Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by vildaberper, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Haha, that wasnt very clear. xD
    Its soon ready for release.
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    hey sorry stupid question but i cant give myself admin .... i made the server and idont know how to make myself admin T.T
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    Psycho Robot

    You can make yourself an OP by adding your name to ops.txt in your server folder. However this isn't always desirable. For example, making someone OP gives them the ability to shut the server down. You want some people to have access to extra commands (like kick and ban) but not to have them shut the server down! The solution to this is the Permissions plugin. With it, you can set up a bunch of access levels, like a default group, a moderator group, and an admin group. This way you can allow someone to kick/ban without making them OP.
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    I am a bit new to the server hosting thing. Its just a private serv, and I would rather not add permissions to my server, but I would like my friends to be able to use /tp without being OP. Is there a way? I think your post says so, but I do not know exactly what to change in config and to what :/

    Great plugin though. :)
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    thx and i know that u should use permssions but i have no idea how to use it properly...i looked at the persons posts and installation but im still confused...also even when i op myself i cant use admin stuff stilll >.>
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    The OP-version will automaticly be enabled if you dont have Permissions or GroupManager.
    Edit the permissions. :)

    Look at the Permissions thread on how to set that up, and add the nodes you want. :)
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    Look at the Permissions thread on how to set that up, and add the nodes you want. :)[/quote]

    mm yea i know i did ... >< but i got so confused at lost.... :(
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    i love your plugin;)

    only thing i cant get to work is teleport for "moderator group"
    default: false
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - Default
    - ''
    - 'DefaultCommands.teleport.*'
    - 'defaultcommands.motd'

    when i try, it only says "you dont have permission"

    the motd works just fine tho...;)

    (tried with all the options, all,force,self,other)
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    Anyone got a fixed version, which is working with Essentials?
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    what about chest access? let some groups not have access to look inside chests. would be kinda nice...;)
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    Is there a way to prevent the "playerx healed him/herself" messages from being broadcast to everyone? Or if possible, maybe make a permission for receiving all events. Without that permissions, only get messages that either you invoked, or were invoked on you.
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    Daniel Palacios

    please add weather control!
  13. permissions is case sensitive use 'defaultcommands.teleport.*'
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    Turn it off in notlogbr.yml :)

    Its defaultcommands, no capitals.

    Thats another plugin Im working on. ;)

    Yep, its already in my dev build of V3!
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    Which will be released when again?!
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    Probably this week.
    School is taking my time. :(
  17. This week would be awesome! I almost want to wait till this is out to update my server.
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    you can update now.
    the old version works, but i just can't help myself, i desperately want to see v3!
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    Just found this plugin and it's great!

    I've been wanting something exactly like this, awesome job.
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    I released a sneak-peak of V3, enjoy! :D

    Check the dev build of V3, /help ;)

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    Probably this friday. :)
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    well before v3 comes out i'd like to say that I love this plugin, but i keep having my players spawn inside the ground which causes them to die. Sometimes this happens when they click respawn too. To be able to spawn randomly they have to log out of multiplayer and log back in again. I find this very annoying and if it continues I will be forced to not use this plugin anymore D: No errors are popping up on my server either so it is pretty weird [running RB 733]. Hopefully you can fix this :D i'll see if i can get some screenshots up.
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    Set your spawn higher, if youre not using the dev build.
    /setspawn isnt implemented in V3 yet. :)
  24. OH I cant wait! does this have a border command?
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    umm the permission list is gone.... while i was setting up
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    New version looks great but I didn't expect to miss so many useful commands u had in 2.5.5 :/
    Hope u can add them quickly cuz I love this plugin and don't want to use something else to have those commands!
    Anyways, [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] for you. Cheers!
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    Is not playing nicely with /bshortcut the commands still take place but then it says in red Unknown Command.
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    can i get old cmd list for 2.5.5? anyone
    so i can set permissions
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    Yeah Ill add the commands again, I need them too for my server! :D

    /bshortcut ?

    I dont have them, sorry. The old stuff got phucked up by the forum. "/
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    Psycho Robot

    Are you going to make a clear inventory command? That would be very useful, especially in creative worlds.

    Also, I think the cow grass eating and color changing sheep feature seem out of place for this particular plugin. I think they'd do better in their own plugin, with more animal-based commands like that. I don't mean to nitpick, I just don't want this great plugin to become bloated with feature creep.

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