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  1. WolfPound - Adopt a Wolf Today:
    Current Version: v1.0.4 - Get it at

    Please Move All Discussion/Questions/Comments/Issues to our Site!
    BukkitPerms verison on it's WAY!

    Want live help? Join #wolfpound on EsperNet

    Wolf Pound aims to make obtaining these epic companions just a little easier by allowing users to buy them (or have them for free)! The process is very simple and there are no config files to edit! Simply copy the jar to your plugins folder, create a sign with the required text, and you're good to go!

    • Lets users buy wolves (or you could make them free :))
    • Integrates with iConomy, BOSEconomy, RealEconomy, Essentials Built in Economy, and Permissions!
    • All wolves spawned by this are neutral, meaning you must train them yourself with bones! See Below:
    • Spawn wolves as neutral, friendly or REALLY ANGRY
    • Spawn multiple wolves with one command! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the massive amount of wolves you spawn, or if wolves start getting in fights)
    • Limit the number of wolves you can spawn with the command
    • Multi-World Support! All options are now configurable PER WORLD!
    Download V1.0.2
    Download V1.0.1
    Download V1.0
    Download V0.12
    Download V0.11
    Download V0.9
    Download V0.8
    Download V0.7
    Download V0.6
    Download V0.5
    Download V0.4
    Download V0.3
    Download V0.2
    You don't want V0.1
    Github Source

    Video Demo: (Thanks @EpicDavi!)

    • Restrict wolves per time (wp[mhd]) This would not restrict the number of wolves a user can have, only a limit on how many they can get per amount of time from the sign, to reduce wolfspam - Medium
    • Refactor. The code is a mess and it's making future changes hard. I'm working on this in my free time from MV2 - HIGH
    How to setup a Pound (Store) (Simple):

    If you've used Essentials Free/Buy/Sell/Trade, then this should be a breeze, for everyone else, it should still be very easy.
    • Place Sign
    • Make Line 1 say: [WolfPound]
    • OPTIONAL: Make Line 2 say: $10
    • OPTIONAL: Make Line 3 say either: angry, friend, or neutral
    • DONE!
    Example Sign:

    Note: You can have line 2 in whatever currency you want, it could say `100 Rupees` and that would be valid.

    How to setup a Pound (Store) (Advanced example):
    • Sign1: No params = Free wolves
    • Sign2: 2:bone = It costs 2 bones to get a wolf
    • Sign3: 1:260 = It costs 1 Item #260(apple) to get a wolf
    • Sign4: 3 = It costs 3 dollars from an econ plugin, if none is found, wolf is free
    • Sign5: $10 = It costs 10 dollars from an econ plugin, if none is found, wolf is free
    Config file: (If you mess it up, delete it and it will auto regen)
    You don't actually ever need to touch this. You can use the commands that are outlined in the commands section entirely!
        price: 0.0 # Set this to the number of dollars or items you want
        type: -1 # Set this to a positive integer to use an item, or leave it -1 to use dollars
        limit: 10 # The max number of wolves someone can spawn using the /adopt command
        aggro: friend # Could also be angry or neutral
                price: 0.0
                type: -1
                limit: 10
                aggro: friend
    I have included 3 types of permissions:
    wolfpound.create - Allows users to create/destroy Pounds
    wolfpound.use - Allows users to use Pounds
    wolfpound.adopt - Allows users to type /adopt [X] and get a wolf (or X wolves, the X is optional)
    wolfpound.admin - Allows users to and use the /adopt setprice/settype/setlimit/setglobal

    Integration with other Plugins
    All integration with other plugins is handled automatically, but I thought I would explain a little about what this means.

    Permissions Plugin Support
    If you have Permissions installed, it restricts commands based on those, if you don't, it's a free-for-all.

    Economy Plugin Support
    Econ support is in this order(meaning it will use the one at the top of the list if you have it, then go down the list):
    1. iConomy - Version 4.6.5, Version 5 (Yes both of them :D)
    2. BOSEconomy - Version 0.6.2
    2. RealEcon - Version 0.6.2
    3. Essentials Economy - Version 2.2
    If you have none of the above Installed, all Pounds will give wolves away for free, regardless of what you put on the second line. The version numbers listed simply show which version is the latest I've tested with, they will most likely work with newer or older versions.

