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    The code for tribu's zombies is complex for what he needs them to do. He creates an entire new Zombie class and piggy-backs minecraft existing zombie code. It's bit much for what his zombies do. The zombie AI I use doesn't require a special Zombie class and thus less code and higher performance rates. Although maybe not noticeable at first, over time Tribu's zombies begin to get strange as the count get's higher (but this is likely because they're a lot of entities anyways, and we all know if you have a lot of entities things start to happen regardless of the type of entity)

    On the other hand, you can setup signs to buy items with this plugin. Maybe not kits, but whatever, use an economy plugin for kits. You can also setup signs for live stats (player count, wave, zombies in map)

    There's also Mystery-boxes which can be purchased.

    Also if you want to see more features just ask for them. I'm always up for adding features. On a side note, Tribu has over a year heads start on me. This plugin is just 1 month old and I will boast a small bit and say for being just 1 month old compared to Tribu, I'd like to say I've done a lot better job on adding features, and updating.
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    Yes for 1 month you seem to have things under control very nicely. And Good job on the mystery box. I got mine to work with..well... a hugely overcomplex mish mash of redstone and piston tapes, with 2 dispensers thrown in on every box. The only thing i wish mojang would fix is the stupid Fence bug. The zombies just cant get to you when there are fences. Ok so here is some suggestions for you.

    (Heal players on round end)
    (Every 5 rounds, allow a trigger to happen, like spawn fire dogs)
    (Something to do with teleports warmup/cooldown/lightning) I made mine with a timer and some glass. You go in and Boom lightning and glass spawns in for 1 minute.
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    Wiinick I don't exactly understand the last suggestion? Maybe you could explain it better. I imagined a box that traps you with glass before teleporting? Not sure if that's what you meant.

    As for the every 5th round stuff - I've planned for random rounds to be Skelly rounds :) This will be configurable of course. Also, it wouldn't be hard for me to add a config option to allow players to be healed every round. Easy as pie and I'll do that now actually.

    I'm hoping to fix this weird picture removal bug and add some features for R2.0 tonight so I can release R2.0 tomorrow. Some new stuff and and what not. I'd actually like more feature requests because I really want R2.0 to be completely over the top yet still easy and user friendly.

    Fixed the painting issue in R2.0 :)

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    Oh sorry that wasn't explained very well. In short, upon walking into the teleport zone(in this case a 2x2x2 box) you are teleported to a room or place, and the teleport zone is then disabled, preferably with a warning like(teleport zone disabled) Then after 1 minute the zone is then re-enabled for teleports.

    Now here is what I did. I made a teleporter like in Kino Der Toten, and upon walking into it, glass forms infront of this zone so you cant get to it. Then the room i have set for the players to(in this case its the projection room in Kino) be teleported to, teleports the players to the main receiving pad. This is done by the floor disappearing after 40 sec(thank you falsebook). This glass wall stays there for 1 minute after the players have returned to the stage from the projection room. So in total the glass is there for 1 minute 40 seconds. I through a dash of lightning (falsebook again) to sell the effect.

    Also if you'd like it to be user friendly, make an easy to understand Config. Like dead simple. Then make easy to remember commands for it. Like /pluginname Deathspawn /pluginname ZombieSpawn 1

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    this is great thank you, i like the new heal and inv save :p but i have an issue.. its not major just rather annoying.. its resets my gamemode every time i leave and rejoin the server.. i like to be in creative 24/7 for building purposes but every time i leave and come back my gamemode is changed back to survival :( on the + side, the pictures amd minecarts are fixed :p thank you so much.
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    Is there a way to be able to buy potions and pre-enchanted stuff from signs :p?
    Love your plugin!
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    Major error

    Zombies not spawning.. and gamemode changing on disconnect..
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    I will look at that zombie despawning bug you're having. Sadly once again I do not get this error so It looks like another day of me digging around for it. As for the gamemode being changed, I have fixed that. I will give you a link for R2.0 with that fixed and the zombie despawning fix here soon. :)
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    Mate you are a legend! thank you so much for all your help.. everything seems to be working now.. still to test out the zombies spawn but the gamemode, pictures, and minecarts are fixed =) thanks again bud! i will be recommending your plugin to all my contacts =D great job and very fast at resolving issues!
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    Thanks it's a great plugin! The only problem is the despawning problem. When do you think it will be fixed?
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    R2.0 will change some things for sure. :)
    Hopefully later tonight or tomorrow I can release R2.0
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    19:27:09 [INFO] [ZombieSurvival] Starting game: zombie-island
    19:27:11 [INFO] [ZombieSurvival] CraftyMcloving just joined zombie-island!
    19:27:29 [INFO] [ZombieSurvival] Zombie despawned, enforcing correction.
    19:27:29 [INFO] [ZombieSurvival] Zombie despawned, enforcing correction.

    the problem is still there mate :( the GM is fixed but the zombies are still de spawning.. i have attached my config files incase its something i'm doing but i see the fella above has the same problem.

