Problem/Bug GAListener Commands Work, Rewards Dont.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TuDun, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Hello, I am developing for a minecraft 1.8.9 server and I have votifier and GAListener properly downloaded. I have all the permissions set up and everything, but when I send a fakevote nothing happens... Please take a look at the console and config for GAListener.


    Thank you for the help :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TuDun GAListener isn't updated for your server version, you need to find a replacement instead.
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    I have been everywhere for GAListener 1.12 +
    there is a guy on spigot forums apparently
    "join me on skype to buy the plugin.."
    selling a 1.12 updated GAListener
    but it's fake and dont work for 1.12
    so be careful with that. I tried buildtools
    with latest depreciated mappings to .sh
    file remap it, result caused the error to stop
    in console but still no vote reward when
    /gal fakevote or incomming real votes happen.
    I then tried to use a class file editor to poke
    about in GAListener to fix the depreciated
    _INVALID_getOnlinePlayers method
    player name thing that was mentioned
    in the console, sometimes that works,
    not this time >.>

    It's odd that you get that issue in 1.8.9
    I have used the same GAListener for years
    and that error only started for me in 1.12

    RiP GAListener for 1.12+

    He was a good man! /bowhead

    Here is my remapped version for 1.9+ that
    Stopped working in 1.12+
    Give it a try as it has been remapped for depreciated
    methods and API class paths ages ago and is thus
    quite different than the official download page one.
    I have not changed anything in this, only build tools
    and remapping utility available from spigot was used.

    This link will live for 30d from this post date.

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