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    I would lkove to see this done. Here are the stuff you need!

    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: Zomball

    What I want: I'd like to see the idea from Regular Hexadron
    to be in Bukkit. I hope it is not TOO hard to make, or impossible either. Most of the information is on the forum page! :)

    Ideas for commands:
    /zomball - Help command
    /zomball start [NUMBER] - Start game on stadium #
    /zomball join - Join a game
    /zomball quit - Quit a game
    /zomball invite - Invite someone to the game YOU are in
    /zomball info OR /zomball points - Information on the round (Points, time)
    /zomball stop [NUMBER] - Stop the game on staduim #
    /stopzomball - Turns off the plugin
    /startzomball - Turns on the plugin

    Optional (It is optional as one could use worldedit):
    /zomball wand - To set a region
    /zomball wand set [NUMBER] - Used to set the region as a stadium.
  2. Why do you need this made into a plugin? You can do it anyway...
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    "When you kill a zombie, the opponent scores a point" Please tell me how you will do that WITHOUT a referee.

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