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    command should be:

    /zs-create Map1 <NUMBER> 10 100

    /zs-create Map1 100 10 100
    Then left click a block. Don't have any words in your command next time.
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    very good plugin, like very much

    possible to translate? sorry for bad english

    i speak russian and could help translate
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    Hey bud, My results are false :( its not the race system in ancientRPG :( although it is deffo ancientRPG causing the problem but i don't know in what way.. i was wondering if you could test the two plugins together and issue a quick fix? i reloaded RPG with default settings and the zombies de-spawned.. so you should have no problem finding the error instantly.. thanks man.
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    Thanks for the update, I will look into it for sure, sorry to hear that it is bothering the plugin. I'll see what I can do and then publish a silent update (use regular download link and re-download and replace. Will be same R2.0 version however users who have not re-downloaded will not be notified that they're out of date)

    Also, if I find that there are many more bugs I will issue a live update (change version number to R2.1 and people using the R2.0 will be notified they're out of date)
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    This would be a great plugin if you would actually give us commands for every thing this server has to give :/
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    When ever i change the config none of the settings save they just reset.
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    I have an idea for a feature but am wondering your views on it... When you type /join {gamename} not only does it start the game but it allows you to set the players to a default/separate group.. So that when they start playing zombies i can restrict the commands so they can't do /warp or /spawn etc..?

    Or is there anyway I can do this just now? because I have a gun plugin for the zombies game but I only wan't people to have access to the guns when playing zombies otherwise the members can just run riot all over the map with guns. so I need to make a new group called "zombie" and promote people to that group so they can use the guns then demote them again after they play zombies.
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    You must use /zs-reload if you edit the config while the server is running.
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    ohhh another quick idea, i noticed if you have stuff in your inventory and you start a game it takes your stuff away and gives you the items you have set for zombies but when the game ends you don't get your original inventory back? is there a way round this?
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    Enable inventory save in config.

    Works perfectly fine for me: saves inventory, clears it, gives you zombie game stuff, and when the game ends, your inventory is cleared, and what you had before the game started is given back. As I said, works perfectly fine for me. :)
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    i think its because i have also enabled keep zombie items at the end

    [Okay couple of little problems.. when members buy the mystery chest/box they don't get anything.. but when i open the chest there item they just bought is in there..] FIXED! and when i start a game with items in my inv they get replaced with the set items for zombies but when the game ends instead of getting the items back i had at the start i get the items i was using in zombies? still an issue. don't get original items keep items given at the start of the game.?

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    Make sure donator-perks in config is set to false.
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    yes it is deffo set to false.. here is my config. maybe you can see what i'm doing wrong.

    # Minimum number of players to start a game
    start-player-count: 2
    automated: false
    auto-cooldown: 120
    auto-join-message: Welcome to the server! We are running automated ZombieSurvival games!
    anti-grief: false
    items-at-join: true
    death-loss-percent: 0.08
    wave-wait: 20
    drop-chance: 2
    health-multi: 3.0
    damage-multi: 0.5
    infect-mat: true
    allow-spectate: true
    perp-night: false
    runner-chance: 10
    effect-chance: 20
    empty-account: true
    force-spawn: false
    seek-speed: 0.23
    fast-seek-speed: 0.6
    bite-effect-length: 10
    buy-door-find-radius: 2
    death-non-human-respawn: false
    all-hurt: true
    leave-timer: 30
    inventory-save: true
    inventory-clear-join: false
    force-points: true
    use-donator-perks: false
    heal-player-new-wave: true
    skelly-wave-chance: 0
    - 69
    - 272
    - 297
    - 297
    - 0
    - 0
    - 0
    - 64
    - 354
    - 69
    - 273
    - 297
    - 268
    - 267
    - 183
    - 276
    - 360
    - 379
    - 280
    - 307
    - 299
    - 306
    - 313
    thanks mate.
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    I didn't really want to comment here but after an hour I need know if im doing something wrong, how do I get doors to open, and does it matter which type of door? I placed iron doors and used /zsa-door test 5
    but when it gets to wave 5 nothing happens?

