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    When I finished my Vote plugin, several people have posted asking for a system that lets them make polls for people to vote on.

    My current progress on the plugin is at about 30%, but I'm looking for some ideas to put into the system. Currently I have these items on the list:
    • Permissions enabled (but not required). Non-permissions default will be that ops can create and vote for polls, and non-ops can only vote for polls. [X]
    • Admins can create any number of polls, with any number of options. []
    • Poll creation is done purely in-game. [X]
    • Players are notified of new polls if they have not voted for the active polls and have permissions to vote for polls. []
    • Permissions for polls are across-the-board. If a player can vote for one poll, they can vote for all. (I'll leave it this way unless I get overwhelming feedback that I should make permissions on a per-poll basis). [X]
    • Admins can set the timeout for the polls, and players with permissions can view poll results. []
    • What player votes will not be displayed, but will be stored. []
    • Players can change their poll vote while the poll is still active. []
    • A full poll history will be saved on file. []
    • A player with the proper permissions can view any past polls, including ones they did not vote for. []
    If you have any more ideas, please post them.
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    nice, cant wait for it.
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