Inactive [FUN/TP/MECH] AutoCraft v1.1 - The PVP styled Movecraft alternative [1.4.2-R1]

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    AutoCraft - the Movecraft alternative!
    Version: v1.4
    This plugin allows people to create PVP airships designed like those in MoveCraft. What makes this plugin better? ships make their calculations faster, ships NEVER rip apart, ships have TNT cannons and bomb droppers (for pvp experience).
    • TNT cannons made out of dispensers
    • ships that NEVER rip apart during flight
    • no plummeting to your death in your ship
    • faster ship calculations (less laggy)
    • no blacklisting random players with illegitimate reasons
    Download the plugin here

    Version 1.4
    • recompiled with the new bukkit (I noticed some problems w/ ships flying, fixed now).
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.3
    • napalm (by default) now requires 1 slime, 1 lava bucket, and 1 diamond block to fire
    • napalm can now penetrate water and 1 single obsidian (similiar to torpedoes)
    • made less calculations being done for torpedoes/napalm leading to less stress on the server.
    Version 1.1
    • added napalm
      • /ac napalm
      • /ac n
      • config variables:
        • dropnapalm=true/false
        • cooldowntimeNAPALM=x
    Version 1.0
    • added new commands to the ships' data files (cooldowns)
        • cooldowntime=x
        • cooldowntimeDROP=x
        • cooldowntimeTORPEDO=x
    (x being any integer)​
    • allowed halfblocks to work
    • added the rotatable minecraft 1.9 blocks
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed an important bug created from the last update, where it moved the pilot of the ship twice for all movement based commands.
    Version 0.8
    • I fixed the server crash with ship turning. It was actually an endless loop being made (oops).
    Version 0.7
    • I pulled aircraft turning, as they crashed the server at times. Turning will be back when I figure out what is crashing (There are no errors)
    Version 0.5
    • I fixed a possible area where memory leaks /could/ occur
    • I put all the torpedoes fired in one single timer, so even less calculations are done
    Version 0.4
    • I added torpedoes
    • I added more configurable files
    • I added a new default ship type
    Version 0.3
    • fixed the glitch where the ships passengers wouldn't be moved with the ship
    Version 0.2
    • fixed /ac d's cool down timer on ships that can't drop bombs
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin

    Known Bugs:
    • If you fly into a structure of your ships type, your ship can become welded to the structure.
    in your permissions group location, add autocraft.[shiptype] to allow them to use a certain ship type. For instance, if the ship is called "transport" and you want EVERYONE to be able to use it, in the default group, add "autocraft.transport".

    How to use
    • Throw the plugin into your plugins folder (and the folder included in the ZIP)
    • use /ac ingame for help
    • /ac help to view the help file
    • /ac allowed [ship type] to view what is allowed for a specific ship type
    • /ac dismount to dismount a ship you are piloting
    • /ac napalm to drop napalm from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac drop to drop bombs from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac fire to fire TNT from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac torpedo to fire a torpedo from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac info to view information about the ship your are piloting
    • /ac list to view all the [ship type]'s the server has available
    • /ac pilot [ship type] to pilot a ship type
    • /ac turn [left/right] to turn your ship



    • Sycoprime - for porting the Movecraft plugin to bukkit for which gave me the inspiration to make this plugin. I also referenced your cardinalDirection arraylist to help with rotations.
    • GarretSidzaka - for showing me movecraft, giving me the idea to make my own plugin similar to movecraft, and supplying me with ideas on how to make my plugin act
    • KoryuObihiro - for helping me figure out the getData() method and how to spawn TNT entities into the world.
    Additional Details:
    • This plugin was started on July 28th 2011, at 7:32 PM
    • TNT cannons require AT LEAST 4 TNT in a dispenser.
    • TNT drop cannons require AT LEAST 2 TNT in a dispenser
    • cannon length means the amount of iron blocks you can place behind a diepsnser (the more iron blocks, the farther the TNT will go)
    • this plugin comes stocked with 5 different ship types
    It'd be appreciated :)
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    i have a problem where pistons loose their orientation when the ship flies, anyone else having this issue?
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    pistons dont work with the plugin as it is currently built
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    k thanks, any eta on a fix?
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    unfortunately im just a lowly player/server admin so i cant fix anything, but i would love pistons in my ships
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    probably wont be fixed.
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    sad face, well i guess no pistons for me, well any idea on when the new version will be out
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    It's been uploaded, for awhile :p

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    so i guess i just couldnt find it.... its been a long few weeks, but have to go out and say it this is by far the best plugin i have ever used

    ok so now im super lost, the most recent thing i can find is 1.4 and thats from december 9th, but my machine here is telling me i am running 1.3 however i downloaded the 1.4, am i just grabbing the wrong file?