    Sorry :/
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    Easy mate:

    first I don't recommend you use iron doors, instead use actual blocks. (like stone or something) because it works by changing the block into an air block and door blocks do not get replaced correctly for some reason.

    then, just simply do:

    /zsa-door test 5 and then left click all the blocks you want as door blocks then right click to exit.
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    Ok thank-you I just tried this, however after reaching the wave nothing happened, going to delete the jar and config and try again fresh just to make sure. :)

    No luck with the doors, also seems when i start a game after placing spawn points to wave 1, it says wave 1
    0 - zombies now for some reason, I'll give it another look tomorrow morning. :)

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    there is something wrong with the doors... okay for zome reason they are working now.. but there is a bug, i have set the game to use the point system but when i kill a zombie with a snowball i get like 20000 points!
  19. Why is the /join and /leave broken on my server? when i do /leave nothing happens, /join nothing happens. PLEASE HELP!!!
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    whenever i try to use the mystery box, it says "misconfigured sign, please tell an admin" Is it a problem in the config file?
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    the sign should be [zombie box] that is all.
    2nd line [price]

    I had the same problem, make sure that if you have also world guarded the place you need to set the flag to build allow to be able to use boxes and signs!

    if it has worked correctly the word [zombie box] should turn blue.

    Make sure you are spelling the game name correctly when you type /join {gamename} /leave {gamename}

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    i have no worldguard, and the sign did turn blue, but it still says that it's misconfigured!
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    have you added items to the mystery box in the config.yml?

    - 69
    - 273
    - 297
    - 268
    - 267
    - 183
    also are you opped?
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    Your zombie multiplier for the game is too low. It uses whole large numbers, not small decimal numbers.

    For zombie multiplier:

    game with 1-5 players: 15-75
    game with 6-10 players: 76-100
    game with 11-20 players: 101-250
    game with 21-30 players: 251+

    I however will be changing this so that if your multiplier is too low, you always end up getting at-least 1 zombie. But for future reference that is how whole large numbers work.

    Also, this has been identified as a bug when creating a fresh game. If you were to restart the server after making the game (/reload) then it would work fine. Hence why CraftyMclovin managed to get the doors to work, probably after a reload or restart. (The doors are saved to the games.yml file but never loaded into memory, that would be the bug, which has been fixed in R2.1 which I will release today)

    Make sure the mysterybox (chest) and it's respective sign are atleast 6 blocks away from ANY other zombie sign. (but make sure the zombie box sign is next to the chest)

    Also, in config make sure you have a list of items available in the mystery-box list at the bottom of config.
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    hi man, did you look into why we don't get our original items back after a game of zombies.. also did you test the point system with snowballs and is there a fix? ohh and the group thing, what's your thoughts on being able to change the group when a game starts to limit permissions.. or set permissions when playing zombies?
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    Thank you for your replies,when I create a game I do /zs-create 1 2 10,
    so I guess that is to low from what you are telling me.
    Will follow the steps :) and look forward to your .1 release
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    [quote uid=90617825 name="AlesisJC" post=1296390]Thank you for your replies,when I create a game I do /zs-create 1 2 10,
    so I guess that is to low from what you are telling me.
    Will follow the steps :) and look forward to your .1 release[/quote]
    Your welcome. I just uploaded 2.1 now so if you'd like to download that :)

    2.1 has the following changes:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
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    That is a pretty darn good update!
    The wolfs is going to be a lot of fun, im determined to have a full game setup, as I've bought a server purely for it haha.

    Everything seems to be working now, now that I have the recommended zombie multiplier numbers. :)
    Server seems to be slow responding since the new jar but Im making sure that's not anything else before I go making assumptions. Nice work and thank you again

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    Very nice update

    But still can you translate? I know I can help with Russian and I has friend who can help with French
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    I'm sorry, but I can't seem to understand how to set it up. ): I create the lobby, and when I start it, it goes in Wave 1,(which is good), but after I kill all the zombies, the wave round doesnt go up..

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