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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Thanks, but it did not work i tryed it but it still wont work :(.. i dont know why. i cant save the YML files they just resets...
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    Sorry for the bad english, i'm french. I used to use Essentials.god, essentials.warp, essentials.home, But i don't find them in the update. So i would know if it's normal, and how can i replace them. The commands /tp ; /tphere ; /tppos... don't work since i'd updated essentials, it's annoying for people on my server.

    Thank you very much for the future help.
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    I'm trying to download the latest versions of the essentials suite, but the links on the wiki are all returning '404 page not found' errors, and the link in the thread title (to Artifactory) only has some of the plugins.

    Is there somewher to get them all, or have they not all been updated yet?

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    If you have the essentials.compass you can use that to jump around and go through walls.

    ^ having the same problem.

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  6. Yes, its world guard, Meaning you have to update that but i think it may have been updated now
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    The -1 isn't working when spawning items...It only gives me 1, not infinite.
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    it SAYS 1, but actually it is infinite.
    could you fix the /setspawn please? beds don't setspawn anymore but i need to use /setspawn too :(
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    This might seem a bit noob-ish, what I am, but:
    From an empty, clear CraftBukkit server, do I then first need to install GroupManager or Permissions by Phoenix? Or first this plugin?
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    Can someone tell me why my users can attack my admins and mods when they have god mode!? and why ALL players can use god mode..
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    I'd use Permissions. Don't install GroupManager.
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    14:24:19 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'Zenexer' of 'Essentials' about the following: onP
    layerTeleport has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerTeleportEvent)
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    Install only one of both plugins. So either use GroupManager or Permissions, but not both.

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    It's not. It disappears once I place the block.
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    File a support ticket (or check to see if it's already been added/fixed), linked in the OP.
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    when i try a command is says null in red text some work though but /god /stack and others give the null error any fix?
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    The console told me to nag the author. It said nothing about filing tickets. I was sure thats what these forum threads were for. If he doesn't see my post, oh well.
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    Yeah, that ticket system is what he uses for bug tracking (for something as big as Essentials, I don't blame him). All I'm saying is, he doesn't read this forum for the bugs. Any bugs are expected to be on the tracker system.

    Besides, I think I already submitted a bug myself for that particular log message :p
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    Just logged into my server after updating... Server crashed on using flint & steel and using [Free] Sign. :confused:
    No errors in console... just reboots (mcmyadmin)
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    I already asked and couldn't find an answer as well as google and search. How do you get rid of the "[name] used: [ITEM] at: xxx,yy,xxx"? It is getting really annoying when placing smooth stone and tnt..

    Thanks for the help.
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    Check the config.yml file for Essentials, there should a section for EssentialsProtect, and an alert is set for item 1(stone) and item 46(tnt)...just remove those numbers from the on-use, on-break, on-placement sections if you don't want to get alerts for them.
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    I don't especially love these sort of posts, as they don't give out a single reason why not to use a certain plugin. I've been using Permissions, GroupManager and Essentials's own permissions handler, and they all have worked for me. 90% of the time, when a certain permissions handler plugin doesn't work for you, you have yourself screwed up your permissions nodes. Plugin devs are not to blame for that.
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    Hey folks, i hope someone can help me out here. Is there a way to disable the "You have no new mail" message upon login? I looked all over the config but found nothing, i hope someone has the answer!
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    i cant download essentials archive. can sombody give my the file?

    sorry for my bad english
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    NVM: Thought i had the latest essentials. It's fixed in 2.1.18...

    Hello :)
    After setting a home on a specific world and then using the /home command the user gets teleported to some place on the default world specified in the (even if the sethome command is used on another world than the default one).
    Using the warp commands eveything seems to work properly. Also, there is no error in the console when using /sethome or /home...

    Is anyone else having the same issue?

    CB 617
    Essentials 2.1.11
    MultiVerse 1.6
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    This plug is epic!
    I just hate one thing..each time i use antioch a stupid text comes for everyone on the server D:
    I'm not a griefer, but i run a post apocalyptic server and the server is not chaotic enough.
    So i make storm with tnt. The stupid things is that the stupid thing is spamming the whole chat.
    Is there any way we can prevent it to show? or even remove it permanent?
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    I was only able to modify it so that it show no text at all, i'm a pure java noob but i'm inquisitive. I think other people on the server will see an empty text bar though, I haven't tested it with other players online yet.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Replace essentials.jar with the file in this zip.
    Also try editing your \bukkit\plugins\Essentials\config.yml file, look for the keyword " on-placement " I had to remove the warn tnt message myself as it was getting quite annoying.
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    where are the tp/admin/social/help plugins at for essentials?
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    How can I rank players (users.yml) from in game?
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