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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    this seems cool. i couldn't get the gneral plugin to work anyway. testing on latest build as we speak.

    Edit: works great although what is the format for the items.db? i tried the same format from the old general one i had left but it didn't seem to work.
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    Yeah, I never could get that darn thing to work.

    Oh, and for you YAML fans, this exclusively uses YAML for persistence.
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    I don't even like YAML. Also, you released source code in a zip ;P Some people like having control over what they use and spawn can be done with the API.
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    Source code in zip file. Get a github and you wont have that problem. :)
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    I have a github, but I tend to just use my own svn server. Easy enough to package everything into a ZIP.

    I constantly update my build each and every day. I keep hoping to see that command feature finally implemented :p

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    The name of this plugin it self in ways is obviously "aimed" towards someone whether try to deflect the obvious or not. Should have just released your work and been done with it.

    edit: good job on the original bukkit general plugin Nijikokun :D
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    This is a private matter. Private messages, please.
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    General 1.8 works perfect for me, on #102...
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    Well it's kinda hard for some servers, like mine for example, to update every day when I'm constantly running about 20+ plugins on my server that require updating for all these different builds. It's good to stick with a build, say 100, until build 115 comes out, or 120. This way, you wouldn't constantly have non-working plugins, and most functionalities would be the same as sometimes not much changes between build except things you probably wouldn't otherwise notice unless you specifically looked at the details of the build.
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    You made it public, it was never private, I never started a matter anyway.

    Also, I update every 2 - 3 days on my public server on my local it has latest. I do this because of the sheer amount of users I have.
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    It is a pain but understanding there isn't any stable version yet and these build releases are normal in a development phase I havent even gotten serious into looking for plugins or even working on a dedicated level of keeping it up to date because I know from build to build most plugins wont work. It's just too early to really do anything with a server yet other than bug testing..
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    Thank you for the free bumps, but this is a private matter. Private messages, please.
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    I'm confused. If you've got some personal problem with the creator of General, then you should've PMed him about it in the first place instead of being so hostile.

    You're welcome by the way, but I don't think the bumps will encourage people to adopt this plugin.
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    I'm not interested in "convincing" people to adopt my plugin. It's there if they want it. The hostility was started by the author of General. I meant him no harm, but his eFly was down. I do not even know who the heck he is. As far as I'm concerned, he's some random dude come to troll a thread. That's my problem with him. Anyway, on to more friendly topics!
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    Your attitude towards this is the hostility. I have no problem with this plugin other than the obvious fact of hatred eminating from it.

    "GeneReal" "I hate" and a ton of other quotes. Like I stated before, It doesn't bother me and I'm glad you took the time to make something that works.

    But, the way you word things and the way you presented it was terribly executed. It looks a lot like an attack rather than a decision for an alternative that caters to your specific needs rather than something that might work for other people.

    See how that sounds like a good way to describe it?
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    Tehehe, I'm still proud of GeneReal. I thought it was quite punny. ;)

    Sorry, the name came from a moment of frustration with General. I was tampering, reading and rereading, downloading specific builds only to break other plugins... and finally I just sat down and created a base for a plugin named GeneReal. The name stuck.

    Yes, in full honesty, this plugin exists exclusively as an alternative to General. Yes, they are linked in that way. But the key word here is "alternative": I thought I made it pretty clear with the I's and me's that this is just my point of view.
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    good plugin, and i can't get general to work and i've followed the instructions step by step to a T. Using this on 100, also I like how i can type /i stone 1 instead of looking for a number
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    is the users file a way to prohibit other users from using the item command lets say or any others?
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    Like I said everything in development this is common and nothing is going to work more than 60% together due to how vastly fast builds are coming out. What works right now might not 2 minutes from now and if you revert back to a previous build only to find out that a plugin was released to include a new hook which was released in a build that you refuse to run cause it crashes whatever other plugin. Just give it time :)
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    joshcvb, users.yml contains information such as spawnpoints and mail. Currently, the only way to restrict commands is via a third-party plugin, such as GroupUsers. Within the next few builds, Bukkit should have built-in permissions, so I figured I'd just wait for that. Also, this is meant to be a sort of plug-'n-play plugin. No configuration, just go. I figured a whole permission set wasn't really in the spirit of things.
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    I love this plugin, thank you so much.
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    Haha, very true, as I discovered quite quickly. I'm the kind of person who likes to work while waiting. In this case, I actually did something useful. That's not normal for me. :p
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    Lol same, in my time of waiting I actually purchased a vps and worked on setting up the OS today. Now its sitting here debating on learning java to develop some plugins or head to an old game "neverwinter nights" and start scripting some c++ scripts for a old server of mine lol.
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    Be adventurous: Try Java ;)

    Though, coming from C++, the lack of dereference/pointer operators is going to give you a headache. I still have mine. >.<
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    Yeah, I'm actually at a loss right now for any "decent" reference as to how to make a plugin for Bukkit. I followed the steps here but still rather lost as to the coding style to work with bukkit xD
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    Several big updates. Added new commands and support for potential permissions systems.
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    Love the plugin!

    Thanks for the source too! Didn't want the nick command ;)
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    Yeah, I figured some people might not want that one. Maybe I'll add an optional config just for that. ;)
  29. can u give me an example how that mail system works?

    with red/send and delete..

    ty in advance:)
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    great plugin)))
    Zenexer please add /time))
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