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  1. Having trouble looking for an simple rules plugin?
    Want to have rules sorted by category, instead of a plain list?
    Want an INFINITY number of pages and don't need a /reload?

    This plugin has it all.

    • Rules sorted by category.
    • Easy to edit/add pages and/or rules.
    • COLOUR support.
    • No need to /reload for changes to be loaded.

    Just 1 simple command:

    • /rules <category>
    Changelog (open)

    1.1 added joinmessage= & prefix= in rules.txt

    1.0 First release
    0.8 First working version

    rules.txt example (open)

    joinmessage=@red@READ THE @green@/RULES@blue@!@@
    [main]List of pages:   @red@(usage: @aqua@/rules <page 1-X>   @red@)@@
    [main]Page @aqua@1@@: @aqua@General@@ - @gold@Main rules of this server.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@2@@: @aqua@Building@@ - @gold@How to and what you shouldn't build.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@3@@: @aqua@Items@@ - @gold@Banned items on the Server.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@4@@: @aqua@PVP@@ - @gold@For more information about PVP.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@5@@: @aqua@TNT@@ - @gold@Specific TNT rules.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@6@@: @aqua@Wolves@@ - @gold@The rules about wolves Aka. dogs.@@
    [1]General rules of the server.
    [1]- No griefing / stealing
    [1]- No clientside mods ( Hacks, Flymods )
    [1]- Respect other players. Admins are people too.
    [1]  @red@Breaking ANY rules@@ will lead to a warning or/and ban.
    [2]Rules about building
    [2]- @gold@Realistic@@ building, no @aqua@floating@@ buildings etc.
    [2]- @red@ONLY!@@ create towns if you got permission by any admin.
    [2]- Every building must have a sign with your nick on it.
    [2]- @aqua@ghost@@houses will be removed, @gold@chest@@ will be stored.
    [2]- There is no Protection outside of the maincity.
    [3]Banned Items and their rules
    [3]@darkred@Lava@@ - Not banned if used for any other then Grief/PVP
    [3]@red@Fire@@ (& flint&steel) - Same rule as lava
    [3]@red@TNT@@ - Read @aqua@/rules 5@@
    [4]Will be added later.
    [5]Rules of TNT usage
    [5]- No TNT inside/near towns/buildings.
    [5]- No overuse of TNT. ( Spamming )
    [5]- @red@NEVER!@@ use TNT for greifing purposes.
    [5]- No cannons
    [6]Rules about wolves Aka. dogs
    [6]- Only 1 (tamed) wolf per account.
    [6]- Using 1 dog in PVP is allowed.
    note: You don't HAVE to use numbers, you can name pages how you'd like.

    How the rules.txt works (open)

    How the rules.txt works
    It is very simple:
    There are 2 settings currently which you can change:
    Both support colours like the rest of the plugin

    To add a category, make a new tag [name]
    There is 1 main category named "main", this will always be shown if people just use /rules
    You can use the main category to point to the other pages, like I did in the example.

    Note: You don't have to /reload for changes to take place.

    How to add colours in your rules (open)

    How to add COLOURS in your rules.
    There are some @tags@ which you can add to make colours in the line.

    @@ @red@ @pink@ @gold@ @blue@ @gray@ @aqua@ @green@ @black@ @yellow@ @darkred@
    @darkblue@ @darkgray@ @darkaqua@ @darkgreen@ @darkpurple@

    (The @@ is the regular chat colour (white), becouse it saves file space and isn't hard to remember)

    You can see some examples in the example above.


    (The same rules here as in the example, so you can compare these 2)
    Its not supported by me, but its useful ;)

    v1.1.0 - Download

    Source Code
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    you should add a command that forces the person to type in a customizable command to make sure that they read most or all of the rules. So like under a topic there would be "type /read to prove that u read the rules"
    (it would be the best if you can choose wat the authentication for the "readrules" comannd would be)

    um....this plugin /rules doesnt work because commandbook uses /rules too, could you do something to fix that?

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    Will you update this for 1.6.6?
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    so goooood!!!
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    does this work with 1.7.2 ??
  6. Yeah, it should
    Tell me if it doesn't
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    found it and love it!!!
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    Hello, I am having a problem with even seeing the rules. What is the command?
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    do you think you could add permissions nodes so players can use these commands on my server
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    Anyway you could add more pages to it? Besides the general /rules <page>. Meaning you could continue doing /rules <page> <page> <page>, etc to desired amount. Or is that already in place o.o?

