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    When I first started my minecraft server (IP disclosed for security reasons), I always used Essentials, bPermissions, ShowCase, etc. And I always had to look over miles of permissions and scroll through pages of dev docs to learn them. I am making things a lot easier for the common server owner! I will attempt to make a plugin (Or a series of Server <insert name here> plugins) that will be easy to use. The in-game commands will be simpler and, upon game updates, I will be as fast as possible to help. I've been talking for quite a while so now I'll explain the current version (Which is 1.9 Beta ATM)
    What does it do? Simply put, this plugin currently does the most basic server commands you'd expect to find on a near vanilla server without any hassle. Eventually, this plugin will replace almost any non-unique server plugin as well as any permission plugin but we can just wait this version out... The commands you can use are as follows:​
    • /afk
    • /heal
    • /kill
    • /msg
    • /setspawn
    • /spawn
    • /tp
    • /tphere
    • /settime
    • /clearinventory
    • /listusers
    • /deletelistusers
    • /ssreload
    • /help
    Now I will briefly explain these commands:
    /afk This notifies the server that you are away from keyboard. This only shows in chat once and does not ever disable. Meaning you have to manually say "Back" to tell people when you are
    no longer AFK
    /heal This plugin is used to heal the player's health, food and extinguish them if they are on fire. This can also be used for others: /heal <Other player>
    /kill The exact opposite of heal. This will kill the user or, if paired with another player: /kill <Other player>, it will kill them and tell them who did it
    /msg This will send a message to another player without everyone on the server seeing: /msg <Other player> <Your message>
    /setspawn Changes the world's spawnpoint to where you are and where you are facing: /setspawn
    /spawn Moves the user to the world's spawnpoint or another player: /spawn <Other player>
    /tp This teleports you to a player or two players to each other. EX) If i did /tp xXz0rroXx, I would teleport to them but, if I did: /tp xXz0rroXx jcb2176 (ALL NAMES OF MY FRIENDS), that would teleport xXz0rroXx to jcb2176! I will soon add /tpa so that users get a choice
    /tphere This teleports the specified player to you: /tphere xXz0rroXx = xXz0rroXx comes to your location
    /settime This will change the worlds time to the specified time: /settime <Hour 1 - 24>
    /clearinventory Use this to clear your or another player's inventory: /clearinventory <Other player>
    /listusers Use this to list all the user that have joined since the last server restart. /listusers
    /deletelistusers Use this to clear the listusers list. /deletelistusers
    /ssreload Reloads the configuration file. /ssreload
    /help Display help for server starter. /help

    To-do list (Very long so I cut it to important things only):
    • /tpa DONE
    • /tpahere DONE
    • /sethome
    • /settime DONE
    • /home
    • /tools (Give the player a set of diamond tools - ADMIN)
    • !!! A custom permissions plugin !!!
    • ^^ I added permissions! But I tested them with bPermissions. Custom plugin coming soon!
    Last word:
    This is my first plugin so feel free to yell at me if I messed up and please comment on features to add to my TODO as well as download and try it out!

    Extra To-do list:
    • ADD: Op-Only commands and Everyone commands (Not Permissions yet but on the way there) FINISHED!
    • ADD: Permissions! FINISHED!
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    Really? anyone can use /kill /setspawn /tp /tphere ? My god.

    I never said that this plugin doesn't add any extra commands, I'm saying that it's really bad if anyone can use the /kill command or setting the spawn.


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    Well since more than one person doesn't like that, instead of deleting those commands like I promised, I went ahead and made those mentioned commands op-only! Go to my bukkit dev page and download version 1.13
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    We are now in beta with permissions!
    And a customize-able configuration file
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    buu... prig !!!
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    Removed Adfly links and replaced them with correct links. We do not allow Adfly links on plugin submissions and on our forums.
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    Can I get an approx update date please? I use this for setting spawn, thanks for that btw. Here, free cake: [cake] :)

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