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    That indeed did the trick. Just curious though, why change the case of the first letter of each warp in the list of warps? Is that the only step that requires a non-number first character?
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    As you are a plugin developer, Ill say this:
    s.sendMessage("Warped to " + Character.toString(name.charAt(0)).toUpperCase() + name.substring(1).toLowerCase() + ".";

    It looks alot nicer.

    Hope you get it. ;)
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    Psycho Robot

    It would be nice if you could implement an item whitelist and/or blacklist, and splitting the permissions accordingly, for example defaultcommands.give.self.whitelist would allow you to only give yourself items on the whitelist, defaultcommands.give.self.default would allow you to give yourself all items that weren't on the blacklist, and defaultcommands.give.self.blacklist would allow you to give yourself everything, including what's on the blacklist.
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    Didn't work. I have a new issue.... it seems users when they die, they dont return to spawn they just stay where there at.
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    Sam Morgan

    how do i actually fly after i enter the command?
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    I had a look at your code (thanks for sharing it) and saw that you are using it quite a bit in a few places. You may want to consider
    public static String firstToUpper(String word) {
        if (word == null) return word;
        if (word.length() < 2)
            return word.toUpperCase();
        return word.substring(0,1).toUpperCase() + word.substring(1).toLowerCase();
    which handles words starting with numbers just fine and is safe for null and empty strings.

    That said, I did not expect warp names to be case insensitive and I am not sure that they should be. As to what looks nicer, that's entirely up to personal taste and I wouldn't ever force mine on users.

    right-click while holding a feather. I still have to figure out how to land safely though :p

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    Doesn't look like a permissions problem, anyway. It sets right but then it doesn't use /home right. Could it be a problem with another plugin? Only other thing we have on the server is some name color thing and WorldEdit/WorldGuard.
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    I have used /setspawn and when ever I die I go deep under the ground and die again, but if I quickly type /spawn I will teleport to the spawn position... what's going on?
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    Try it on a server with only this plugin installed, I really dont see how this is caused by my plugin.

    Stuff like that is coming in version 3.0.0, Im working on it right now.
    Itll be much more powerful than this one and the code will be much more efficient.
    As this is my first released plugin it was mainly used for learning. :)

    Sounds like a bug in bukkit, or did you edit the locations.yml by hand?
    Try Setting spawn again or remove locations.yml :)
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    ummm are config files supposed to generate when I first run DefaultCommands?

    mine didn't.

    We replaced our essentials with this, FINALLY!

    3 things this NEEDS though!

    /god (makes you invincible)
    /clearinventiry (or /ci) (clears your inventory)
    /broadcast (or /bc <message> or /b <message>) (broadcasts a message to the server with the prefix [Broadcast], in a pre-defined color probably in a config file somewhere)

    (in that order of importance, god being the thing this needs most!)

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    Psycho Robot

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    I would also like to see the first one as well as '/back'!
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    Love the fly command.
    I have set it up so only mods/admins can use it. It does not cost (just need a single feather to fly around map).
    It works great, however it spams your chat window (only the player using the feather) with the following

    "You need more of that to use it"

    Can you fix it so that when it does not 'cost' items to use, it does not spam console.
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    Sam Morgan

    okay so i got a quick question im kinda a noobie at this so stuff so be nice :) i cant seem to get kits wokring and i alot but when i type kit starter it it wont even give tme that one it says can not find kit.. so how do i do this?
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    You sure?
    Its in plugins/DefaultCommands/

    Yeah, Itll be in v3 :D

    Like a teleport undo?
    That sounds cool.

    It doesnt come from my plugin, it must be something else.
    What plugins do you have?

    Try deleting kits.yml and generate a new one. The syntax is pretty important.
    But it should be pretty self-explanatory though:
    starter: 1_1;2_1;

    That would give you 1 Stone and 2 Grass if you do /kit starter.
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    Could it be that this plugin is overwriting WorldGuard and/or WorldEdit?
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    Ninjas Schlay

    You should add a /clear command. That is the only reason I have general installed as well as this.
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    Explain whats wrong please. :)

    Yep, its coming! :)
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    Daniel Palacios

    Hm, i changed the motd, and somehow the rest of the commands just stopped working, and my server was working as if the plugin was never on. im not sure what happened, maybe something was changed in the config. how can i fix this?
    Edit: it was just a matter of re-downloading the plugin and reinstalling it.
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    I love this plugin thanks for all the hard work.
    I already have a kit plugin
    and your kit system seems to be overriding it.
    I looked in the config file and cant seem to shut it off so that i can continue using my current kit system.
    can you help me configure your plugin to turn your kit system off allowing me to use my current system.
    Thank you.
    Keep up the great work!
    I transfered all of my kit info into your system and I like your system very much. Now I can get rid of 1 more plugin.
    On a scale of 1 to 10 I give your plugin an 11!
    Thanks for all of great work.
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    You will probably need to open up the jar file and remove the commands having to do with kits. This is what was recommended by the developer for fixing overriding MyWarp and should be the same process.
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    Thanks for passing the info I appreciate your help but....
    I transfered all of my kit info into your system and I like your system very much. Now I can get rid of 1 more plugin.
    On a scale of 1 to 10 I give your plugin an 11!
    Thanks for all of great work.

    Would love to see a /rules page added.
    Thanks again.

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    I configured WorldGuard so that it wont let people aquire lava (As additional info everyone can spawn items on my server). When people use the /item command though they can still get lava, so it is either your plugin thats interfering or it is CraftBook (which i highly doubt)
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    Im glad you like it! :D

    Coming in V3!

    Try editing items.yml I think it is possible to remove the item by doing so.
    Or you could leave one alias and set it all random, like "DHGJHGFJSDSDISY/Y(/Y(Y" or something.
    Hope it works. :)
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    Im sorry for bothering you your plugin didnt do anything (its plain perfect), as it turns out there is a problem with the new World Guard update.
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    the players still spawn on the roof of the building when they first join. However, they spawn on the exact specified location when /spawn.

    Any solutions?

    EDIT: I also noticed another problem, i tried /i 01 -1, it said -1 is an invalid amount. Can you allow for infinite materials by -1?
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    The plugin looks in /world/players/ for PlayerName.dat.
    If that is not found it teleports the player to the spawn location.
    So those players must have been on your server before. :)

    Yep, coming in V3!
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    Forgive me if I am repeating any previous suggestions, but I've been out of town for the past 5 days without access to internets.

    A couple of new things:
    Can you add code that would allow people to create kits based on their current inventory set up?
    I would love creating kits IN the game rather than having to try and modify the notepad file.

    I was going to request that "/time day" set it to sunrise because I'm lazy, but I'll just use the raw value of zero. Thanks :D I'll be downloading the latest release.
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    I like the idea of creating kits from inventory it sounds like an amazingly simple and fast way for admins to creat and add kits to the kit list such a feature would need to be controlled with permissions or ops.text.
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    Awesome, Ill add it in V3! :D
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