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    ========= Message =========​
    version: 1.7​
    message is my first plugin.​
    the plugin message is an basic commands plugin.​
    it allows you to change the time and weather.​
    it let you spawn the first 4 items.​
    it is also posible to change player name's !​
    and much more!!!​
    ===== how to install =====​
    1. download message​
    2. drag the plugin into the plugins folder​
    3. start/restart your server​
    4. play !!​
    ======== commands ========​
    /day -- change the time to day​
    /night -- change to time to night​
    /sun -- change to weater to sun​
    /storm -- change to weather to rain​
    /stone -- give's you a stack stone​
    /cobble -- give's you a stack cobble stone​
    /dirt -- give's you a stack dirt​
    /grass give's you a stack of grass​
    /fire {player} -- burn a player​
    /kill {player} -- kill's a player​
    /half {player} -- half the players lives and food bar​
    /heal {player} -- heals the player​
    /kaas -- show's an message kaas​
    /message -- show's the credits​
    /kick {player} -- kick's a player​
    /set-name {new name} -- change's your name​
    /set-name-other {player} {new name} -- change's someone's name​
    /set-listname {nem name} -- change your name in the player list​
    /set-listname-other {player} {new name} -- change someone's name in the player list​
    /message-help -- show's the help page​
    /message-help-2 -- show's the second help page​
    ===== Download =====​
    ====== chagelog ======​
    1.7 fixed /set-name​
    1.6 bug fixed​
    1.5 bug fixed​
    1.4 bug fixed​
    1.3 added external class​
    1.2 added /message​
    1.1 added /dirt, /message-help-2​
    1.0 added /grass​
    0.9 added /cobble​
    0.8 added /stone​
    0.7 bug fixed​
    0.6 added /set-name-other, /set-listname-other​
    0.5 added /kill, /half, /set-name, /set-listname​
    0.4 added /sun, /storm, /fire, /heal​
    0.3 added /message-help, /day, night​
    0.2 added /kaas​
    0.1 added created the plugin​
    join now on:​

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