Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    Don Redhorse

    well RB only for me.. thanks for letting me / us know... downloading tomorrow...
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    I recently put this plugin on my server, and immediately, my friends noticed that they couldnt do ANYTHING, and I cant change the files around like with the world config files because I'm on a server host, so is there any way to fix this In-game?
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    How to run a server 101. Read the plugin documentation. Your missing a permissions node.
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    Back again! Having an issue similar to my last post here. No one can do anything, build, hit mobs, break, place items, pick up items unless I /op them from console
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    What did you program this with???
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    it dosent make any DefaultCommands.yml ??
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    hey on my server the default commands color is faded and idk why and its not my computer
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    Vildaberper, something is wrong with my DefaultCommands. My server currently runs CraftBukkit 1.1 R3, and the server runs fine. When I loaded the new version of DefaultCommands onto my server, all of the commands were gone, and the Commands.yml file was empty. I tried restarting the server to see if it would help, but it didn't. The plugins I use on my server are: AcceptRules, Alerter, AttK, Citizens, DragonTravel, iSafe, jChat, Lockette, LogBlock, MantaMobControl, MobDisguise, N3W_PM, NoEnderGrief, PermissionsBukkit, SimpleChestLock, Simplehat, Spectate, TelePads, and X-ray informer. Please get back to me when you can.

    - BlackestVoid
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    I can easily use /worlds but, is there a world travel command!?!?!?
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    DefaultCommands seems to be broken with the new bukkit builds, is it gonna be updated?
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    I'm currently rewriting the whole plugin, so don't excpect much from the first release.
    The surrent version will not work with any future CB versions, so I'll try to get 4.0 out as soon as possible. :)
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    Don Redhorse


    any updates?
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    Can't wait for this to return, and the fact that you're rewriting it is awesome. Personally I'm hoping for commands instead of having to modify most config files manually.

    Some examples:
    World Settings: /wset animals false
    Chat layout: /chatset {world}{prefix}{name}: {message}
    Item blacklist: /iblackl add 383 or /iblackl list or /iblackl remove 383
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    vildaberper I can't wait for this update, but is there an updated dev build we can use for the time being.
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    My entire server depends on this plugin, please, at least give us a dev build.
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    Finally updated!
    I decided to update the old version since it takes a lot of time to rewrite the whole plugin! :)
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    My users and I thank you for this update vildaberper.
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    Me and my users love your plugin and I would like to thank you for updating. :)

    So far I've been having a problem which I had with the older versions as well. When I descend slowly from the air, there is a glass block being placed under me, which is really annoying.

    How do I turn this feature off ?
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    Turn off fly if you're using creative flying.
    Pressing shift with dcs fly will place a glass block under you so you "hover" without any client side mods (the old dc was made when there was no creative mode in vanilla minecraft).
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    Thank you, that was indeed the problem. :)
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    not all the files are in the download only defaultcommands.jar
    so i don't have the commands.yml and the other stuff
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    Seems like a simple /stop will solve your problem.
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    thank you :) but now if i use /help (or /dchelp) the only command is shows is /dchelp [page/command]
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    You can remove the /help alias for /dchelp in Commands.yml.
    As this version is a hotfix for MC 1.2.5, it has bugs. DC 4 will be a lot better! :D
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    Thanks! :D
    DC 4.0.0 is really starting to take shape, with 20 commands, some powerful per-world configurations and the ability to manage offline players with almost any command.
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    can't wait to see it :D

    you maybe want to add an in-build permission to set ranks?? :S
    and maybe an /dcspy that makes you invisible to see for other players :p

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    There's a develpment build that's fairly stable if you'd like to try it out! ;)

    Nope, PermissionsBukkit or any other permissions-plugin is better for group-based permissions.
    You could try /hide (it will hide you from dynmap too).
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    Maybe but those plugins are hard to configurate :S
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    It's not hard, use the example as a template and it couldn't be easier. :3

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