    start-player-count: 2
    automated: false
    auto-cooldown: 120
    auto-join-message: Welcome to the server! We are running automated ZombieSurvival games!
    anti-grief: false
    items-at-join: true
    death-loss-percent: 0.08
    wave-wait: 25
    drop-chance: 3
    health-multi: 1.0
    damage-multi: 0.2
    infect-mat: true
    allow-spectate: true
    perp-night: false
    runner-chance: 10
    effect-chance: 20
    empty-account: false
    force-spawn: false
    seek-speed: 0.23
    fast-seek-speed: 0.4
    bite-effect-length: 10
    buy-door-find-radius: 6
    death-non-human-respawn: false
    all-hurt: true
    leave-timer: 30
    inventory-save: true
    inventory-clear-join: false
    force-points: true
    use-donator-perks: false
    heal-player-new-wave: true
        maxzombies: 8
        maxplayers: 10
        maxwaves: 25
        lobby: -108.50 63.00 759.50 world
        - -140.00 65.00 732.00 0 world
        - -125.00 63.00 775.00 0 world
        - -116.00 63.00 772.00 0 world
        - -188.00 63.00 731.00 0 world
        - -188.00 64.00 727.00 0 world
        - -147.00 65.00 720.00 0 world
        - -188.00 63.00 732.00 0 world
        - -108.00 63.00 794.00 0 world
        - -186.00 63.00 757.00 0 world
        - -141.00 69.00 732.00 0 world
        - -141.00 65.00 732.00 0 world
        - -116.00 64.00 772.00 0 world
        - -188.00 64.00 728.00 0 world
        - -125.00 64.00 775.00 0 world
        - -147.00 64.00 720.00 0 world
        - -186.00 64.00 757.00 0 world
        - -188.00 63.00 727.00 0 world
        - -140.00 68.00 732.00 0 world
        - -188.00 64.00 731.00 0 world
        - -125.00 63.00 774.00 0 world
        - -125.00 64.00 774.00 0 world
        - -108.00 64.00 794.00 0 world
        - -140.00 69.00 732.00 0 world
        - -141.00 68.00 732.00 0 world
        - -188.00 64.00 732.00 0 world
        - -188.00 63.00 728.00 0 world
        - -141.00 64.00 732.00 0 world
        - -140.00 64.00 732.00 0 world
        spectate: -140.50 80.00 731.50 world
        lightning: -145.50 69.00 773.50 world
        - -130.50 63.00 780.50 5 world
        - -128.50 63.00 768.50 2 world
        - -119.50 63.00 756.50 1 world
        - -140.50 63.00 748.50 25 world
        - -132.50 63.00 791.50 3 world
        waiting: -52.50 64.00 751.50 world
      - zombie-island
    hope this helps a little.
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    (You can configure in config. Default is 1/5 chance a wave will be a Skelly wave)

    Also: For anyone interested <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Side Note: If you use the DEV builds you will get "OUT OF DATE" messages but that is completely normal when using DEV builds.
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    just had a thought, you said you were after ideas for the new update of zombies..,

    what about a feature that allows you to set someone's group when playing zombies.. so if there current group is member then they type /join [game-name] it would change their group rank to "zombie-player" for example so you can set up permissions to use certain items and have access to certain items..

    because i have a gun plugin for the zombies game and i only want them to be able to use the guns when playing zombies so i had to make up a new group in PEX giving them access to use the gun.nodes only when in that specific group. so at the moment i am having to manually promote people to the new group then demote them back to member after the game has ended.. i know there is the feature to limit peoples items when playing zombies at the moment but you can't limit their permissions what would be really good and this would be a major advantage because you can limit their armour give them access to only some commands when playing zombies so the can't /spawn or /warp during a game!

    [quote uid=90695615 name="Bjornke" post=1288230]CraftyMclovin
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    (You can configure in config. Default is 1/5 chance a wave will be a Skelly wave)

    Also: For anyone interested <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Side Note: If you use the DEV builds you will get "OUT OF DATE" messages but that is completely normal when using DEV builds.[/quote]

    we wanted it to be a zombie based game only so i used world guard to prevent other mobs spawning lol :( so with this new skelly wave i think i might have to make some changes to my game :(

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    you can disable it by putting the config like this:

    skelly-wave-chance: 0

    If it's 0 then it is disabled. :)
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    It's still doesn't work :S It doesn't say despawning but they don't spawn still :(
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    yeah i figured that's what it would be so i set it to 0 =D but i have bad news.. the zombies are still disappearing there is no error in the console this time but when i am hitting the zombies the just vanish and no more come so we are unable to complete the wave... also the inventory save feature doesn't work.. i have inv save set to true and clear inv on join set to false but my inv still gets cleared when i join and i don't get my items back.!
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    not sure what you're doing wrong but zombies spawn just fine for me and they don't disappear either. What other plugins are you using?

