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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by waterdropss, Oct 21, 2012.

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    I'd love to see some continuing updating Guns+ as it seems right now the one who put it up put it all on ice aswell I'd like to see a Weapons+ which means other weapons i.e. Melee weapons or other misc. weapons so to have more configuration options allowing the Rpg and PvP spectra of Minecraft to expand without the dependancy on Mods
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    Guns+ is still in development (thought not currently) as both me and atlan are busy with school. However during atlan's short break he did submit a PR back to Spout which had removed the Mouse keys, causing the breaking of all current versions of the plugin. So hopefully that should fix things for now.

    As for Weapons+ we could have done this, but the ability to do what most people would want out of that (including you) would be the melee weapons, which Guns+ supports. You can simply create a 'gun' that has no zoom, ammo, or any other gun characteristics and simply apply the melee damage to it you want.

    PS. Bring this is better suited for the Guns+ forums then here.
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    I hope in the modding API we will be able to get Guns+ without spout.
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    Then Guns+ will (probably) become a mod. But until we reach that point there is no way to know.

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