Inactive [GEN] DeathRecover v1.1 - Recover All Items and Armour You Had Upon Death. [1.2.5-R5.0]

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  1. DeathRecover - Recover All Items and Armour You Had Upon Death.
    Version: v1.1 (SOURCE | SUGGESTION/BUG)

    Oh No! You died but don't know where!
    You don't want to go wondering for your stuff?
    Use death recover and get ALL your items and armor back quick!

    *Recover all items after respawning.
    *Recover all armor after respawning.
    *Permissions support.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Commands - Permission nodes:
    */recover - Recover all items and armor you had when you died.

    deathrecover.recover - The ability to use /recover.
    deathrecover.nodeathdrops - On death, player drops nothing.
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    Link with ads it`s broken. :/
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    Will this work for 1.1?
  4. Fixed


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    I put on the .jar an i have these plugins running, do you know why the .jar wont create a folder and the command wont work?! Thanks, Jath
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    What about xp orbs and levels? Are they recovered too? I use the "Scavenger" plugin, but it's not updated and I like running "fresh" plugins :)
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    you should add an economy aspect to this mod, without it, i will not download, such as pay 1000 gold or ducats or something to get all your stuff back.

    Though don't get me wrong, good plugin, just nto what i was looking for.
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    I am having a similar problem with much less and totally different plugins. It won't create a folder with a config, BUT the /recover command works.
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    how do i make that on death it wond drop everything?
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    So When You Type /recover The Items You Dropped Will Disappear And Then Re Pop Up In Your Inventory And If No Then Its Just A Duplicating Thing Then :I

    Edit: Never Mind Didn't Look At Info Derp....
  11. Give people deathrecover.nodeathdrops permission node and they won't drop anything when they die.
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    I tried using deathrecover.nodeathdrops with Permissionsbukkit 1.6 but I can't seem to get it to work
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    Linkbucks site broken? Thanks!
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    i also have DeathTpPlus is this not compatible with this plugin ? cause all of the players have this permission and they still lose the items and if i try /recover ofc it doesnt work since there is no permission Thanks for your help :p

    Edit: If i give the other permission then /recover works like it should but this permission doesnt work cause i removed DeathTpPlus to see if that was the problem but it seems its not ,im using GroupManager btw from Essentials 2.9.2 :) THANKS !
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    If it would be possible to allow players to only be able to use the command /recover once every set amount of time, for example you can only use it once every hour that would be great, otherwise nice plugin :)
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    If this plugin is support iConomy....
    It will perfect........
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    hmmm i not sure why bit this ins't working for me...
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    Does this work on Tekkit?

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