[GEN] DeathSpawnR v 1.3 - A spawn location for death [BukkitDev]

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  1. Version: 1.1​
    DeathSpawn made by Baummann and is now outdated, so I'll bring it up2date again.​
    /setdeathspawn - Change the death spawn position​
    /deathspawn - Teleports you to death spawn​
    deathspawn.setspawn - Access to /setdeathspawn​
    deathspawn.spawn - Access to /deathspawn​
    v1.1 - Priority edited​
    v1.0 - Updated!​
    Drag the .jar file into your plugins folder. Don't do anything else!​
    Do only edit the config file if you want to manually edit the position!​
    Good luck, have fun!
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    Oh thanks I need them
  3. No problem ;)
  4. # RB0.1 Ready!
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    Change the build to [1.1-R6] then change it after or make it [1.1-R6/1.2.3-R0.1]
  6. Why? ^^ I'm not sure if this works for 1.1-R6 :D
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    For it to get approve it must support the latest build
  8. which is beta-build 1.2R0.1
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  10. oh, right ^^
  11. works for the last RB
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    this doesn't work with essentials spawn!!
  14. would be nice if you explain your problem instead of say "this doesnt work"
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    well i have essential spawn plugin for my regular spawning that let us spawn for default users and deathspawn doesn't override it. iam saying essentials spawn still works instead of deathspawn when i die!!
  16. Okey. I've updated DeathSpawn. Can you try it again with the newest version?
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    thanks you!!ill try it out!!

    still make me spawn at the essentialsspawn not the deathspawn!!

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    Zeenixx dont act like that he is the one doing all the work..
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    i got a problem when i died i spawn in the same normal spawn and not there i did /setdeathspawn and still not work! plz help
  20. I'll check this plugin ASAP. No time at the moment.

    Sorry guys ^
  21. Fully working now
  22. md_5 New version is uploaded @ DBO. Plugin is active again

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