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    This plugin is still actively supported! Go to the bukkit dev page by clicking here to receive the latest updates!
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    Yay thank you! All the other ones were voting for specific things (time, day etc., not very useful.....) but I need a voting system for anything. Thanks! Hopefully you'll make it longer than a word?
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    Yeah, that's pretty high up on the list.

    The next update (0.2) is going to require you to remake the config.yml file, so bear with me while I finish off making changes to the config.yml.
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    This is a pretty cool idea. One suggestion though - rather than starting a vote with "/vote start day" for example, would it not be easier to just use "/vote day"?
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    You probably have no idea that you read my mind, but you did :eek:.

    Now that I've worked out a few of the major usability problems, I'll be removing the "start", along with adding some more default commands so people don't have to make a ton of their own. V0.3 will most likely be out sometime this time tomorrow.

    V0.4 is slated for Thurs or Fri and will be the version with non-case sensitive inputs, so it'll be harder for people to mess up the config file (right now it's way too finicky). There will also be better error reporting if the config file has a syntax error in it.

    In either V0.5 or V0.6, I'll be implementing a system where the admin can modify certain aspects of the config file safely from in-game (that's why there's setters on the For all of the more difficult aspects of the config file, I'll be making an out-of-game form that'll modify the config so admins don't have to worry about messing it up.

    And slated beyond that is exposing some functionality to make a basic API for other devs to use.
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    That sounds awesome! Oh, and this is just my subjective opinion, but I would use git rather than subversion. Bonus points if you put the source on GitHub so I can follow you :p
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    Erm, I tried to do /vote start hi? and it said "Vote to start server restart has begun. Vote yes/no blahblahblah." Why is that?

    Then I tried random words and it said "hello does not exist!"

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    Huh, I'll take a look and see what's going on.

    EDIT: I've tried just about any combo of /vote I could do, and haven't been able to get it to throw that message. /vote start hi? only complains that hi? doesn't exist. Have you tried any other keywords that have gotten it to say that?

    Just added my project to Git last night :D. It was quite a bit easier than I thought it would be, and it's really similar to SVN.

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    I thought this plugin was for making votes up :/ Is that not what it is?
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    The system is designed to allow you to make votes, but most likely not in the way you're thinking.

    For custom votes, you use one of the templates (like the vote for restart, located in the config.yml) and make your own vote. You can choose what to do by adding commands to be executed. Right now there's no way to create a vote in-game.

    You're thinking more of polls, and I'll most likely be making a lightweight polling system after I get this plugin ironed out more.
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    AH! That's what I've been looking for, polls.
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    not working ....
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    Wow, that is real specific. He'll be able to fix it so fast because of the information you just gave. </sarcasm>
    You need to provide more details then that for him to help.

    I am thinking about using this, seeing how I won't be on next week for finals. Good job :)
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    Could you give me a few more specifics? Are /vote commands not working? Is there an error in the server log that you can post here? Can people not start/vote for a vote?
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    all votes but no effect ... "Vote failed!"
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    This plugin is EXACTLY what I was looking for, it's wonderful. That said, I can't get it working on my server. I think it MAY be a conflict with the permissions version that I'm using (I'm running 3.*). No matter what permissions I give my users and myself, I'm told that I don't have permission to vote. That said, it could totally be user error.

    No errors in the server log, by the way, just "You do not have permission to vote" when I attempt it.

    I've given all users - 'vote.*' permission since I run a private server with only good friends.

    Edit: Even opping myself, I am told that I do not have permission to vote.
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    I've been having permissions cause me some grief on the server I use as well. I'm working on the issue and will move it to 0.4 once I figure it out.

    EDIT: Figured out, fix is live.
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    It doesn't seem to work if the Permissions plugin is missing. Stack trace:

    This is the important part: "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.nijiko.permissions.PermissionHandler"
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    Still getting the "You do not have permission to vote" problem for some reason. I've tried both giving all vote permissions to everyone and giving all permissions separately to no avail. I also get the message as op.

    I deleted the config file and reloaded the server as well - no luck.
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    I must have forgotten to add the check if permissions even exists. I'll get on that once I get off work.

    EDIT: Fixed. If anyone wants a very simple wrapper for the permissions handler, take a look at the source

    I'm not sure what I can say, it's working perfectly fine on the server I'm running. I set the default users to vote.voteyes.*, vote.voteno.* and vote.votestart.*. I've also tested the specific rights (vote.votestart.restart, vote.voteyes.restart, etc) and it worked fine as well. I haven't tried vote.*, but it should work fine as well. I'll take a check in a bit and make sure I'm giving specific permissions and not blanket ones.

    One of the odd issues I've been having with permissions though is the global permissions. They seem to conflict with the local world permissions, so I had to remove the global settings and just go with the world ones. The only thing is that all the other mod's permissions broke when this happened on my server. Are all of your other mods working with permissions while mine is not?
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    No idea. I set it as simply as possible. Tried vote.* at first to no avail, then tried to give all of the separate permissions to the same result. It's even giving me that same message when I set myself as op with all permissions.

    All of my other mods (Stargate, tombstone, motd, mcmmo, and worldedit) are and have been working with permissions. I had a tiny problem or two when switching over to permissions 3.x, but other than that, no problems.

    I have world-to-world permissions - no global permissions - so that's not the problem. No idea what's going on.

    I'll mess with it a bit more really quick when I have time.
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    Heya I keep on getting "An Internal error occured while atempting to perfom this command" whenever I try to start a vote
    This is my Config.yml:
    And this is my log file starting from the server start and to trying to vote:

    Looks like i have a 0.4 version. But I cnat download the 0.5, link that u posted is for 0.4!
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    Sorry about the alegator, I tested for servers with no permissions, and forgot to add a line of code for the servers with permissions :oops:. I updated the download, and you should be good to go.
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    Thank you so much!! It was so fast btw... I dint have a hope of getting an anwser in 3 days))

    Not working again... My config is still the same but my error log is different:
    By the way at first I execute /vote day and /vote night, they dont produce an error in the chat, but are still not doing anything and than I execute /vote rain which uses /startrain 600 command (It works without voting) and it producec error even in the chat

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    Interesting. I didn't notice, but bukkit cascades my console commands from my plugin to the other. To get all commands to execute, I mimicked the console to execute the command, but that's causing your weather plugin to crash because it's expecting a player to execute the command.

    I'm modifying it right now so that it mimics an op (or admin in permissions) instead of the console so it doesn't crash other plugins.

    Edit: Looks like I can't simply load up an offline member, so I'm going to yet again need to create a wrapper that will mimic most of the player so that other plugins don't crash. I'm not entirely sure if this is going to work, but I'm going to give it a shot.

    Edit 2: 0.6 Addresses the issue with being unable to execute commands from other plugins.

    If you take a look in the jar file, do you see plugin.yml? The only way you can get that error is if the plugin.yml is missing or got modified incorrectly. I double checked to make sure the current version has a properly laid out plugin.yml, and it's the same as all other plugins.
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    Nope, it's got a plugin.yml.
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    Maybe a '/vote cancel' to cancel the current vote?
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    Hi! Looks like everything works pretty good right now. Though there is still 1 thing left. Whenever I am starting a vote and there are players who do not vote at all it counts as they voted NO. It is pretty bad because there are players who do not know how to vote at all. Could you fix that?
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    I agree with blackalegator,...
    Could there be an option so the votes are counted as YES - NO > 0
    rather than YES - (NO + UNVOTED) > 60% logged players
    to pass the vote...?

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