Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by vildaberper, Mar 2, 2011.

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    i think i added it to the commands.yml.
    If i didnt, add:
    'dcstack 0 *':
    - clearinv
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    for v3, will we need do put the /dc in front of everything or is it going to be like the old version and just /give?
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    This plugin makes it so i can set shortcuts to commands from any plugin, i love it. Unfortunantly when intertwined with your 3.0 version, not your 2.5.5 (it runs great then), it spews out unknown command in red while the commands still work.
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    Ive included the aliases in Commands.yml.
    You still have to use dc<command> in console though.

    Ah, but you can use this plugin for shortcuts too.
    Just add them to Commands.yml.

    give 46 64:
    - tnt

    That would add a /tnt command that gives you 64 tnt. It can also do /tnt [player], as arguments work too.

    Oh yeah, it works with every command for every plugin, even unregistered ones.
    So if you reload your server a lot, you could add:

    - r
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    theres something wrong with the commands and permissions when i open a working bench or kits or what ever there will be errors in my cmd please help
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    Alex K

    Finally, this has been released! One question before I start using it, because it's the only one that people seem to care about, can you use -1 for infinite items? :D
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    Toost Inc.

    Could you maybe add some more in-depth description to the various config files? Granted, most of them are pretty straightforward but especially with the world configuration files I've got to wonder what "block_fireball_explosion_block_damage" is and why it is set to false.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try and find some fireballs in-game.

    really liked the motd function hope to see that back in this plugin so I won't have to download a separate one for that.
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    Hi is it possible for me to give new people access to build on my server, without writing in config file.?
    i mean, just type a command ingame to add people to "moderator" or whatever group?
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    They block the explosion caused by fireballs shot by those flying things in the nether, cant remember what theyre called. xD

    Use Permissions and PermissionsPlus.

    And those errors are?

    Ah, forgot about that, Ill add it! :D
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    Alex K

    :( Guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer! D: Oh well, I can wait!
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    Anyone have a .txt file of all the old permissions?
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    Awesome plugin but when you type /dcworlds does the (1) mean the default world where new people start?
    Also /dchelp doesn't work so fix that please or do i need to do something?
  14. Ghasts? also do you plan on adding a todo list?
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    in my opinion this used 2 be awesome but since u changed 2 all the /dc commands i hate it :( why did u exactly hav 2 update all the easy simple commands >
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    Thats how many players that are on the world.

    What doesnt work?

    Ah, yeah Ghasts.
    Yep, after I added all the stuff from 2.5.5. :)

    You dont have to type dc in front of every command, a set of aliases is in Commands.yml.
    - give
    - item
    - i

    so /give, /item and /i will act as /dcgive.
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    what is Permissions to DefaultCommands Version 2.5.5 ?
    Command pls
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    Yea i really need the old permissions
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    /dcname [name] [player] - Set your nichname. /name to reset

    nichname? :p
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    None of your commands even work anymore...
    Internal error?
    I really need this plugin to be fixed soon...
    Craftbukkit 740

    Maybe I didn't set-up permissions right?
    but I have access to all commands so tht doesn't make sense
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    Your Permissions is messed up, make sure it loads with no errors. :)
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    Again i ask, anybody have the old permissions? :D
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    okay i have no idea whats wrong with my permissions.
    I have 2 worlds one is called Main World and the other is called Arena.
    Anyway here are my permissions:
    I get no errors on startup as shown:
    But when i try to give myself something it still gives me an error and don't get the item I was supposed to be given :/
    Please help D:
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    Ah, you have a world thats not added to DefaultCommands.
    Make sure you add it in Worlds/.
    Or type /create <world to load> <enviroment to load>.

    And add the world in Permissions if you havent already.
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    Home node?
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    works now anyway I think it might be useful to put tht in the main post?
    but anyway thanks so much :D
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    TP Node?

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