Inactive [FUN] ZeeSlag v1.2.0 - Play the BattleShip game against the server and each other [CB 1.1-R3]

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    ZeeSlag - Play the BattleShip game against the server and eachother!:
    Version: v1.2.0

    Ever wanted to play the ultimate BattleShip game in minecraft? Now you can!
    It supporting more games being played at once so everyone can play!

    This plugin moved to the dev-bukkit pages. This page will not be updated anymore so for all changes, new updates and questions visit : ZeeSlag v1.2.0.

    Thank you.
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    Okey i build my building and was going to add the /zs spawn but it will only spawn water to the wrong way :/ Always to the right and away out off my building... Any ideas ?

    *edit* ah you can only build it from one direction ? I want my water to go from down to up, but it will only go left to right
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    Wat bedoel je met The number of blocks between the 2 fields ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    NL: hoeveel blokjes er tussen de 2 velden in zit.
    ENG: how many block space there is between field 1 and field 2

    well you can call me what ever you want, but i have worked very hard on my first plugin. and being that lazy to dont even try typ this in google: Java HashMaps....
    if you want to be a programmer you need to be polite against other people, start thinking about that and then return to this thread. thank you very well...

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    you said: to bad everyone wants there BattleShip source for there self... so i need to make it all myself :p kinda the same with other words. funny
    fist you say... so i need to make it all myself, blaiming others they dont share with you, but then you just join them with saying the thing above, and turn against youre first opinion. well, think you dont understand me, beter in het nederlands de volgende keer, al is dit de laatste keer.
    ik vind het gewoon jammer dat je je blijkbaar zo insteld. de codering die wel gedeeld wordt gaat veel sneller vooruit, en verbeterd ziender ogen, waar een 1-persoons ere zaak meestal blijft steken bij een versie of 3
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    tja ik vind het niet erg dat ik alles zelf moet maken. ik wilde java leren en omdat ik nergens wat kon vinden vond ik het lastig om helemaal vanaf het begin te beginnen. maar dat houd niet in dat ik alleen kan beginnen met een source van iemand anders... en ja ik heb er nu al geen zin meer in omdat het nu te lastig word vanwege school... en rede 2 dat ik mijn source niet online gooi is omdat ik een rommelige coder ben... als je mijn source wil zet ik hem wel online maar je zoekt het wel zelf uit waar alles zit:p

    EDIT: ik zou graag kennis willen maken met iemand die ook plugins maakt en nederlands is en mij misschien zou kunnen helpen. want ik ken niemand in de buurt die ook programmeert...
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    wel, ik ken er niets van, de enige manier is je code online delen... en dan komen ze vanzelf. nuja, mij maakt het niets uit, want als ik al met java zou beginnen, zou het eerst iets non-minecraft zijn, dit is teveel boven mijn kennis om hiermee te beginnen, eerst wandelen, dan lopen, dusja,a ls je het nu deelt of niet /care eigenlijk
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    ok guys i finally found a way to do everything. i only need to add the inviting and the "you lose" part and some settings to fit to the single player, and im done i think i will post the next update this weekend(hopefully).
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    why do i keep bouncing up and down on the playing surface? (lapis lazuli)---extremely annoying

    so its not your plugin thats doing it but something is making any lapis block that i put down into a spring...idk what to go D:

    --Fixed! it was the portal stick propulsion gel...ahahah :D
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    trolololol i've never heard of that one :p sounds fun :p but btw is there anything that isn't working with the new patch of bukkit? if there is let me know ;)
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    is there field protection?
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    sort of. as a player you cannot break any lapiz lazouli or any 4 blocks above it. but if you use some other plugin like WorldEdit you will be able to remove some blocks. this will not infect the gameplay because on start the field gets restored to its orrigional state. creapers or tnt can also break the field... and now i think about it... I will fix this to in the other version.

    hope it helped you ;)
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    yeahh its all working fine for me with 860!
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    Can you make some rewards for the game? like[cookedmeat]?
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    Thanx for testing!

    hmm ill think about it ;)
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    still working/being developed?
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    Great plugin, my server's players are having the best time. One bug report: When a player disconnects or is disconnected during a game his inventory gets wiped. Can you fix that?
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    im on fancation now so i cant fix any bugs.. i was already finnished with all the feature requests but i need more bug testing as soon i'm back i will wix ll th bugs.!

    the inventory thing has been fixed already inte next version btw.. it will always give it back but not the money of iConomy (setting yes or no)
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    You've probably got this alot, but it would be nice if you made it an option to automatically spawn a battlefield like yours.. plus I prefer the original feel of battle ship where you can't go again after a hit.. so maybe if you could add a option for it to either go again or not
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    oh and also can you please set that it doesn't only go west.. because i had a perfect space and built almost all of it and when i went to set the coordinates down for it I didn't check about the south and west thing.. so can you make that able set in different directions too?
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    that would be a good idea but it is very difficult with the coordinate system. i can try to make an option that it will spawn forward and to your left where you are looking at??

    about the earlier post of yours: i already made a function that you will be able to set a setting like that. its all in the settings file of the new verson that is comming ;)
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    thanks for everything.. i understand the wait.. i just really love everything about this plugin and i can't wait for the next version to come out
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    Looks fun I'm gonna try this :D
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    Sended isn't actually a word, use Sent instead.

    I know how hard it is since I'm dutch too.
    You're applying Dutch grammar to english.
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    I set up a board and was able to get this running well the first try. It would be nice to be able to rotate the boat. For instance you click a spot to place the boat... and you can right click on the boat in the same block and it rotates along that axis. if it cannot rotate (for instance 90deg clockwise, because it's on the edge) it just goes to the next available rotation (i.e. it tries to rotate 90 and cant because of the border so it rotates 180 and if it cant it rotates 270 and if no space is available to rotate it pops up a message, "No Room To Rotate").

    This was a lot of fun. Great job on the plugin.
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    but how are you supposed to change boat type? or remove a boat?
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    Good point.

    What you could do would be:
    - right click on the boat to remove it (as it is currently)
    - right click in the air to change boat type (as it is currently)
    - left click an EMPTY block to PLACE a boat
    - left click the same block (no longer empty because it has a wooden boat block on it) to ROTATE the boat. So IF boat block exists THEN rotate or ELSE (if boat block does NOT exist) place boat

    could that work?
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    i don't know if i will be able to do that:p
    becouse I need to remove the current boat you are left clicking on than check if you can place the boat in another direction and if you can place the new boat else place the old one back. else I need to mess up the coordinate system that remembers the blocks of each boat... but before saying I can't, I will try my best to perform it and will put it in the feature request.
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    Thank you for creating this plugin and it works perfectly on my bukkit server with assorted plugins.

    I'd like to request the implementation of new features:
    - If a whole boat is destroyed it'll be announced e.g. "A ship has been boat" or "You have sunk a boat"
    - If a whole boat is desroyed the flames will disappear and turn to netherrack

    Is this a technical limitation? it'd be nice to be able to place boats next to one another :)

    Edit: Also in reply to the above post why not just remove the boat and set it to a different orientation?
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    can you fix so you dont lose all your items if the server restarts while you're in a game?

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