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    Runecraft - The magic mod for Bukkit!
    Version: 2.12

    This is the Runecraft mod ported to the CraftBukkit server.

    Runecraft adds magic spells to the game which are triggered by block patterns called runes.
    It let's you create teleporter and waypoint runes for instant travelling, build hidden doors into mountain walls or enchant your tools. And more.

    • Build runes (block patterns) for spell casting
    • Teleportation runes
    • Faster digging with Power Pick and Power Drill
    • Hidden doors and traps using Phase Block and Lock Block runes
    • Build an easy spleef arena with Spleef Blocks
    • Shoot torches with Bow of Light rune
    • Works with multiple worlds
    • Support for Bukkit's permission system
    • Much more!


    The config file is named "disabled-runes.txt" and lies in the root bukkit folder (alongside etc.).
    The file is generated if you load the plugin. Each line contains an option which is either the name of a blacklisted rune, the name of a player not allowed to use runes, or a specific command. Some commands are:
    • whitelist - turns the rune blacklist into a whitelist
    • enable multiworld travel - allows teleportation using runes between different worlds
    • initiation - players cannot use runes until they activate a special rune containing bedrock
    More options are listed in the Official forum thread in the section Runecraft Administration.

    Bukkit's Permissions:
    Runecraft supports Bukkit's permission system since version 2.8.2. Use a permissions plugin such as PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions or PermissionsEx.
    Runecraft currently has the following permission nodes:
    runecraft.*                        - gives .teleport and .runes
    runecraft.teleport                 - must be true to allow any teleportation runes
    runecraft.runes                    - gives permission for all runes
    runecraft.runes.powerpick          - gives both .activate and .use
    runecraft.runes.powerpick.activate - gives permission to bind Power Pick rune
    runecraft.runes.powerpick.use      - gives permission to use a rune-enchanted tool
    (Replace 'powerpick' with the name of any other rune)
    'runecraft.teleport' must be given to allow any form of Runecraft teleportation (Teleporter, Personal Teleporter and Recall runes).

    All users have 'runecraft.*' by default. If your permissions plugin doesn't have negative permissions, you have to overwrite the default to disable all runes, and then enable the runes you want with your permissions plugin. To disable all Runecraft permissions by default, open the file plugins/Runecraft/config.yml and change permissions.teleport and permissions.runes to false:
      teleport: false
      runes: false
    Old permissions system (removed in recent versions):
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    You can use AttributeProviders to connect the Permissions plugin with Runecraft. You can also connect any other Permissions-like plugin with Runecraft, if there is an AttributeProvider for it.
    Runecraft currently has the following permission nodes:
    • 'runecraft.teleport' - allows or blocks any teleportation (Teleporter, Personal Teleporter and Recall runes)
    • 'runecraft.rune.<name of rune>' - allows use of that rune. 'runecraft.rune.*' allows all runes.
      For example: 'runecraft.rune.phantomtorch', 'runecraft.rune.personalteleporter'.

    More information and list of runes:

    • SuperLlama - Main developer
    • Zeerix - Co-developer, added Bukkit support

    The complete changelog and much more information can be found in the Official forum thread.

    Version 2.12
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.5.
    • New runes
    • Topsy Turvey now works vertically
    Version 2.11.1 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.4.
    • Fixed teleporter for new world height (256 blocks)
    Version 2.11
    • New rune: Ovicaptor
    • Added option to change tiers in disabled-runes.txt. For example, "tier 55 6" makes redstone tier 6.
    Version 2.10.4 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.1 dev build
    • Compass: Added an option to change "north" for the rune
    • Recall: Added an option if recalling should apply the Weakness effect for 30 seconds (for PvP servers)
    • Changed tier of piston extension back to 2
    • Fixed conversion of Pressure Sensors to the new signature system
    • Fixed Wallteleporter not beeing usable without beeing initiated
    Version 2.10.3
    • skipped
    Version 2.10.2 (Bukkit-only release, announcement post)
    • First official version for Minecraft 1.0.0.
    • Bukkit: Removed support for AttributeProvider; we only support Bukkit's permissions now
    • Bukkit: Added configuration file: config.yml
    • Bukkit: Added ability to change the default of runecraft.teleport and runecraft.runes permissions via config.yml
    • New runes: Identifier, Engraver, Bottomless Cauldron, Power Drill
    • Added subtype of Bow of Light without a torch
    • Added metadata (wool color etc.) to signatures of automation runes
    • Redstone sensor can be destroyed by picking the iron block
    • Multiple Automation Designations on a single block don't stack
    • Reduced 'power' for Power Pick (128 per tier)
    • Added some blocks to Uncrafter and Fire Pick
    • Changed tier of Tall Gras and Nether Portals to 0 (blanks)
    • Fixed issue with Recall draining too much 'uses'
    • Disabled log message for disabled runes
    • ...more...
    Version 2.10 - 2.10.1
    • test version, not fully released
    Version 2.9.4 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Fixed another dupe bug with Power Pick
    • Added option "enable mastery bypass protection" which allows Bridge Master/Wall Master to build into protected areas (enables 'old behaviour')
    Version 2.9.3 (Bukkit-only release)
    • New rune: Spleef Blocks (like Phase Blocks; replace iron ore with snow blocks)
    • Increased 'Power' for Power Picks & co
    • Fixed dupe bug with Bridge/Wall Master
    • Bridge/Wall Master obey region protections now
    • Fixed missing message "you can no longer channel through this tool"
    • Optimization for a large group of Phase Blocks
    • More bugfixes
    Version 2.9.2 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Uncrafter: Added code to check for block enchantments
    • Bugfixes