    {} = needed; [] = optional

    /adopt [X] : Where X is the number of wolves you want. If X is not present, it defaults to 1. Automatically charges you price * X
    /wpprice [all | w:WORLD]: States the price of a wolf.
    /wplimit [all | w:WORLD]: States how many wolves can be adopted at once.
    /wpsetprice {PRICE} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the price to buy a wolf using the /adopt command.
    /wpsetaggro {angry | friend | neutral} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the agressiveness of a wolf when it is obtained via /adopt.
    /wpsettype {ITEM_NAME | ITEM_ID | money} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the type of currency used to buy a wolf via /adopt.
    /wpsetlimit {NUMBER} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the number of wolves one can adopt at once via /adopt.
    /wpreset {w:WORLD | global}: Resets specified world to default from the current world if none is specified, or all if global is specified.
    Please Post any questions/comments/request!

    Version 1.0.2
    • Upgrade AllPay Version. Now this works great with MV2!
    • Remove dependency on CraftBukkit, should be more stable with future updates
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fix massive console spam caused by AllPay (Thanks @phaed) - tested by renaming to aWolfPound
    • Fix Essentials Economy (2.2+ required as of now)
    • Supports permissions 2x and 3x
    Version 1.0
    • WARNING: MOST COMMANDS HAVE CHANGED (OP is currently being updated)
    • Fix several ecommerce bugs
    • Now features AllPay integration! No longer will you have to choose your econ plugin based on WolfPound!
    • Much better code :)
    • New wolf functions from RB 766
    Version 0.12
    Version 0.11
    • Update for MC 1.5/CB 704+
    • Fix compatibility error with other plugins that used signs
    • Fix Essentials economy giving you money if wolves were free
    Version 0.9
    • Add RealEconomy Support
    • TONS OF BUGS SQUASHED - .9 is a MUST HAVE UPDATE (See Github if you want to see what bugs were squashed)
    Version 0.8
    • Add friendly, neutral or angry spawning options
    • Add /adopt agro X command to allow setting default wolf type spawned via the command
    • Add Line 3 of signs now controls how a wolf spawns
    Version 0.7
    • Add multi-world support
    • Add ability to limit wolves spawned with the /adopt command
    • Improve error messages
    Version 0.6
    • Add partial item matching (now you can use cook instead of cookie)
    • Fix BUG where if you had the exact number of items requested, it would give you a wolf but not take items
    • Add better error messages when creating signs
    • Add config file support for buying wolves via the /adopt command
    • Fix some other bugs I forgot about...
    Version 0.5
    • Refactor banking to reduce future errors
    • Add support for using items as the currency for wolves
    • Add config file support for buying wolves via the /adopt command
    Version 0.4
    • Add /adopt X, where X is the number of wolves you want
    Version 0.3
    • Add BOSEconomy Support
    • Fix message to users on every sign
    Version 0.2
    • Add /adopt that requires permission wolfpound.adopt
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing WolfPound
    Other Wolf Plugins:
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    What?!? how did u get a Beta v1.4 bukkit server????
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    Hey, I just installed this plugin on my server, but when people get the wolfs from the Pound, it doesn't deduct from their money.
  4. wolfpound.user DOES work with Permissions 2.5.5. Which permissions plugin are you using? Here is my sample config for Permissions 2.5.5: link; Currently this is the only permissions plugin that I support, although I could look into doing essentials since I have it in Econ...

    If you are using Permissions 2.5.5, you should see:
    [INFO] [WolfPound] using Permissions
    If not, then we have an issue.

    We'll see, right now as the owner of the wolf is not accessable via Bukkit, many of these things will be difficult, but i'm sure the team will make changes to the API, and when that happens, i'll all over it!

    Any Bukkit Build 605+ is running MC 1.4, Here is the latest recommended build.

