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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Stop the server, edit the config with the kits you want to add, restart the server. You also have to give permission for each kit individually. If this doesn't work, open a support ticket on the Essentials Assembla and include a copy of your config file.
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    just what exactly does this plugin do anyways?

    ive tried reading the wiki and it doesnt even explain anything
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    Does this plugin still have a teleport all feature? So I could teleport everyone on the server to me?
  5. Update your essentials

    @Nate204 /tpall

    @LucidLethargy yeah it should be resolved as of version 2.1.34
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    i don't see the tpall command in the wiki? is it a real command?
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    With GroupManager, when I set build: false on the default group, they are able to build anyway. It's working fine with Permissions.

    I tried it with build 670, 677 and 684, without any other plugin loaded.
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    I know, I'm saying how would I add another kit? What would I have to do in the config to add another kit?
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  10. yes. /tpall will tp everyone to you /tpall playername will tp everyone to that player
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    Suppose I have different groups in Permission.

    How do I make the /help command show only the commands that the specific user's group can use?

    So like, when users from the Guest group type /help, they only see the 3 commands they can use. But when users from the Admin group type /help, they see all 15 of the commands they can use.

    Can I do that ^ ? Thanks for any help ^.^.
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    Please split up the Essentials.jar!
    I don't want to get the whole functionality, like I don't need /home and /warp...
  13. Other plugins will override essentials commands

    make sure the person you are jailing does not have the permission node essentials.jail.exempt

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    Yes, that seems to be true for nearly 90% but sometimes, Essentials hides my /god function of WorldEdit/WorldGuard... :(
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    the wiki wont load
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    Same with me. Rather inconvenient time for it to go down as I needed it. >.<
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    I don't have permissions. I don't need it and to be honest it's to much of a pain in the arse to use.
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    I am wondering, how long will it before we get an updated essentials package for the new 1.5 update? Will it be longer because of all the new content? Does it depend how soon the craftbukkit update takes to be released?

    thank you
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    te="KoryuObihiro, post: 223889"]Try this:
            default: true
                - essentials.helpop
                - essentials.list
                - essentials.motd
                - essentials.rules
                - essentials.spawn
                - general.afk
                - general.spawn
                - general.player-info
                - general.list
                - iConomy.payment
                - iConomy.rank
                - iConomy.list
                - iConomy.access
                - iConomyChestShop.command.iteminfo
                - essentials.mail
                - essentials.mail.send
                - essentials.whois
                - essentials.msg
                - essentials.depth
            prefix: &e
            build: true
            suffix: ''
            default: false
                - '*'
                - default
            prefix: &4
            build: true
            suffix: ''
    Help plz Its not restricting commands lick /tpaccept
  20. All depends on craftbukkit

    Is the person in ops.txt?

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    This is the first plugin I have seen memory reclamation in. I don't want the whole plugin, but I do want memory reclamation. Does anybody know of a standalone plugin with this purpose?
  22. ementalo i found an sireus bugg...
    Everybody on the server can use /give and /I
    PLease fix it thx.
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    isn't a bug. u gave everyone that command
  24. Make sure in permissions or groupmanager or what ever you're using that only admins have the -'*' node

    Can we get the nodes uploaded to pastebin or something while the wiki is down?

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    I am the only OP on my server. I don't have any kind of ranking set up, I am the only person with any kind of special commands.
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    Now we just need to wait for bukkit that suport 1.5 and then essentials plugins :eek:
    Beside i will enjoy playing some singel player now :p
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    Answer pleaseee :D.
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    G-hot dog maybe u installed it wrong. Is this your first time?
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    Right now that functionality is not present in Essentials. You have to look for another plugin.
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    That's how you add kits. What are you not getting?
    Open plugins>Essentials>config.yml with Notepad and find the "kits" section. In this section you should see some sample kits. I copied and pasted them and edited each one the way I wanted it. Use the attached image from the Minecraft Wiki to identify the items you want in each kit, and don't forget to follow each one with a space and the quantity to be given.
    I attached the kits section of my config.yml as an example.

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