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    Plugin name: GappleCooldown

    What this plugin supposed to do:
    After eating an enchanted golden apple you have to wait for a specific time to eat another one.

    Commands - Permissions.
    /gapplecd reload - Reload the plugin (gp.admin)

    #Message when you eat a gapple.
    eatgapple: '&cFrom now you can not eat gapple for %time%'
    #Message when you try to eat another gapple.
    currentoncooldown: '&cYou are current on cooldown, wait for %time% to eat.' (this message will spam when a player tries to eat a gapple)

    Thats all. take your time to make it
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    Hello, I will be taking over this plugin. I also have a few questions. What version do you want this on? How long do you want the cooldown to be? Do you also want the cooldown customizable in config? If there's anything else you need please let me know
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    cool! thnx you
    wops i forgot about this :3
    i wan the cooldown customizable in config
    cooldown: 1 (in minutes if its easy)
    Version 1.8-1.8.9
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    It'll be in seconds if that's okay. You can just convert it in google.
    Here you go CLICK HERE
    permission: gp.admin (default on op)
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    Hello sorry for my late reply.
    I just tried the plugin but I think there are errors.
    I can eat gapples without cooldown
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    If the previous developer (@BizeaxPvP) fails to reply to your post, I will take on the liberty of doing this project for you
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    hey, if you tell me what's your server's version i'll do it
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    Hello, try downloding your plugin from here
    (I am Bizeaxpvp)
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    ehm i will try from the first developer thnx all of you ^_^

    Working pretty good thnx you

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    Please mark this as solved.
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