite issue.
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    The dev said that this is a bukkit issue. We have to wait.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 2:32 AM ---
    This would be awesome! I was just thinking it!
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    @Andy GroupUsers is the issue here. You need to allow the commands in GroupUsers.

    @Suprem20 You should not be using Notepad to edit your config files. Try Notepad++.

    @Nate204 You've really got me stumped! Somebody out there screwed something up, but I have no idea whom or how. As for AFK, I'll leave that to players to do manually, as it would interfere with plugins such as AreaChat.

    @Jawdan Good idea!
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    Zenexer, anyway you could fix the /item command to spawn spawners properly? No matter what number you give in the :<i> format it just gives a pig spawner.
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    @MatCat I'll look into that immediately.

    It seems that the data values do not affect mob spawners. There may not be a way to place specific spawners at all. In this case, I will see what I can do about a separate command to change spawners to specific types.
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    Hello, first thanks for the great work. I enjoy your plugin. However, i (maybe) found some issues in build 47

    motd doesnt change. It looks like the config.yml get replaced every time the server does a reboot.

    /pr (for permissions config reload) doesn't seem to work with Permissions and Essentials running together. (Of course that could also be an Permissions Problem. Or maybe mine?)

    Other Plugins:
    Minecart Mania
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    @DerNerz Thanks for the report. /pr would be a Permissions issue, most likely. It's certainly out of Essentials' control. I fixed the MotD issue.

    - Added /rules ("rules" node in config.yml)
    - Unified the color codes a bit to make things more clear
    - Fixed an issue with MotD backward-compatibility
    - Updated /help to reflect addition of /afk
    - Updated /help to reflect changes made to /whois
    - Updated /whois to match usernames in addition to nicknames and make multiple entries more apparent
    - All commands are now enabled by default (including the previously disabled /nick)
    - Fixed an issue whereby new configurations were getting overwritten with the default configuration (Thanks, @DerNerz!)
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    can you add colered group names, that uses colors set up in permissions file as prefix?
    i know that ichat will add colored group name in front of players name, but i dont like that.
    i want to be able color code only group member names.
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    @LAUVz I believe that Permissions already supports that as part of the "prefix" node. :D
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    i tried every thing today and no progress i think that prefixes are utilized only by ichat plugin

    all i want is <LAUVz> and not [Admin] <LAUVz>
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    @LAUVz I thought you could do §c or something, but I could be wrong. I'll certainly look into adding it. I encourage you to vote for the permissions update here, as that would include what you requested.
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    Kit is not work ...
    delay: 7
    - 256 1
    - 257 1
    - 258 1
    - 267 1
    - 292 1
    - 319 5
    - 50 10
    i set this
    how can i do
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    I'm getting lots of

    SEVERE: Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to Essentials

    Also, if you could please place the items in player's inventories instead of just setting them down, that would be wonderful.
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    @MonsierApple Update to the latest version: it should fix that bug. Either that, or you can move your MOTD to a new line, indent it with two spaces, and prefix it with a dash and a space:
      - 'This is my motd.'
    Good idea: I'll look into it right away.

    @NOTNOT Did you indent them properly with spaces?
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        delay: 7
          - 256 1
          - 257 1
          - 258 1
          - 267 1
          - 292 1
          - 319 5
          - 50 10
    Like this
    it's Wrong ?
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    @NOTNOT Try changing RPG to rpg (make it lowercase).

    - Removed some verbose /rules debug code, since /rules seems to be working
    - Items from /item and /give now go straight to the inventory
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    Can you please add /me, /who, and /compass?

    Also, I love your plugin, much easier to understand than 'General' atm. I especially appreciate the permissions list in the OP.
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    new version does not generate the config.yml
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    Hey, I just started using this mod and I'm already in love.
    Although, there is an issue I'm having. I'm not getting a config.yml loading at all. My user.yml loads but not my config.yml... is there a reason why?
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    i had the same issue. Getting no config file.
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