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.9.1
    • Bow Of Light: Added redstone version; also ignores snow now
    • Twinshot: Renamed to Multishot
    • Fix for Power Pick
    Version 2.9 (demo video about new runes)
    • Added runes: Flotilla, Bow of Light, Twinshot
    • Change PowerPick/Shovel to work like PowerAxe
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8.3 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Changed Automation Designator rune: Use gold ore instead of iron blocks
    • Added tiers for new blocks in Minecraft 1.8.x; also added blocks from 1.9 prerelease 1+2
    • Bugfixes and a serious crashfix
    Version 2.8.2 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Added support for Bukkit's internal permissions system
    • Added permissions for usage of enchanted tools
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8.1 (announcement post)
    • Added another rune
    • Changed Solar Flare and Flash Freeze to affect mobs
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8 (announcement post)
    • Added runes: Power Axe (same template as Power Pick/Shovel), Automation Designator
    • Added runes: Redstone Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Damage Sensor, Block Sensor
    • Changed Accelerator and Force Field to affect mobs in addition to players
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.7 (announcement post)
    • Added runes: Lock Blocks, Fairy Boots
    • Re-implemented rune: Zeerix' Chest
    • Added 2 minutes cooldown for Chrono Trigger
    • Added multiworld-support for many runes
    • Added/improved metadata-support (wool colors, etc.) for many runes
    • Added support for AttributeProviders (a bridge plugin for Permissions)
    • Added a "" file to every world folder; you can change the id of a world by editing this file with a text editor
    • Spring String resets fall distance; Shield is changed a bit and has more uses
    • Some bugfixes
    Version 2.6.1
    • Fixed Accelerator/Spring and Phantom Torch
    Version 2.6 (announcement post)
    • Added rune: Endurance
    • Re-implemented rune: Phantom Torch (with a new rune pattern)
    • Added Multiworld support (add "enable multiworld travel" to config file)
    • Meta-data support for Teleporter signatures (cloth color/step types make different signatures)
    Version 2.5.2
    • Added runes: Enchantment swap, Altar of Judgement
    • Allowed vertical teleporters
    • More fine-grained options for config file (forbid specific runes for players; allow runes with specific ink)
    • Power Pick obeys WorldGuard/Towny protection
    Version 2.5 - 2.5.1
    • Added runes: Admin Pick, Initiation, Accelerator, Force Field, Spring
    • Added new options: travel ink, teleporter toll, player ban (forbid runes for single players)
    • Added initiation mode (players must "activate" ability to use runes)
    Version 2.4.6
    • Added rune: Surface Tension
    Version 2.4.5
    • Fixed problems with teleporters
    • Fixed linked hidden passages
    Version 2.4.4
    • First release for Bukkit
    • This broke the runes Phantom Torch and Zeerix' Chest
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    You repeat yourself. The answer was:
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    How do I install this if it's a .zip file? :S There's also no .jar in that .zip. :S

    Renaming the .zip to a .jar worked. :3
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    This is a great plugin. Phantom torch is a godsend.
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    I've been using Runecraft on my server for a while now, but recently I switched to a Bukkit server.
    The runes, mostly waypoints and teleporters, worked as usual, nothing broke in the switch.

    But then I started trying out multi-world plugins, and I wanted to change the name of my world.
    (It was still named 'world' )
    But everything breaks when I try to rename my world.

    It seems Runecraft loads his data, but he still loads 'world'.
    And when the server loads up, it shows this:
    [INFO] [Runecraft] World 'world': id 0.
    [INFO] [Runecraft] World 'Runes': id 1.
    (Runes is the new server name)

    My guess is that the Magic.dat file saves runes according to this server Id and when I change the world name, I destroy Runecraft's Id system.

    Is there anything I overlooked that I could do to change my world name without destroying my runes?
    Or is it something that should be changed in the code?
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    Wow, thanks for doing all the work to port this over. Unfortunately, I have the same issue now as I did when we were all using hMod -- I want to allow certain runes for certain people rather than simply turn a rune on or off altogether. I would like new folks to be able to use teleporters, for instance, but not be able to set up new ones.