    Which econ mod are you using?
    Does your console log say one of the following?:
    • [INFO] [WolfPound] using iConomy!
    • [INFO] [WolfPound] using BOSEconomy!
    • [INFO] [WolfPound] using Essentials Economy!
    If it does not, then I did not detect that you were using one and we may have a bug!
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    Ahh yeah it does work with Permissions 2.5.5, i just made a typo i didnt see the first and second time. Sorry about that. I hope bukkit implements those soon!
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    love this plugin !
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    You know what would be great? allowing the permissions group of the player determine how many wolves they can have, or something to that effect, which would stop players from amassing huge packs? Something like that would be great for maintaining a healthy amount of them on the server at any one time....?
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    every time i try to do the /adopt command, it says BAM you got a wolf. HOWEVER it also says "an internal error occured when trying to perform this command" and a wolf doesnt spawn.
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    im using wolfpound with boseconomy and it wont subtract any money from the accoount.Plz HELP
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    I am using BOSEconomy and it does say [INFO] [WolfPound] using BOSEconomy!
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    Id like to be able to spawn the wolves with /spawnmob Wolf 10 then make a pound and have the sign so you actually see the wolves. And that only i can be incharge of the pound
  12. This is definitely planned, I'll see what I can do.

    Could you post the log on pastebin when you're getting this?
    Are you using Version .4? (If you want to download it again, that would be a good thing, I accidentally pushed a .4 last night that was broken, but thought I got it pulled before it was posted) I may post a .4.1 for kicks...

    Looks like you and @lukinhasfhc are having the same issue.

    I'm going to investigate this right now, but just for kicks, could each of you tell me which version of BOSEconomy you're using?

    EDIT: I just installed fresh on one of my test servers. You should see a startup log similar to this: STARTUP LOG

    Also, Here is a picture of my fresh server working flawlessly with latest BOSEconomy: PIC

    You do have V.3+ of WolfPound right? I added BOSEconomy support in .3
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    im using version 062
  14. Ok... how about the logs, what are you seeing after:
    [INFO] [WolfPound]- Version 0.4 Enabled
    You SHOULD see:
    [INFO] [WolfPound] using BOSEconomy!
    [INFO] [WolfPound] using Permissions
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    dog v dog fights are crashing servers. be careful
  16. :p Yea, I've seen it happen, although I did not see a crash
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    Tfs Halo

    i was thinking of doing this on my server where i would spawn a wolf and then people would buy them :) this makes it quite easier.
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    [INFO] [WolfPound] using BOSEconomy! it says that and that its enabled
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    Tfs Halo

    works great absolutely NO problems whats so ever.
    Cb build #617
  20. Could you post a screenshot of your sign?
    Does the first line turn Blue?
    Did you put something like: "10 Dollars" on the 2nd line?
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    hol on i gotta take a pic but it is blue and it says 500 dollars

    theres the pic


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  22. When you have the last post, please edit it instead of making a new one, less for me to read :p

    EDIT: As a side note, I see 3 posts and no pic :(
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    Any way to make it so you can limit the total amount of wolves a player can have?
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    Can you sell wolves?
  25. Currently I am working on implementing wolves/time but no. As soon as I can determine how many wolves a player has without querying the entire entity list, this will be a feature. So I'll put it in the todo.
    Hahaha. I hadn't thought about that. I can see it now, FernFerret: Wolf Hunter...
    This is not in for the same reason right above, I can't easily determine how many wolves a player has right now, and once I can, It'll be in. In the todo list ya go!
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    Could you add setting prices for /adopt?
  27. Sure! This is on my current list!
    Are you ok with something like:
    /adopt setprice 500
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    Diet Taco

    Is it possible to make adopting a wolf require [ItemID] [Amount] to be in your inventory before you can use the sign. For example I would like to make it so that in order to use the sign the player must have 4 gold bars in their inventory, then once the sign is used (spawning a wolf) the 4 gold bars are subtracted from the player's inventory.
    Setting up the sign would be extremely easy, just make line 3 have the setup [ItemID] [Amount] and that would define how much of a certain item the player would need in order to adopt a wolf.

    This would be extremely helpful and would reduce "spamming" of wolves by players. It would also make it so that people who don't like economy plugins (like myself) can still have player pay for their wolves.

    Great addon! Using it on my server but looking forward to allowing items as currency.
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    Ok, I don't have permissions yet the plugin keeps saying I do and it's not letting me or any of my friends use it.
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    It would be a lot better with a configuration file.
  31. Why do people have to keep coming up with ideas I didn't think of :p This will also be in release .5, hopefully later tonight.

    Yea, I've realized this, gonna do a config file, I was just trying to keep it simple :( Oh well
    Also, this is being worked on and will be in .5 same as above

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