Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    Got a few minor bugs for you.

    Entering any unrecognized command results in a double error message:
    Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
    Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.

    This is actually a problem with bukkit, but I've relied on my previous core plugins (essentials, commandbook, etc) to correct it for me. If you could put support in for a custom message or the ability to turn it off completely for ops (only admins/ops get this message, currently), I'd appreciate it.

    Another is the /list. As admin, I get:

    Craftbukkit (2/8):
    UnimportantHero, Mineral.
    Connected players: Unimportant Hero, Mineral

    As a player, I get:
    Craftbukkit (2/8):
    UnimportantHero, Mineral.
    You don't have permission for that.

    The bottom one is the default /list - which needs to be disabled - the other needs the "Craftbukkit" text replaced with "Online Players" or something similar, or make it customizable.

    This is a much lighter alternative to CB/Essentials, and I'm looking forward to using it on my main server. I'd also like /getpos (xyz, compass), /put (teleport player to block you're pointing at) and /compass support when you get the chance.

    Keep up the good work!
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    You get double messages because youre OP. There is no way for me to turn that off. "/
    But one would think registering commands would override the default commands, but I guess its not.
    I think that this is a bug with bukkit, but Im not sure.
    Press F3 to see your position. :)
    Instead of /put there is /jump and /j.
    Yeah, Ill add compass!
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    Jump is very useful, but /put is something a bit different - it is a type of teleport, teleporting another player to the position of your crosshair rather than yourself. /getpos is useful for collaborating underground tunnels and such, as F3 is a pain to use in conjunction with chat, due to the graph at the bottom left.
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    In the OP, it says "DO NOT RELOAD YOUR SERVER WHILE DEFAULTCOMMANDS IS ENABLED!" But what if my server crashes? It automatically stops itself, which means that it's a type of "reload"..
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    reload means /reload.
    A restart is fine. :)
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    ARGH! HELP. This is so annoying :mad:
    Every time I disable DefaultCommands, I can't enable it again so I can't use it.. I can't do reload or load with PluginManager either and it won't reload Permissions. And every time I do /stop, the whole DefaultCommands dies on me and I have to delete the folder with config and everything in and restart the server again, which then means that my /spawn has reset itself.:mad:

    On another note, why don't £ signs work and why do I keep getting kicked for an "Illegal Stance"?
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    Btw, why can't I not reload the server with DefaultCommands enabled? It works fine by me. :)
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    Explain your problem, I dont understand at all. "/

    It starts multiple thread for afk, mute and autosave. But if you turn those off youre fine. :)
    It affects performance, and Im pretty sure two save at the same time is bad for your world.
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    Right, every time I restart my server, whether I type /stop or do it from the hosting, or even if it crashes, it makes DefaultCommands stop working. So when I enter my server, it just says "GuruGamers Joined the game" and nothing else, and with no DefaultCommands commands.

    This also occurs when I type /plugin disable DefaultCommands as I can't re-enable it, so I have to stop the server as above. I also can't use /plugin reload or load with DefaultCommands or Permissions but works fine with everything else.

    To get it working again, I have to completely stop my server, delete the file that the .jar creates, start the server for 5 seconds then stop it, edit the config.yml and start the server. If I edit the config.yml whilst the server is on, I can't reload it without stopping (as above) the server as PluginManager isn't working (as above).. :eek:
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    Of course it wont work while the server isnt running?

    Or do you mean it breaks after the first run?
    If so, its not caused by DefaultCommands, it starts the same every startup.
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    Simply.. I mean: Every time I restart my server, DefaultCommands doesn't work afterwards.
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    Some more suggestions, for /tpd (disallow people from teleporting to you). How about disallowing people from teleporting to you and teleporting you to them? Also for the /jump command it is very different from the /jump from another plugin. Your /jump seems a lot more dangerous, even if im targeting a far block it will still target an air block after some distance. I think jumping to a air block is annoying sometimes when im traveling far distances. Also would there be a way to bind that /jump command to an object or is that already done? Thanks for your awesome plugin again btw :D.
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    What isnt working?
    Is it loading?

    Hmm, there must have been an update in bukkit, it shouldnt jump if youre targeting air.
    What do you mean? Warp?
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    Like /tpd makes it so people can't teleport to you, but it doesn't stop people from teleporting you to them aka /tphere. Can /tpd disallow both?
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    Its generally Mods that can use /tph, so I chose not to add that.
    But I might add that in V3. :)
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    Thanks a lot for your consideration :D (Some of my mods troll me.. >>)
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    I had this problem too, I don't know if you have the same thing wrong as I did, but i checked the server log and it said there was an error somewhere in the configuration files. i went and fixed the config files and everything started working again. I've noticed that .yaml files with bukkit have to be properly formatted or the entire plugin won't work. i hope this helps.

    Edit: I would also like to add my thanks to vildaberper, this is by far the best commands plugin I have used and I can't wait to see what V3 will be.
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    It's not loading at all. The MOTD doesn't even work.. it just says "GuruGamers joined the game".

    @5*stunner - What exactly did you fix in the config? I've tried looking through the config a few times before. I found out that a £ sign was corrupting it before but I removed that.. :eek:

    EDIT: I just restarted my server and DefaultCommands is working without having to reinstall it.. I haven't changed anything though :oops:

    EDIT2: How about only Ops seeing things like "GuruGamers set the time to day"
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    I use permissions, not ops. so I can't help you with the question in edit 2
  20. OMG... I need this but I reload my server a lot so... :(

    EDIT: Suggestions - Admin mode (save position and inventory, allow fly, turn on god mode and allow insta kill)
    Bedrock control (destroy bedrock and get drop, place bedrock and open void)
    Set borders
    Countdown to server stop/restart
    spawnmobs and control spawning of mobs
    regenerate chunks
    Edit signs by clicking them

    If these get in, there will be a LOT less plugins in my server
    Im not sure if that is good or bad
    But at least I wont need to look for them every update
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    Is there a way to give someone unlimited of an item?
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    Can you add a heal command and add /stack -1 for unlimited?
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    V3 will be a huge update with almost all of those features. :)
    It will be the only plugin i run on my server, except for Permissions.

    Not yet.

    There is a heal command. :) /h or /heal
    Itll be in V3.
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    I didn't mean heal my bad I meant /god.
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    Hello :) I've been trying out your plugin for a few days now. And i must say, i like it verry much! ^^
    But, i have a problem with it, is there anyway to turn off spawn protection?
    I got a server with a bunch of my close friends and i want to change the building where my spawn is from time to time.
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    Thats in :)
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    Oh, sorry. I've just missed that ^^
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    1.5 minecraft went ... it seems to me that the version minecraft 3.0 and your plugin 3.0 released
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    i think that he think (lol) that you release your plugin if minecraft is in beta 3.0,
    because he wait so long, like all of us :D

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