Inactive [GEN/ADMN] Dynamic Effect Whitelist V1.3.0 - Using MySQL [2116+]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by blackvoid, Mar 26, 2011.

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    I don't get any errors...
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    I have a few requests because this plugin is so close to meeting my needs.

    1. superperms support come on dude its built into craftbukkit every one is using it I have found my server runs better with out permissions 2/3.

    2. a way so that only admins on the server can access the webform to add players. Maybe some thing like a password we can pass around the admins. let me deal with who i trust with the pass. Pass could be changed every week any ways.
    in fact if you was to do that i would want two extra fields 1 for the pass and 1 for the admins name. for logging reasons ofc.
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    The Wizard

    1. you can use pex
    2. easy to make in php, or even easier use .htpasswd - you can use this generator
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    I will change to superperms once Ive get Eclipse working again. My computer crashed and Eclipse i behaving weird atm.
    In the mean time you can use pex if your not already using it.

    So basically what you want is administration page with logging and admin and a super admin account for managing admins?
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    Yes exactly a login system for admins some how so admins can add players not so much players adding them self. I think players adding them self defeats the purpose of a white list. White list is to restrict not annoy people by making them go to a website and sign up. although the latter dose have some benefits.

    pex well i dont see the point of it its seems like over complicated junk to me i would sooner use no permissions than some thing that's closely based on permissions 2/3 Permissions bukkit all the way. its fine now that all the bugs are gone :D

    You could maybe do some kind of minecraft account login system for the admins saves screwing around with forum software. some thing like /whitelist admin register (pass)
    then on the site have a username box and a pass box that logs them in. this way i can control who is admin via the permissions plugin.
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    Which forum software do you use?
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    SMF forum

    Currently i cant edit and files of the forum as it is free thats why the ingame permissions system for the admins would be win for me i may be moving to my own dedi webserver at the end of the month :(
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    When you move I will be able to get you a sync script if you use PEX.
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    Any thing you do with pex should be able to be done with permissionsbukkit. There is no reason why not or is player.haspermission("Permissionnode") too complex for you to add to the plugin because thats all the superperms is to check a permission. its really not that complicated theres no hooking and no stupid loop holes to jump through.

    never the less i will give PEX another look but im quite happy where i am. PEX is not as widly supported as other systems... always a downside..
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    Dude did you read my reply. PEX is using permissionsbukkit but it also has supports old permissions. Im going to use permissionsbukkit when Ive fixed Ecplise(Development Application).
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    @blackvoid Hi man, very nice plugin.... just one question... how can I disable all the playernames being spammed to the server.txt every minute? It is creating thousands of lines of whitelisted names .....

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    @blackvoid spent all day converting to PEX fell in love :D
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    Thats nice!
    in settings set debug to false
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    hotsex! Thank you!
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    @blackvoid first post has some issues.

    1. the descriptions for the permission nodes seem backwards.
    2. there is no mention of the in game commands and what they are.
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    Please update to 1149
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    Is there any errors in 1149?
    Ok, I will try to get eclipse working today and fix this.
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    // Nvm, it works with #1149, thanks for this plugin!
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    Lol @blackvoid Lol I was talking about the forum post not the plugin. In the first post here you have.
    • dewhitelist.remove - permission to add users to the whitelist <<<<<Remove means add WTF
    • dewhitelist.add - permission to remove users from the whitelist << add means remove WTF
    Also the plugin has commands

    /whitelist add (name)
    /whitelist remove (name)

    but they are not mentioned in the forum post at all they should be.

    I also have a question about your plugin/craftbukkit in general. dose the player join even get called when the server is full and another player tries to join? I currently have a plugin complaining because the player join event was unavalibal dose your plugin allow other plugins to hook the event after you allow them to join (clearly you would cancel the event if they are not listed or what ever)
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    Sorry i was busy when i read that post so i quickly fixed the plugin.yml commands description.
    I'm a human and i can make mistakes so stop pretending I cant speak English, when you do
    event.SetCancelled() is not available in this event. Its using even.disallow which is the correct action.
    I don't know why your other plugins is complaining (maybe its incorrectly coded?) since I don't have the error.

    If you download the plugin from the same link i specified in my last post, other plugins should be allowed to allow the user to join if disallowed.

    EDIT: Is it working with permissionsBukkit now?
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    I can't be sure as I changed over to PEX as I said before..

    Sorry if you thought i was rude people tend to find me confusing so I try hard to explain things the best I can :/

    The other plugin is a priory login system its meant to kick a player out when a player with a higher permission joins instead its just spitting out a could not pass player join event error :/ (server has to be full for it to work)
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    hi currently i cant even get this working kinda nooby on my part but it keeps saying no suitable driver found so i played around with the mysql database= Line in the config file.. is it suppose to look like this?
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    Remove the file called permissions.jar (I think thats what its called, otherwise its something similar.
    Ok, its cool.
    As i said in the last post you should download the same link ( again and see if the plugins spit out the same error and if the whitelist still works (Im not using this plugin on my server anymore, since we have a builder rank now).
    It would be nice if you can do that, so i can make the version official and now a experimental version.

    You need to download the mysql connector. Download link and installation instructions is located below.
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    hi i did do that i have mysql connector installed and im using logblock/authdb using that same mysql my hoster gave me.. so idk the problem maybe you have another advice?
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    @blackvoid could you add a toggle command for the white list to disable it at times we hold events where the server needs to be able to be free to join.

    just like /whitelist toggle

    also some confirmation messages would be nice like after you add a player the plugin sends a message to the player that used the command user <name> was Added/removed from the whitelist as it is it dose nothing and it is worrieing you are left wondering if it worked :D
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    Permissions should work now and will always return a message when the command runs. (
    I will add a toggle command as soon as i know permissions is working.

    Are you sure you put it in the correct folder? If your running a x64 system but x86 java you need to put it in the x86 java.
    The only things I can come up with is to put the connector in the same folder or merge it with bukkit (Can be complicated)
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    Iv had no issues with permissions yet but that may be because i am an op. my servers also not that full because my commandbook is being herp derp and telling me i don't have permission when i clearly set them :/

    THX :D
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    ok good and hope you get your problem solved.
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    Hi Everyone ;)

    I have a big trouble with your plugin.

    I've set the rights values into the config file:

    #### DEWhitelist configuration ###
    #Sun Sep 25 21:43:22 CEST 2011
    mysql-string=SELECT {name} FROM `{table}`;
    dismsg=You are not in the whitelist\!

    With :
    mcvs (my database)
    epsilon (username)

    But after lauching bukkit i have:

    Bukkit 1185 with mysql-connector-java-5.1.17-bin.jar

    Any ideas ? Thanks

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