    I'm sure this can be done with some kind of permissions support, but I realize it will take a bit of work to implement all the flags and checks.
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    The problem with Permissions is that it only works in Bukkit but not in vanilla. Runecraft is a hybrid mod/plugin that works in both systems.
    SuperLlama recently extended the blacklist/whitelist facility. You can now blacklist certain people (so they can't use runes), blacklist specific runes for some people or enable only some inks for some rune. You can read more on this in the main Runecraft thread in the section Runecraft Administration:

    AFAIK, you can use teleporters now even if they are blacklisted.

    You did what I thought people wouldn't do: Renaming the main world.

    The Worldname -> ID mapping is stored in the magic.dat together with all the other data. You could change the name of the world with a hex editor.

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    And will there be a problem if that world isn't the main world anymore?
    I created a new world to be the 'hub' to all other worlds, and that hub-world is now the one loaded first. (level-name=Hub in
    If all worlds have the right name, according to the magic.dat, there shouldn't be any problem with the 'load order' right?
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    Yes, there shouldn't be any problem (but I didn't actually test it: renaming a world and changing world load order). Please make a backup of the world(s) and test it. If it doesn't work, tell me.
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    Alright, it works.
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    Great, I'll try it on my server.
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    Had a question/request. Is there a way to set the cooldown for teleport pads? I would love to require 30 seconds or so in between warps from all players server wide.

    I have seen other plugins that imply a cooldown on different slash commands but didn't know if there was a slash command hidden beneath that wonderful teleport rune. :)

    Would really get some use out of this one as I notice a lot of lag when people follow each other too closely through the tp's.

    BTW GREAT plugin. have been using this since before the days of bukkit. Glad to see it has been picked up and brought along with dev...
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    In other words there won't be any differences between the two plugin versions. Okay.

    Well I guess the whitelist works to an extent. I guess the main suggestion then is -- for those runes that persist in the world -- it would be nice to add a flag that let certain people create those runes while only allowing other people to use them. So that for example an admin could create a warp and destination pad while most users could only use these pre-built pads.
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    I second this, it would be very helpful.
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    Also would love the ability to turn them off in a per world method. We have all the enchantment runes off since people can make them in our creative world and then use them in the survival world. (We use the multi invi system so they cant move items between worlds, but the enchant still sticks :p). I just want to disable them in the creative world :p.
  16. To use runes to teleport between worlds, do i first need to go to the world i want to get to and then create a waypoint there?
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    So, Phantom Torch works fine in 2.6.1, but Zeerix's chest does not. Any clues on why? I build a 3d rune, first row is obsidian, chest, obsidian; second row is gold ore, obsidian, gold ore; final row on top is air, obsidian, air. Trying to activate with a stick, but no joy.

    (side view, 3 blocks tall, 3 blocks wide, 1 block deep.)
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    I had a question about hidden door. Before I updated to the latest version with MultiWorld support, Hidden door worked fine on all my worlds.

    After I upgraded it still works fine on the main world and be created fine but on all the other worlds when you create the rune, it says its created but does not work.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Zeerxi's chest is known and unsupported in current version..
    I can attest to my secret doors working just fine so I can safely say it isn't the build.
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    I would like to add my permission/groupmanager request as well.
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    Just wish runes could be smaller (I know, no new block types :p)
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    Awesome work, but this really could use permissions support!
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    I haven't seen anyone else run into this problem, but whenever someone on my server uses a teleporter, they lose their custom skin and get defaulted back to the normal one. Is this a problem for anyone else?

    Running just build 740 and runecraft
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    Man ... mad props for Runecraft. It used to be a staple item for most servers. Glad to see it return.
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    This is one plugin that my server can't exist without. There is one issue with it though. Is it possible to implement a cooldown or warmup for the Chrono Trigger? Some of my server members had a "Chrono Battle", and...let's just say it brought the server to its knees (ultimately crashed). I had no choice but to disable it for now, at least until I can place some kind of time limit on it.
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    The Server i am running i cannot use any runes. but everyone else can. i am also the only one listed under admin in permissions. if that cause any problems
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    Yes this happens on our server too. We just disconnect if it bothers us. And I believe it only changes your perception of your skin. Other players still see you as your custom skin... I think... lol
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    Roger Smith

    Ive read through this post and so far I havent seen much about this and I apologize if Im missing it some place but... Im have issues with this mod and the Nether. Hidden Doors for example... you make the rune... it says to fill in the gaps... but the door wont work. It works just fine in regular world but not nether.

    To further test Runecraft in the Nether I tried waypoints / teleporting. The waypoints work just fine within the Nether... however... I was looking to make them work between worlds. Everytime I try it says somethign about the distance being too far. Ive tried using high quality blocks but still nothing. Please help... :)
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    Love your work. Its awsome!
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    Skin is client-side. You likely have the same problem with /warp /home /spawn etc.

    How much time?

    Oh, missed the hidden doors. I'll try to fix them for the next version. Try Phase Blocks instead.

    Add "enable multiworld travel" to disabled-runes.txt (without quotes).

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