    Edit: While trying to do this myself, I have encountered a problem. I set up the categories and crap, but every time I try to go the page is just gives me "No rules found for that category"
    This is my rules config...

    [main]List of pages: Usage: /rules <page>
    [main]Page @gray@Worlds@@: Rules Per World.
    [main]Page @gray@Commands@@: Commands you can use.
    [main]Page @gray@Staff@@: Members of staff of each group.
    [Worlds]Mine: No X-Ray mods.
    [Worlds]Mine: No auto mine mods (1 hit mining)
    [Worlds]Build: No Griefing (derp)
    [Worlds]Build: Do not attempt to "help" unless told to.
    [Worlds]Build: Mark your territory.
    [Worlds]Build: No false "I built this"
    [Worlds]Both: No stealing from chests (plugin protected)
    [Worlds]Both: @red@NO TNT, LAVA, OR WATER, @@unless given permission from an Admin.
    [Commands]All Mods/Admins will be given a web address for their command list.
    [Commands]/sethome (sets your home)
    [Commands]/home (teleports you to your home)
    [Commands]/listwarps (list all current warps)
    [Commands]/warp <name> (warps you to the selected warp)
    [Commands]/pm <player> <message> (pm the selected player)
    [Commands]/list (lists all online players)
    [Commands]//unstuck (warps you to nearest open space if stuck in block)
    [Commands]/spawn (brings you to world spawn)
    [Commands]You are able to place items on glas.
    [Commands]Look at painting and use scroll wheel to switch paintings.
    [Commands]Sign colors #1-9 #a-f (look up color codes, Google is pro)
    [Staff]Mods: None
    [Staff]Minecraft Admin Names: Gaahlskagg0666, Vendaj, ieatsyou, Sharkmage, heavyrock12
    [Staff]Admin Nick Names: Matt, Mafia, Sam, Mark, Lucas
    [Staff]Owner: Pr0Failure (Nick)
  11. All tags should be lower-cased
    so instead of [Staff] use [staff] etc

    (wasn't too knowledged of java back then :D)
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    Derp, alright thanks.
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    does this work with bukkit 1000
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    Yea it works fine.
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    Sorry posted that before he updated
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    why is there no Rules.txt in the download? Do I add it to the mod? Where do I put it? Where is it?
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    I believe when you start your server the .jar creates the file. That's how every mod is(most of the time).
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    Hi, again a request!
    I like this plugin and I use this for all of my servers playing!
    But it would be great to combine this plugin whis the others. Please add a second command.

    /rules accept [OptionalPassword]

    Then all off the players having permission node 'EasyRules.get' and being online get a mail in chat, that the guest accept and read the rules and now the admins can promote him/her.

    Optional you could a a third command: /rules check <Player>
    with permission node: 'EasyRules.check'
    If you use this command, you can check wether this player accept the rules and which pager he/she alredy read.

    Thank you for reading and you can add this function optional with a config entry.
    Your Caesar2011
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    I Made a wiki for EasyRules! You can view it by going to
    It's not completely finished but it's mostly readable. I hope you like it. If there are any mistakes, please correct them.
  20. Thanks ^^
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    Your Welcome! :D It's pretty much done now. I'm currently just fixing small errors. If you want me to fix anything or do anything else just say the word!
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    Can't understand why such a great plugin is not getting any comments :D
  23. Usually people only take time to comment when there are issues, I'm already happy I barely see those in this topic :)
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    Yeah but i think when you use a plugin and theres no error you should response back and tell it was going fine :D
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    So streammz, you left us.
  26. stop stalking me -.- I left nobody, I just take a break from minecraft & scripting in global... enjoying my vacation with friends like real people
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    Hehe ok. Im good to stalking right? Oh anyways, it was just nex said it like you backstabbed him... But i'll tell him. Have good!
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    how do you set commandbook to not be default rule list?
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    @sephiroth7240 when you choose your commandbook package, just UNcheck rules.

    And I did comment....

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    Excellent plugin, love it :D
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    what you must type in the permissions-file, that the user can see the rules?

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