[FUN] YogQuotes v0.4 - Have the Yogscast chat on your server [953]

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    The Angry kat


    YogQuotes v0.4
    Feeling lonely on your server? Have the Yogscast chat on your server with this plugin! - I am in no way related to the Yogscast, I am just a fan (Yognaught)!

    /yog - Makes Honeydew talk!

    Known Bugs:
    - None

    Version 0.1 - Tested plugin and fixed errors
    Version 0.2 - Fixed more errors
    Version 0.3 - Released plugin to the public!
    Version 0.4 - Fixed "/yog" bug thanks to @tehbeard

    To do list:
    - Add more quotes and commands etc.

    Thanks to @matter123 who gave me the original code for the npc.
  2. You can fix the /yog display problem by returning true in onCommand()
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    The Angry kat

    Thanks dude! Im still new to java, but this has made me learn!
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    The Angry kat

    Gonna fix things up when I get back
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    when i use /yog nothing happens
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    when i use /yog nothing happens !!
  7. same problem /yog does nothing
    please to fix
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    The Angry kat

    Oh didn't realise this gonna fix asap
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    Can you add more quotes than just honeydew?
    EDIT:Yeah,/yog doesn't work.
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    Im going to test.
    Nothing. Can you please fix it. Thank you
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    The Angry kat

    I'm not sure if I can, it looks unfixable
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    Aw. Ok :(
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    Awesome :)

    I'll pass this mod along to simon and lewis.

    Also, you should post this on our website under the minecraft section. I'm sure Yognaughts would love this.

    I'm actually going to put this on our crazycraft server.

    IP: one.yogiverse.com:2277

    P.S. Nothing happens when I do /yog
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    Styx Reborn

    Mind if I help ya? I think any thing is fixable. :p
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    The Angry kat

    This is very awesome for you Peva to even notice my plugin.
    Its having a few problems but I think I can fix it, ill be sure to keep you posted
    Also once its fixed I will be sure to post it on the site!

    - Kat

    Sure if yah wanna help

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    Must..... Try....... Power of Yognau(gh)ts are Unstoppable!
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    Uh... The download isn't working, mate.
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    Can you please fix the download link or put a new one.(This plugin is great).
  19. Could You Update This? I Could Help You dd Yogscast Quotes! 8P
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    lol sounds fun

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