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    Suggested name: QuickFurnace *Anything really though*

    What I want: Well the server i play on has /workbench as a donator perk. Allows you to quickly open a crafting bench. I was wondering if it's possible to do the same thing except with a furnace :eek:. Basically, you do say /furnace and it opens up a furnace. If possible doesn't require coal but if that isn't possible it can. You can use it exactly like a regular furnace. And possibly even keep the items in there *Like how a normal furnace works* It's just a handy little thing to have while mining and i've been informed that it's not part of essentials as i guess /workbench is so it'd have to be a new plugin. Has to also only be allowed for certain ranks *Don't know if thats serverside or pluginside*

    Ideas for commands: /furnace

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, there's no rush. As i said, it's just a friendly little plugin to have :p
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    Oh haha thanks! They were all saying it didn't exist and i tried to search but this never came up. *I didn't really know what to search didn't think of a virtual furnace* Thank you again though i suggested it <3

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