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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    @BearFather Yes it's up to date.

    Edit: Oh, that must be essentials.spawn... /spawn never worked with just Essentials so I downloaded essentialsspawn.jar.
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    what are the permissions nodes
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    ahhh now /god doesnt work
    it says 'god mode enabled'but i still lose health and die plz help!!!
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    Is it possible to add a cooldown on the /sethome command?
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    I have essentials, how do i make it so when a player first logs in it makes them spawn at a certain posistion?

    but i want the /spawn at a different place. i only want it so when they first login they have to complete a starting quiz.
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    City Builder

    I'd like to install a minimal installation of Essentials. Basically the only command that I wish to use from Essentials would be the /ga to show me what amount of RAM my server is using.

    Which essential .jar file must I install to get this function?

    Thank you
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    Go to OP, click on the big WIKI link, on the left side click "Command Guide".
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    I would still *love* to see a more developed Economy and Trading system. One where you can re-name currency, include interest payed over time, and set-up actual stock-related chest shops. Basically integrate your own flavor of iConomy and iConomyChestShops into Essentials. Also, perhaps a more user-friendly chest protection?

    Again, these are not complaints, just suggestions from someone who loves this plugin :)
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    I would love this as well. I've requested the same information from another spawn plugin, but no reply.

    The guys n gals at Essentials are awesome and have implemented a few things the last couple of weeks which are really going to make it a "One stop Shop" for the server I admin on.

    I'd also like to see the jail system evolve as well.

    What I'd REALLY love to see is the whole concept broken down into smaller jars, so the economy, signs, spawn, jail and so on are all seperate, so it truly become a PLUGnPlay Bukkit system. OR at least the config file has more functionality with "on/off" modes.

    Other than a few tweaks I'd love to see where the team is going with this.

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    Does this work with #733?
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    Any way to make Essentials overwrite server commands? for example I want to overwrite /time with the essentials version; could I do this? and how?
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    plz help i really want this fixed !@!
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    Your version reports its version 2.0.6.

    So you sure?
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    It would suit Essentials if the first post was just as well updated as Essentials itself is.
    There is a version 2.2 now, and there is this still that multitude of threads for Essentials-subplugins that are no longer in use... It just might reduce confusion and questions among some parts of the community.
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    I agree, but the wiki doesn't seem to be too well updated either if what you say is true. It says that latest release is 2.1.38 and I can't find a mention of 2.2 anywhere, is this a development build? If so, where can I find it? Also, that would explain why the wiki still says 2.1.38 is the latest.
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    I don't know if its in development or the real new thing, but it sure is a download on artifactory. HERE
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    You can get the 2.2 version if you click the "HERE" in the OP. Here is the link again anyways.

    Was just wondering, is 2.2 stable? Because I normally follow the recommended build on their wiki.
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    hey there i've just got the wormholes x-treme worlds mod and generated a second world for pvp, tnt, and fire and such but essentials won't let me do any of that stuff in the new world with out letting it in the first one i was hoping you guys might look into multiworld support for things like this
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    Thank you OrtwinS and vein_mx. Silly me to miss the giant HERE link.. I just tend to scroll down all plugin posts to make sure I don't miss any important information and so I found an outdated download link at the bottom. So again, to confirm what OrtwinS said, the post needs an update bad.
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    haha its okay! but yea. it is kinda outdated. but at least the compatible CB version in the square brackets gets updated, and the plugin itself also gets updated!

    anyone know if 2.2 is stable?
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    Does this work with 733?
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    yo, I'm using multiverse and i want /sethome /home and /spawn to work independently in each world. Atm everyone gets tp'ed to the spawnpoint of world1, if he uses /spawn and they can teleport between worlds by using /home.
    I want 1 home and 1 spawnpoint in every single world and i dont want my players to be able to switch between worlds by using a command. Is that possible?
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    im currently using 2.1.38 with CB733 and not seeing any problems
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    My /time day:night isn't working. I updated to Build 733 and essentials 2.2 on my server but it turns night for only a second then dies.

    Nevermind, plugin interference - all fixed now.

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    Does the /ban and /banip functionality work on #733? I keep getting error c.
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    Please update the plugin!
    Please add some weather commands and some cool like the thor command with the commandbook plugin.
    Please remove the stupid message when you use antioch D:
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    is this updated for 733 yet?
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    Not working, players are getting all kinds of admin commands like /god and viewing other players inventory, altough I didnt add them for default players. Im using permissions command, deleted default groupmanager of essentials and groupbridge.jar or whatever is its name.

    Please update. Also it didnt work with groupmanager.
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    /world is only working with one other world (nether) on 733 and 2.2.5. When I do /gc it says only the two worlds are loaded - not sure if it's Bukkit that's not picking up on the third world. I'll keep investigating.
    /thunder = Not allowed to change the thunder
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    /unlimited command continues to provide unlimited blocks when I have thrown the unlimited block away. How can I disable this?
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