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    ~Fixed a duping bug (several of them).
    ~Changed the timers from Async to Sync.
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    This is an awesome plug in!
    Some things you could do to make this plug in so much better:
    -Sign Operation, It'll make this mod THAT much better. Seriously number one on the list of things to add. I know you said previously that you dislike them, but please reconsider.
    -For some reason, when I fly with a chest on my ship, the items spew out every time I move.
    -If you fixed pistons that would be great although not the biggest thing.
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    Chests, I believe cause a lot off issues both with my plugin, and with Movecraft.
    Add the chest block to the list of allowed blocks, and see if your items still spew out everywhere ;p
    (The reason I took it off, by default, is that it causes clients to crash [having chests recreated/deleted on moving]).
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    i got the new update and damn is it fast, however i have found a problem. snow is a massive issue and most of my ships arent working anymore at all
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    When there's snow stuck to an actual plane, it can't take off :p
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    yea but a zeppelin can sure do it lol. ok so i put snow in the list and it was flying just fine, its just the new one isnt working, its rather odd
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    There seems to be an issue with turning. Not sure if its just me. But turning the ship left, right, and 180 degrees only turns the player but not the ship after that last update.
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    I'll see if I can fix that
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    Edit: Rotation issue, realized someone already posted about it :p
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    I have reviewed this plugin and i really enjoy it. I have an idea about starting a new server using airships.
    May i suggest an addition?
    It would be awesome to be able to take control with signs or fire with signs.
    I understand you stated that you dont like doing this but it is much faster and more user friendly than typing or using a macro.
    This is my reasoning: Most of the population that uses minecraft are minors (sub 18 year olds) and most of them do not know how to use macros or have the ability or permission to use macros from their parents. I understand there are exceptions and if youre reading this, youre probably the exception.

    Please consider implimenting signs to take control and another sign to fire
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    Great mod and only way to make ships since movecraft is so buggy, but why do doors vanish every time i move the ship? I tried adding them to the allowed list but that doesn't change it. Same goes for redpower wires and the states of levers are reset after moving too.

    Oh and how would i make a submarine with this?
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    I made a ship (about as large as the plane in the torpedo tutorial video)
    Everytime I right click with item in hand, it lags like 5 seconds before the ship moves in that direction.
    (Its a small Hamachi server I own btw)

    What influences lag for autocraft? Internet connection? Computer Specs? RAM allocated to server?
    My computer is a gaming comp so I doubt its the specs.
    I use College internet so connection might be the issue. I allocated 2GB to the server so is that enough?
  22. Ronar1
    1. Don't use Hamachi.
    2. Post computer specs.
    3. Post connection speed.
    4. 2GB enough for? (Plugins, players)
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    lol Hamachi worked fine for awhile. Small flat "magic carpet" type ships work fine, its once the ships have a hull that it starts to get slower.

    My comp:
    Quad Core i7
    8 GB

    I allocated 4 GB to server and still an issue

    Connection speed (tested with
    Upload speed is like 5
    Download is like 15

    When I was testing this plugin no one else was on
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    When will this be updated? Still waiting for the 1.1 R3 release....
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    Awesome Plugin!
    I was wondering if you could tell me a way to build bigger ships then 4000 Blocks.
    The max size of Dreadnought was set to 6669 Blocks, but when I "/ac pilot dreadnought" and "/ac info", the info says there are 4000/6669 blocks but the ship is larger then 4000 blocks... when i try to move the ship, i get the "obstructed" error... (just used up to 8 diffrent blocks and all are allowed by default also no obstructing diagonal blocks)

    I use the spoutcraft client...

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    I don't allow over 4,000 blocks for a reason, at the moment, it can take up to 15 seconds to pilot a ship with that amount of blocks :p
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    Thought so, but is there a way to modify the classfiles or something ? : D
    I rly want to see that airbase fly xD
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    So with fixing Autocraft's block movement, this can also create some issues with either concurrent modification exceptions, or Synchronized code errors. To prevent these, I created a plugin called SafeEdit (it's included in the Autocraft zip file) You will need that in your plugins folder as well. It makes it so I can safely modify blocks in the world without throwing concurrent Modification Errors in the console :3
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    Is it just me or does it seems that ships could fly higher in movecraft? Is there any way to allow ships to fly higher? Awesome mod by the way :)

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