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    Hey all my server admin told me after explaining to him what We needed for the server. And Was thinking about it .

    so this is what I came up with and hope some one out their takes intrest in this.

    Almost all of gamers like zelda right. Or just me lol. Any way we are making a mmo server and would like to change the status of hearts instead of starting out with 10 would like to start new players out 2. And for certain quest would like for them to gain a heart. Or open a certain box for say get a block and exchange it for a heart. Ok thanks for reading

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    How do you suggest this be implemented in a server-side mod, when a player has 10 heart in the default client? Nothing that the server can say to the client (player) would change the number of hearts, because the client (player) is not programmed to display anything but 10 hearts.

    Unfortunately to build this I think you would need both a server mod and a client mod. You would need code on the player's computer to display a different number of hearts. That means, all your server players would have to download another copy of the game, or modify their own copy of the game.

    One thing which could be done is to adjust the amount of damage enemies deal as levels are gained. That's the only thing I can think of to come close.
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    You could always simply not let players gain health above the number of hearts worth they're meant to have, and if they do, set it to their max. Sure, you can still see the empty hearts, but it'd work.
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    Okay, how can players know how many hearts they have?
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    Well, if you did as I suggest, there wouldn't really be any at-a-glance method that they could tell, other than the fact that their hearts wouldn't go above a certain amount, but it wouldn't exactly be hard to implement a /maxhealth command or such that tells them :p.

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