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  1. EmptyinventoryPlus - Hotbat & Inventory Clearing!:
    Version: v0.2

    This is a plugin which allows users, with the correct permission node, to be
    able to wipe their inventory, or both inventory and hotbar. You will need to add the
    following permission nodes:

    • "/empty" - Clear your inventory
    • "/empty -all" - Clear your inventory and hotbar
    • "/eastonch" - Shows some text.
    I decided I, as a java newbie would take this on, as it is a simple plugin to maintain.

    If people have any ideas on how to improve this, please let me know via PM
    or e-mail me - eastonch[at]
    or, catch me on skype "eastonch1".
    Credits for the original release of this plugin goes to -> YetAnotherx

    • Specific Inventory clearing
    • Permissions Support
    • Colour Support in a config file
    • Supported Colours are included in the config file (default red)
    Future Plans:
    • Adding config file to edit the colours of the messages. [Done]
    • Adding iConomy support (maybe.)
    • Adding permissions 3.0 support
    • Adding support for the player.updateinventory() deprecation.
    Version 0.2
    Version 0.1

    Updated to 0.2!
    Version 0.2

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    looks lol :p
    What's that eastonch :p
  3. Whats what? It's a re-released plugin :D! [Supported]
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    oh wait it's ur name :p
    I ment the /eastonch command.
  5. /eastonch command is for winners :)
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    Right. *Making a /lolmewn command :p*
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    This plugin looks great!
    I often find myself wanting to clear my inventory (to be able to focus a specific building, go crazy in our zombie-room, or just wanting to play around without losing stuff). But since I'm hosting a "serious" server there's no one who will use this program, unless, you somehow makes you keep your stuff, now I'm not a modder but can't you for example spawn a chest in front of you, clone all the items, and then delete them? or maybe maybe create a clone of the .dat file that keeps your character data and then use like a commando to restore the inventory later?
    (also, if you could get the items with the same placement as before it would be friggin awesome)
    These are my suggestions, cheers!
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    Thanks for the quick reply! I am actually using the plugin you mentioned so jsut an /dropitem command would be awesome!
  9. Known bug:
    812 - Causes an extra error, "internal error occured while processing this command"
    ALTHOUGH - It still works, it just processes an error.
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    Its possible "/empty -all #players" ?
  11. Hmm.
    Not as of yet, but im working on a few bugs.
  12. A command to drop all items to the floor would be usefull.
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    An option to clear the inventory when transferring to another world?
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    @eastonch When i use /empty there is no message, is there supposed to have message?
  15. your gonna make me wait 45 second to get the source? *crys*
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    Plugin very good ;) I have a request to @eastonch you could add the multilingualism of the plugin? I mean mainly the Polish language:) Good luck ;)
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    Can we empty other players inventories? if not, could this be added to your to-do, (obviously this would need permission support :p )
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    Darn FBI
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    I'm not getting this pluggin, but it seems great. IF you add a /empty <Player> then I would DEFIANTLY get it.
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    Download blocked by SOPA
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    i really would prefer a plugin that makes me able to wipe OTHERS aswell
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    Could you add this plugin to a free dropbox acount and give us the public download link - that would be very usefull seeing as the FBI removed it.
    It gives you 2 GB for FREEEEE!


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