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    BannedItems - Banning items for /give
    Version: v1.4.1

    Simple plugin for CraftBukkit which overrides the default /give server command.
    A list of data value id's provides a way to ban these items for that command.

    • Easy managing of items by a list of value id's
    • Giving items into the inventory, no spawning in front of the player anymore
    • Stack sizes respected as requested by the player
    • No options or command to manage the list in-game. This will keep the fun in finding Gold for exampe ;)
    • Also invokable by using /g, /i or /item
    • Simple support for permissions
    How to ban items
    Create a newline separated list (not comma separated) of Data Value ID's in the text file ignored-items.txt.

    For example:
    The plugin currently only supports one permission check by the key 'BannedItems.give'.
    Op's will automatically have this permission.
    More permission and group support coming soon.

    Download BannedItems
    Source Code

    Version 1.4.1
    • Some code optimalisation
    Version 1.4
    • Fixed bug when non existing itemId was given
    • Fixed items not showing up directly when using TooManyItems
    • Added BannedItems.give persmission check which defaults to op
    • Altered the /item and /i commands to give items to self
    Version 1.3
    • Added /i and /item as aliases
    Version 1.2
    • Added check to see if commander is admin/op
    • Show less text if just giving item to self
    • Added alias /g
    Version 1.1
    • Cleaned up the code
    • Removed 'offensive' text
    • Fixed amount of stack to 1 if no amount was given
    Version 1.0
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    Can you please add permissions support?
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    Please!? This is exactly what i need on my server, but I can't use it because permissions is not supported! The other give banning plugins blow dick. I want this. I command you to make me happy.
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    Permission Support
    Group Support

    Group V can spawn Stone but can't spawn Wood.
    Group S cannot spawn Stone but can Spawn Wood.
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    do i just put the id's after the long # you put in the ignored-items
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    apparently, you can just delete those numbers and put the items you want to delete in a list, as simply as


    definitely needs permissions support, but it almost does what I want, so in that regard, good work.
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    FOUND A BUG: If you use TooManyItems mod to spawn items through the give command, The items will be invisible in your inventory until you disconnect from the server and rejoin/click on there it actually is.

    Personally i like this plugin :)
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    Thanks for all the compliments!
    I'm still on a vacation and will return the upcoming sunday.

    I will definately update the plugin to work with the permissions plugin, due to the requests.
    I also will try to lookup the bug that is presented when using BannedItems in combination with TooManyItems.
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    How Do You Ban Stuff. I Add The Item ID Like This: 1,2,3,4,5
    And It Give Me A Internal Error. What Do I Do!
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    You should make the list newline-separated, not comma-separated.

    Sorry for not explaining, i'll update the main post.
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    Could you add support for /i also?
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    Yeah, give is disabled. I want /i support fast because they are flooding around..
    I need it fast, so PLEASE hurry with the /i :)
  13. Please add support for /i and /item please. I love this plugin and it is EXACTLY what i need. please add /i support and permissions! thankyou! :)
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    to fix the bug with toomanyitems wouldnt you just have to send a refresh command to the client? atleast i think there is one.
  15. dude can you expain why you are taking so long, i am counting days here!
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    Just updated my plugin and added support for /i and /item.
    Please let me know if something is not working correctly.
  17. so does it support permissions or is that a no?
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    Well, the changelog doesn't say so ;) need to make some time to implement it tho.

    I'll try to do so asap ;) Sorry for the inconvience

    I've been busy implementing permission support last night but couldn't get a successful build.
    I'll try to look that up this evening, hoping i can release a permission supported version this evening.

    I'll keep you guys posted.
  19. ah its fine i can wait :) But this is truly the plugin i always wanted, I wanted a hint of survival in my creative server and you have made that dream come true. THANKYOU :D

    hey everytime i extract the files from the zip it sais there is a problem from preventing the file from being encrypted so i doesnt work. Is this a problem from you or is it just me being stupid? ;)

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    Wouldn't say that you are stupid ;) It works like a charm over here.
    Have you tried 7-zip? It's a free tool to (un)archive files.

    Can't do much right now since i'm still at the office for coming 2 hours.
    Please let me know if you find any more problems.
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    Is it possible to add item-name support when using /i or /give. So intead of having to type, /i 20, just type /i glass.
  22. K i used 7zip to extract it and put it in the plugins file. it even told me "item ignore list sucsessfully loaded! Banned items was sucsessfully loaded! then when i go in game or anyone else i can just use /i to cheat in anything! can you help me?
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    Not yet, maybe in the near feature when i can find a way to generate a list of Item ID's and Item names.

    @Soviet Ostrich
    Have you filled the list with id's?
    The list is empty by default. If you overwrite the file, it should be empty now.
  24. well i filled it with all the ID's that i didnt want to be cheated. This is gonna sound really stupid but is this a independant give plugin? cause i am using the simpleadmin /i command and i thought this plugin blocks some of the /i commands from working?

    Yea i got it working sorry for my stupidity :D this is a brill plugin and i hope it gets popular!
    1. permissions
    2. no need to type name. eg. /i 20 instead of /i sovietostrich 20
    3. names instead of data values. Eg /i sovietostrich 4 4 instead it is /i sovietostrich cobblestone 4
    I hope you take my reccomendations into account! thanks a bunch!

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    Please, could you get this working with permissions. Its crucial for a plugin like this and would mean lots more people use it. Thanks.
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    Hi, Thanks for the recommendations and the support :)

    I am sure i will implement permission asap but i first need to do some research.
    I got a verly, non working start of my plugin with permissions, as i told in one of my previous posts.

    I tried to fix it yesterday evening but didn't happen because i was really broken.

    Please give me some time to fix this permission thing but first the thing i will do is change the /i command so it gives stuff to yourself.

    I'll keep you guys posted!

    Any bugs, errors or other stuff can also be submitted in the issue tracker hosted by GitHub.
    You can find the Issue Tracker of my Project over here.
  27. please get permissions done before anything else. I dont really mind the command but not having permissions support is becoming a problem
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    hmm i think this should be reversed. i would rather only put the few items i permit rather than the long long long list of items i dont permit
  29. You are taking your time on 1.4 ;)
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    As soon as permissions is implemented I'll be all over this.

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