Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    ya its kinda odd,
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    Ok tested it myself with defaultcommands.warp.self and its working fine.
    Use this version:
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    /i 46
    = 64 :)
    /i 46
    = 1 ;(
    why can not it [​IMG]
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    I really like this plugin. I've just started using bukkit on my server, and aside from permissions, this is the first plugin i've installed.

    I'm wondering if maybe i'm just doing this wrong, or if the functionality isn't built in? I'm trying to get redwood or birch wood using the /i command.
    Any insight on why it doesn't work? (I use /i wood:1 and it doesn't work..nor does any variation of that)
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    I just updated. How can I get DefaultCoommands to work with MyWarp. I tried disabling the commands with warp in it in the config file, but I still cant use mywarp.
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    Hey, is there a way to disable the warnings that you are teleporting to someone?

    It is very common on many servers, and EXTREMELY common on my server since we get a lot of x-rayers, to go invisible via the Vanish plugin, and teleport to potential hackers/x-rayers and spy on them...

    "Latros is teleporting to you!" absolutely breaks any chance that we'll be able to catch hackers/x-rayers, and for that reason I can't keep DefaultCommands installed just yet.

    Is there some way to disable the teleportation messages?
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    Johnny Lunder

    I wonder about this too, as my server is based upon using MyWarp signs for users to get around without using commands. The signs we have are working, but DefaultCommands overrides /warp commands used in MyWarp, effectively stopping us from making any more warps.
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    I looked and the the developer of DefaultCommands just explained how to fix it about a page ago. He had explain it better than I could, but I had to do both of what he said to get it to work.
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    I just added - 'defaultcommands.warp.self', nothing else and it worked.
    Just as a test.

    Its log, not wood.

    Open the .jar file with WinRar and edit out the commands you dont want from plugin.yml.

    Its coming!
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    Oh No Worries!
    I did it in a flash. ive had to do things liek this many times
    from fixing plugins and changing hacks around :p [ For combat arms and stuff ]
    oh and TY VERY MUCH!1
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    Sorry, i don't think my question was clear earlier. I meant is there a command to get birch or pine trees? since they use damage values to determine what time of "log" it is.

    when i try /i log:1 or things like that it does not work.
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    That works for me, try removing your items.yml.
    What exactly isnt working?
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    I guess I just don't understand the way Permissions/GroupManager works, but how do you give players the power to allow/disallow friends to teleport to them? It's either always-on or always-off. What permissions do I need to give to set it up like this?
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    I've tried many command plugins and none wore working , but this one is excellent!!! A++ :D 9/10 because I can't do /time day or /time night . Please add!!!
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    They are the available teleport permission nodes. What you do with them is upto you :]
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    There is /time night and /time day. xD
    But /time morning is better than day in my opinion.

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    what about adding a command like /tree, /bigtree and /motherfuckingbigtree to grow trees at your current position?
    i really need it in the next 5 minutes, want a bigtree on my graveyard but only get small ones, im so pissed
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    Thats not going to be added, this isnt a edit tool. :)
    Try WorldEdit, its by far the best plugin for that.
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    hey got the time thing working thanks! And for Markud or w.e , isint there a command called /grow and its grow all the sapplings on the map?

    oh and also you should add /nodamage or /damage to togle damage on or off... And if you do implement it dont make it global, just make it your self . AND you could add /god that op or admin could use

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    Yeah, Ill add that!
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    how can you make a kit?
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    i cant make kit work what do i write to make it work? i did like this is it wrong?

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    another suggestion is /dropstore - this will drop all your invintory into a chest infront of you.
    ALSO you should add /instantmine , this would be usefull for breaking bricks or other hard obchecks

    and question, how do i get a wooden door? /give wooden door 64 doesnt work XD

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    Yeah, Im working on a big update this weekend, might include that :D

    add a ; on the end :)
    and i recommend notepad++, itll show the invalid lines in red.
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    At the risk of adding the final straw....
    Could you add a warmup and cooldown time to the /home command? This way we can set a warmup time, so players cannot use /home to instantly escape danger. And a cooldown time so they cannot use it repeatedly too quickly.
    Also, a defaultcommands.bypasswarmupcooldown permission.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    how do i add more kits
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    This is becoming such a great plugin!!

    Two things I'd really like, one, already suggested is the one-click-removal tool, the other would be to have people be able to set individual /times so that it only affects their client.

    EDIT: Also, a tool that you can click on a block with to see who placed it.

    EDIT2: And be able to disallow all teleports regardless of whether or not they are on the /tpd list
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    Any ETA on the next update, which will hopefully include the REMOVAL of the "Playername is teleporting to you" text?

    It is a really, super, teeny-tiny thing thats holding us back from completely switching from the awful essentials to your amazing plugin... could you perhaps tell me where it's located in your source code, and I could even alter it myself? :/ anxious to get rid of buggy essentials!

    EDIT: I think I found it in your source code;

                                    + s.getDisplayName() + " teleported "
                                    + player.getDisplayName() + " to you.");
    Is this it? I suck at coding. And reading source.


    Oh PS: I did some private testing on my non-public server and this works fine with WorldGuard and WorldEdit, sorry it took so long to get back to you!
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    Daniel Palacios

    nooby question, how do you set the motd?

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