[FUN] V.I.P Join v12 - ThunderEffect On Login [Bukkit1.7.9-R0.2]

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  1. VIP Join
    Version 1.2

    A fun plugin that provides the permission bearer to have a thunder effect on login to the server and a broadcast message to let other players know that they have just logged in. Easy to set up and use, and is very low resource intensive on the server.

    Planned Feature List:
    Configurable effects to allow for different combinations

    Support For this Plugin:
    Any support or questions can be made on the BukkitDev website linked below.


    Latest Version:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 1.2 -
    * Updated to latest CraftBukkit Build 1.7.9-R0.2

    Version 1.0
    * Updated to latest recommended craftbukkit build 1.6.4-R2.0

    * Added Broadcast message upon login

    Version 1.0
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    I can imagine people crapping there pants whenever an admin logs on :p Especially if it's day time
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    Heh, perhaps you should add some other settings... (Login with a burst of flames?) (Puff of smoke?) (Purple haze?)
  4. Something very similar to this has already been made.
  5. Similar, yes. Permission Supported? No, Bukkit 1060? No.
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    Thank you for this =] Pleasee keep it updated haha
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    Anyway, back on topic. I think I'll try this one out.

    EDIT: Works great!
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    Not that its much of a problem but I have fire on my head after I join the server. I am the only one who can see it:


    I am currently running # 1085
  9. Hmm im not sure why that is, could be down to a client side bug. Try relogging. There is no code in the plugin for fire hats :p..

    Updated to 1185
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    Looks tight
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    Better then ThunderJoin by far. Navi approved.

    Looks legit. :3
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    I posted in BukkitDev, but I can't seem to get the permission node to work for non-ops. Using permissions 2.74 though.
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    For Whatever Reasons this is not working for me :/
    Op's do get a thunder but not People with Permission (PermissionEX)
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  14. please update for minecraft 1.1 :cool::D
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    Can you update this For R6 pls
  16. NuclearW can you or anyone take this up and update it please?
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    not working. thunder isnt happening im on 1.2.5
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    When i join my server theres no thunder :/
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    me likes this especially with adjusting intensity and tp support
  21. I am currently getting back into coding and modding,. I will be updating all my plugins to the current versions of bukkit and MC, eventually. No clue on ETA's
  22. Updated to RB1.6.4-R2
  23. Updated to latest CB Build.

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