[FUN] WaterMonster v1.2 - Create a monster in your server's seas [1317]

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    WaterMonster - Create a monster in your server's seas
    Version: 1.2

    This plugin creates a water monster. The monster can only be seen by the depression it makes in the water and its splashing. It is invincible, but touching it causes damage to players and mobs.

    There is only one monster per server, which is always located within 100 blocks of a player (it despawns if it leaves this range). If the monster has despawned, then it will respawn nearby another player.

    Note: Credit for the idea of a water monster comes from Frictional Games's Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    • Avoids harming passive mobs (so it doesn't kill them all in 1.8).
    • Attacks players and hostile mobs.
    • Can outrun players

    (I apologize for the poor sound in the video)

    Downloads are available at BukkitDev
    Until I fix the repository (assistance is appreciated), the source can be found at http://hg.bukkit.org/minecraft/watermonster/mainline/file/6e1b14cf27cc/

    Version 1.2
    Fixes a bug which can damage structures and terrain on the server.
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    Version 1.1
    Increases damage
    Version 1.0
    It works

    • Clean up source code
    • Add configurability
    • Add permissions support
    • Improve pathfinding
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    There must be a problem, whenever I install plugin, a plugin folder never pops up and I never can find the monster, however the server says it is loaded
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    I also do not get a folder, even though it says loaded
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    Here's what I've found. The monster doesnt work at typical water level, level 64, instead its doing its work at level 65, thats why I had a hard time finding it, even when I was the only one on the server. That will have to be fixed of course. I'd recommend making the level configurable because some people use world generators that set their water levels higher and lower.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Actually, you COULD do that with spout fairly easily. Sounds fun to me :).
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    i know thats why it should be added :D maybe the effect if its roar too :p
  7. According to BukkitDev this is released under the terms of the GPLv2 but there are no sources!
    So, @crosstalk: Where are the sources?

    //EDIT: And is this with or without the "or, at your option, any later version" GPL clause?
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    Love this idea! but you should defo make a way for a player to defeat it. Maybe have it so that when we throw a piece or meat down, it respawns to another player?
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    Sorry I took so long to respond.

    The sources are supposed to be on BukkitDev (in the hg repository). However, I must not have it set up right, if you can't see them. I'll have to check into it.

    I didn't specify with or without the "or, at your option, any later version" clause -- I believe that clause is included by default. I need to remember to add the GPL to the source tree (oops).

    When I do, I'll test it with a newer RB too.
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    An idea for this already great plugin add spout support so u can see an actual mob which u can attack????
  11. You know that this is an invisible mob? Ever played Amnesia? :p
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    Doesnt create a folder for the "configurable options" and i cannot find it on my server. no idea how to tell if the water lvl is at 64 or 65 blocks without digging...
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    heya, is it possible to spawn "THIS" mod for only one "Lake"?
    I've built a big dungeon like "Amnesia".
    Is it possible to use this mob only for this dungeon?
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    No, sorry, it's not. At this point, all I have the time to do is maintain it; in the future, I may fix it up and add more features.
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    Thanks for posting that -- I'll add a direct link to the original post (I intend to fix the repository issue before I push more commits, unless I find another bug).
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    I'm trying to find time to look over your code to figure out how it works. If possible and you don't mind, I'd like to try or see someone try to make a "smokemonster" (from TV show Lost) plugin similar to this for land areas, using WorldGuard regions.
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    No problem -- although the code's really ugly (and really simple). Sometime (probably over my holiday break), I'll do some more work on this (I think the water level changed in 1.8, making the monster impossible to find, for example).
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    hey, what would happen if you did position.getrelative(0,1,0).settype(material.water)? for setting the block above the surface to water in the placeMonster() method. would it generate flowing water on the 4 faces when it moved? are water physics applied on those faces in that situation? If so, it may give the monster more "body" and be easier to spot... and maybe more difficult to escape from once it gets you, thus provoking more fear on sight? hehehe

    I didn't know if it was something you had thought much about or tried yourself. I would try it out myself tonight, but I'm about to go to bed. :(
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    I've thought about making the monster bulge the water upwards, but I thought that removing the block of water would look better. Eventually, I should be able to get Spoutcraft support working, improving its looks significantly (I have no intentions of directly copying the look from the Kaernk in Amnesia, though).
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    I agree that the water being removed looks way better, I put it on my server and it scared the hell out of me when I first saw it, heh. Having said that, I have a suggestion, would it be possible to travel through any water source block, rather than just ones at 65? That way it could follow people underwater and into underwater lakes?
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    When I improve it I will make it ignore the height of the water... I just used that as a substitute for a proper heuristic for identifying suitable bodies of water (no point is spawning in my mob grinder, for example). It may or may not dive underwater (this might be configurable), but if not, it'll wait at the surface for them to come back up.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Fair enough (Well, might come in handy actually, heh). Configurable would probably be a good idea, I can imagine some people would rather it not chase them that much, and it would keep more in the theme of Minecraft mobs always staying on the surface of water as well.
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    Can you make some cool features for Spout :D ? Like adding a sound or a music when he is coming, and a litte achievement Like "you met the watermonster" ?
    And you can maybe add a command "Spawnmob watermonster " ^^ ?
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    Yup, when I have the time. Until Spoutcraft is complete, the look probably won't change much, but the sounds might change.

    A spawnmob command would definitely be useful... thanks for the idea.
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    @crosstalk Moarstuph has the potential to add in custom blocks...you might want to chat with samiko...
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    Somehow this monster is flooding my guest area, funny though.
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    Are you running version 1.1?
    EDIT: Correction, 1.2 has the fix, not 1.1.
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    Is there any way to manually edit the "height" on which the watermob is active? after building a few baths, i foud that it is active on Y=63 (using worldedit //hpos1 and reading the Ycoord from there), but the waterlevel on my world is Y=62 >.< so now all i can do is kill my friends by making a bath at 63 and placing diamond ore inside :p
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    give it a tail, like a string of blocks it keeps empty

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