    I've searched up and down for reasons they despawn for you guys and cannot find anything. I've tested a couple things out too and still they work just fine for me.

    I know it's a lot to ask, but can you try and remake your games?

    Also, what craftbukkit versions are you guys using?
    Can you try without any plugins. (I know you've done this before, but WorldGuard and my plugin don't enjoy each other very much and I'm not sure if other plugins conflict and are forcing the despawn)

    If it helps, I always test the plugin with Release-Build Craft Bukkit (So R1.0-1.3.1) and with no other plugins installed.
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    I have remade my game today, but it was working fine before with the version you gave me fixing the pictures..

    MY BUKKIT VERSION: 1.3.1-R1.0 (Build #02317)

    i will take out all the files and load up a new default config then i shall make 5 waves 5 spawns and 0 doors and i will let you know the results in 10.

    my plugins to compare so we can narrow down the culprit.

    PVPGun, WorldEdit, ZombieSurvival, Colors, AntiXRa
    y, Backup, BKCommonLib, Vault, ScheduledAnnouncer2, PermissionsEx, Modifyworld,
    Votifier, Quester, LWC, WorldGuard, RemoteToolkitPlugin, Essentials, ChatManager
    , EssentialsSpawn, OnTime, AncientRPG, BOSEconomy, ChestShop
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    Ok thanks. I wish I could duplicate this bug because it might help me find it. :D But I cannot duplicate it on my server or 2 other test servers I have going on (one uses R1.0, another uses R1.1 (A dev build of craftbukkit) and the other one uses R1.0 on a Linux box)

    The problem does not exist on these three servers. Not sure what's so different?

    It might be Worldmodifier

    I can confirm it's works fine with these plugins (from your list):
    WorldEdit, BKCommonLib, Vault, ScheduledAnnouncer2, PermissionsEx, Votifier, LWC, RemoteToolkitPlugin, Essentials, ChatManager, EssentialsSpawn, OnTime, BOSEconomy, ChestShop

    Make sure you're not turning zombie spawning off in Essentials though.
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    I am using CraftBukkit Recommended Build (1.3.1-R1.0)

    Plugins: AntiCheat, Buycraft, ChatManager ColorMe, DisguiseCraft, MobRepellent, MyWorlds, PermissionsEX, PVPTitles, ScheduledAnnouncer2, SimpleChestLock, World Edit, ZombieSurvival, McMMO,
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    That plugin might be the cause.

    For a general idea: Any plugin that can affect Mob Spawning or Behavior might interfere with ZombieSurvival
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    well the only plugins that me and @the_creed have in common and world edit and scheduledannouncer2 so just and idea ;)
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    Still doesn't work! :(
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    okay i am very close to finding the culprit... i have narrowed it down to 5 plugins.. if you give me 15 mins i will let you know the cause.
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    Ok it must be a plugin because it works without plugins.

    CraftyMclovin is it one we have in common?
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    Okay RESULT! i have found the culprit in my plugins it is AncientRPG.. i think it might be one of the skills in their plugin.. i am going to run another test using the culprit but take out all the skills then see what happens but its ancientRPG causing the problems so now you can test :)

    for me it is AncientRPG.. if you have this plugin then that is the cause i am going to run further tests to try and narrow down exactly what is causing it but i believe it may be a damage modifier skill in the plugin and i noticed you are using mcMMO.. put all your plugins in apart from that and test again.. if it works then its one of the mcMMO ability's causing the fault.

    Races were added with version 0.8.
    They work like classes except they have a spawn for each race.
    Race commands are:
    /race - to show your current race
    /race set <racename> - to set your race to the specified race
    /race list - to show a list of all races
    /race setspawn <racename> - as an admin to set the spawn of the race
    spawns must be enabled in the AncientRPG-config.
    Permissions are:
    AncientRPG.Race.set - to allow users to set their races
    AncientRPG.Race.list - to allow users listing all races
    AncientRPG.Race.admin - to allow users to set the spawn of races 
    I HAVE DONE IT! i am so chuffed with myself :p the culprit is the ancientRPG race system, i had it set to false because i don't use it.. but upon testing i have found that by default this feature is set to enabled and in order for ZombiesSurvival to function properly this feature must stay enabled..

    Regards Crafty.

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    Glad to know you found the culprit :)

    Release-2.0 is now public everyone! Multi-world support, random skelly waves, inventory save, and some bug fixes! Thanks go out to all testers and everyone else!
    If I missed your name I apologize. Thanks for all the support guys.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

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    R2.0 works fabulously sir. Fixed the painting issue right up :)

    I like how I can join a game while I'm standing in my house and when I leave the game or the game ends I end up back in my house now. Very nice.
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    Hi there I am trying to use your plugin on one of my worlds and when I do this command

    /zs-create Map1 multiplier 10 100

    I get this error:

    "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"

    I am not sure if Im doing to wrong command of I have plugin causing conflicts.

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