Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by vildaberper, Mar 2, 2011.

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    OH lawd lol, i wish other plugin developers updated as fast as you do. I'm torn between updating or just living without the aliases.
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    I usually update before the new RB is out. xD
    Gotta love the new stuff in bukkit!

    EDIT: The aliases will not work in console!
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    Alex K

    Favorite. Dev. Ever.
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    I might just be missing something obvious, but I can't see any login message/motd in version 3. strings.yml is really useful, but there appears to be no way of editing the motd. Can you put it on your to-do list please*?

    *Or tell me how to do it if I'm being unobservant. :)
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    Do you use the dev build? I removed the login message for the player that log in. :)
    Oh, and there is no motd yet!
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    Hey vilda, I hope you don't think I'm bugging you too much with all these questions and requests. I have to agree with Alex K up there, you're an awesome dev for the work you put into both the plugin and the answering our questions, out-fucking-standing, sir.

    My question this time, can you customise the /dchide to prevent the faux 'user re/dis-connected' message from appearing? Additionally, when hidden, is there a way to make /dcgive work? It comes up with the message 'Invalid player(s).' when I'm hidden, even though I try to give to unhidden players.

    Thanks! =)
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    Remember to add - 'dc.hide.see' to your permissions.
    Its fixed in the next dev build, I compleately rewrote the login/logout/join code.
    Oh, and reset your strings, I added <status> for enable/disable. :)
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    I did what you said but all it did was take away the commands
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    Do /dc load.
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    So...this plugin could block fire, etc. as WorldGuard does? Does it conflict with WorldGuard/over-ride it's settings if the fire spread, etc is disabled in my WorldGuard config?

    As for the other commands - I really like this plugin, I may switch from essentials to it...still thinking about it.

    With the Multi-Worlds, can players get back to the main world easily? Some multi-world plugins aren't able to get you back into the main world.

    Also, can I make it where players can enter another world via a portal or something?

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    If anything is cancelled by any plugin, it overrides every other plugin, so this will work with WorldGuard as long as everything is set to default settings. :)

    /j world, its that easy.

    Portals are coming, im currently working on it. :D
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    Love your work, thanks!
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    I've added it to my server , and I do /reload and also restarted the server, and the commands do not work..Why is that?
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    do /dc load, not /reload.
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    I also tried that , But it says the command doesn't exist.​
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    Are you sure the plugin is enabled?
    If it is, /dc will work. :)
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    finally got around to updating this, and I can't find the inventory clear and creative in the .yml :eek:

    EDIT: Just had to delete the file and reload it... wow thats alot of text
    So how do the portals work?

    nevermind, found it =P Its a stick, item 280, as default selection tool
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    It doesnt write the config on starup, so you have to do /dc save, or reload the server to get the new ones written. :)
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    it's not letting me use the weather command. im doing it as it should be.
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    Are you sure you have '*' ?
    * = world
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    Psycho Robot

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    Holy Shiz!

    This is now officially the BEST plugin in the "General" category! Nice work, the updates just keep getting better and better!
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    This plugin definitely is amazing, but in its growing complexity, I'm finding more and more things that I just can't seem to get working. I'm guessing I just don't know what I need to do, so I was wondering if there is a wiki or FAQ somewhere that gives more detailed info on commands and how to use them?

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    /dcwalls bug?
    Error:Invalid selection
    What can i do?
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    Yeah i know. :rolleyes:

    Thanks! :D

    Yeah, I am gonna make something like that. :)

    Did you select your region with the region tool?
    By default, its a stick. :)
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    I dont get a stick.
    If I type it, stands there:
    Invalid selection
    /dcwalls <item>
    How do I write it properly?
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    You must have a stick and mark the corners of your region.When both blocks have been marked, you can do cuboid-related stuff with it. And make portals. :D
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    Thx it Works =)
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    Thanks you so much but Too Many Items doesn't work on the lastest version :S
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    It does, but the items is invisible.
    Its a known bug, but I might get the time to fix it manually. :)

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