Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by vildaberper, Mar 2, 2011.

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    its says theres an error with the permissions and that i looked nothing wrong with the permissions and im the admin and the all the commands dont work for me :/
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    Theres no home feature yet, but its coming in the next version.

    No teleport feature either.

    Yeah, the main post will be much more clearer with features and information.

    And what error is that?
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    I like some of the new stuff you included but warp and couple others are gone :/

    Please add those back :)
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    OMFG i found out today that guest can spawn items with /dcgive and /dchelp doesn't work so sorry dude but message me when you fix this cause my permission plugin is working fine the plugin i think is messed up. I like the older version better and also if there is a solution please tell me but i personally think its the plugin.
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    For everyone who says the plugin "doesn't work" he needs more than you just saying it doesn't work because I had a problem and if u supply him with what he needs he can help u fix it. Anyway, it works for me.
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    Hi, is there any other way to rename commands without the dc in it and removing some info's in the /help page?
    • Removing /dc from /dchelp, since /help basically works the same as /dchelp and vice-versa.
    • Removing the infos from besides the commands (/dchelp page/command) or just edit what it say?
    I was looking for a readme or FAQ page and i could find one so sry :(
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    Im sorry but your newest update is bad.
    Starting with so many commands being gone, to starting each command with dc.
    I loved your plugin but the newest version is of no use to me
  8. Well what i mean is simple i want default to use :
    /warp (name warp)
    i just dont know what i need to put in permissions for that
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    Wow, thanks for telling me! Somebody should have noticed this before. xD

    Big update, added homes, warps and teleportation.
    I also added a hook for world load, so there will be no worlds present that DefaultCommands doesnt know about!

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    i like the new version so far, but i'm really missing the /j command, it was so useful!
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    Small features like that is coming!
    My top priorities now are the bigger ones, like ban and ipban. :)
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    Please add kits to the new plugin. :) It's very good.
  13. I'm just waiting for time and weather control much like in PlgEssentials. When that becomes available i'll gladly switch. Thanks a lot VildaBerper [diamond]
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    Yep, Im adding that! :D

    I already have that in a debug-state. ;)
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    Psycho Robot

    Until its added, you can use the plugin worldedit. In addition to being supremely awesome on its own right, it has a command just like /j, which is /jumpto. In addition, it comes with a navigation wand, which is an item you can left click to jump to and right click to jump through (pass through floors, walls, ceilings, etc.) The item is a compass by default, but you can change it to any other item (though some are more suitable than others)
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    well like the error or "severe" it says that PLAYER_(any action) then comes a bunch of codes with craft player and Defaultcommands.permissions etc
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    And what CB build?
    Post the error please. xD
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    Alex K

    Does this one have infinite item giving? :D
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    Ive already added that feature in the dev build! :D
    /creative [player]
    Instabreak and infinite blocks.
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    Ah, same problem for you then.
    You probably have a world loaded that DefaultCommands doesnt know of. :)
    Do /create <world to load> <enviroment to load>

    Edit: But it actually sais that theres an exception in Permissions, make sure you have the latest version and valid configuration files.
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    wut do you mean by environment to load
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    still severe errors

    and i have a Updater so all my plugins are uptodate

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    Hmm, well I cant help you since the exception points at the Permissions plugin.
    Post the error message in the Permissions thread, it looks like a bug. :)
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    i resetted my Permissions and im admin in it so i have all the Permissions and still doesnt work :C
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    It points at getGroup(), which returns the group that player is in.
    Are other plugins working with Permissions like they should?
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    Is it just me, but when it loads on my server, it says its version 3.0.0? I tried both links to download 3.1.0, but it still says version 3.0.0.
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    Yeah, but its actually 3.1.0, I forgot to change that. xD
    I usually forget that when Im used to do dev builds with the same version.
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    oh, ok thanks :)

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