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    Plugin category: Gaming

    Suggested name: PlayerStart

    What I want: I would like a plugin that executes a command or activates a redstone circuit when x number of players join a world (something like what SethBling currently has for Super Craft Bros on MineCade), so that I can create games that auto-launch when enough players are on.

    If possible, I would also like to have a payment system when a circumstance is reached (only one player is left, all players die, ect.), and it would stop the game at the same time and send the player back to a set location. I have posted a comment on VariableTriggers asking if that plugin would be able to start the game (let alone stop it).

    I would also prefer a round system (for mob killing games; first round x mobs spawn, second round x+5 mobs spawn, etc.).

    Ideas for commands: /ps set startgame {#}(activates timer when number of players is reached that, when the timer hits 0, will start the game)
    /ps set timer {#} [unit] (sets how long the timer will be set for, defaults to seconds; units include: seconds, minutes, minecraft ticks (for this, you would just enter "ticks")
    /ps set endgame {condition1} (ends the game when a condition is met; conditions should include: All players dead, one player left, all mobs dead, etc.) [and|or] [extra conditions]
    /ps set round {startroundcondition} {endroundcondition} {command (spawnmob (mob), etc.)} [spawnamountplus (spawn 5 mobs, spawn 10 mobs, etc.)]

    Ideas for permissions: (the usual; if a player doesn't have this rank, they can't use this command, defaults to op)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible. Right now I'm managing with redstone, but the variable for this many players have to join isn't there.

    Also, I forgot; would it be possible to add a couple commands:
    /ps teams {team1} {team2} [extra teams] (upon issuing this command, you would be asked to right-click a block where the different teams's spawns would be, and, when the game starts, you would be moved to these areas)
    added to /ps set round:
    (between {command} and [spawnmobplus]) [extracommands (i.e. spawnmob (second mob), etc.); and between that and [spawnmobplus]: [firstspawnamount]. All of the objects in curly brackets are mandatory, and all of the commands within square brackets are optional; all commands having to do with mob spawning are only used when command is set to spawnmob, and are not used otherwise.
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    For anyone who would like to know: I have Kits, bPermissions, bChatManager, MultiWorld, MobSpawn, BlockProtection, mcMMO, Vault, MineConomy, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, CustomItems,Waprs (Warps), WarpSigns, WorldPlayerSigns, and PropertyGuard.
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    So basically you want a quite advanced plugin for your server for free?
    Give me 1 good reason why someone would do that?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Because you are not allowed to offer money here?
    And hoping is allowed.
    Some devs like it to create big projects, they usually put it on devbukkit after that.
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    Well, why did sk89q make WorldEdit and WorldGuard? He was not paid by anybody. Or Double0negative making SurvivalGames, its always the way we think about it and our/your mindset.
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    I understand that developers would create a good plugin that is useable for multiple servers but what this guy is asking is a very specific plugin for his server which would be useless for any other server.

    Mazen the difference between this and WorldEdit is that WorldEdit is useable on practically every server and this plugin is (almost) only useable on his own server.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I created a dropbox backup plugin, not usable for everybody but I did like the development process, and maybe there are more people that like this?
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    I'm unsure if other servers would use this, but I know a couple of people who would appreciate being able to make there own games, being able to use this. If it's too complicated, then you could always either remove the really complicated bits, or just not worry about it. I didn't think it would be as complicated as you guys make it out to be, but I am still kind of hoping someone can do this...
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    If no one has done it, I'll do it. Also, would it be fine if instead of a redstone signal it did certain commands or do you need the redstone signal?
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    This is possible with VariableTriggers, create an Area then have a variable for the amount of people in the area. Increase and decrease that variable when people enter and leave, then when the variable is at 10, that means 10 people should be in the area, then you can use @SETBLOCK to activate a redstone circuit. For stopping the circuit you could do @SETBLOCK to air after you pause the script with @PAUSE so the game has a timer.

    Something like this would work:
    # Increase variable when a player enters
    /vta <AreaName> ENTER @ADDINT $mygame.players 1
    # Check if theres 10 people or more in the game
    # if so complete the redstone circuit, wait 300 seconds then stop it.
    /vta <AreaName> ENTER @IF i $mygame.players >= 10
    /vta <AreaName> ENTER @SETBLOCK 152:0 <LocationOfCircuit>
    /vta <AreaName> ENTER @PAUSE 300
    /vta <AreaName> ENTER @SETBLOCK 0:0 <LocationOfCircuit>
    /vta <AreaName> ENTER @ENDIF
    # Decrease the variable when people leave the area.
    /vta <AreaName> LEAVE @SUBINT $mygame.players 1
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    Thank you. Problem is, I would have to make the area HUGE in order for this to work, and even then it's limited to what the command blocks can and can't do.
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    Also, if even 1 player were to leave during the game, then the game would stop.

    Yes, that would be OK. I would honestly prefer that. Thank you. As I said in the initial post, I'm in no rush to have it completed, seeing as it's being done by someone else.


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    To anyone who wants to help, I am currently learning Java, and may be able to help in a matter of weeks!
  14. TNTftw21 Becuase of ths variabld trigger plugin, never used it, but you told after 1 player leaves, the game would stop. Idk if you are able to do this with that plugin, but when it reaches 10, you could make another variable that says that the game is startex and if yes, and the player amount then reaches for example 7 players, you would stop the game and set the variable to no or false or whatever, that tells the game is not started.

    Hope you get what I mean, dont know how to better describe it. ;)
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    Hmm... I can take a look at it. I did, in fact, go ahead and install VariableTriggers to manage the kits from one world to another.

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