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    AutoCraft - the Movecraft alternative!
    Version: v1.4
    This plugin allows people to create PVP airships designed like those in MoveCraft. What makes this plugin better? ships make their calculations faster, ships NEVER rip apart, ships have TNT cannons and bomb droppers (for pvp experience).
    • TNT cannons made out of dispensers
    • ships that NEVER rip apart during flight
    • no plummeting to your death in your ship
    • faster ship calculations (less laggy)
    • no blacklisting random players with illegitimate reasons
    Download the plugin here

    Version 1.4
    • recompiled with the new bukkit (I noticed some problems w/ ships flying, fixed now).
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    Version 1.3
    • napalm (by default) now requires 1 slime, 1 lava bucket, and 1 diamond block to fire
    • napalm can now penetrate water and 1 single obsidian (similiar to torpedoes)
    • made less calculations being done for torpedoes/napalm leading to less stress on the server.
    Version 1.1
    • added napalm
      • /ac napalm
      • /ac n
      • config variables:
        • dropnapalm=true/false
        • cooldowntimeNAPALM=x
    Version 1.0
    • added new commands to the ships' data files (cooldowns)
        • cooldowntime=x
        • cooldowntimeDROP=x
        • cooldowntimeTORPEDO=x
    (x being any integer)​
    • allowed halfblocks to work
    • added the rotatable minecraft 1.9 blocks
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed an important bug created from the last update, where it moved the pilot of the ship twice for all movement based commands.
    Version 0.8
    • I fixed the server crash with ship turning. It was actually an endless loop being made (oops).
    Version 0.7
    • I pulled aircraft turning, as they crashed the server at times. Turning will be back when I figure out what is crashing (There are no errors)
    Version 0.5
    • I fixed a possible area where memory leaks /could/ occur
    • I put all the torpedoes fired in one single timer, so even less calculations are done
    Version 0.4
    • I added torpedoes
    • I added more configurable files
    • I added a new default ship type
    Version 0.3
    • fixed the glitch where the ships passengers wouldn't be moved with the ship
    Version 0.2
    • fixed /ac d's cool down timer on ships that can't drop bombs
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin

    Known Bugs:
    • If you fly into a structure of your ships type, your ship can become welded to the structure.
    in your permissions group location, add autocraft.[shiptype] to allow them to use a certain ship type. For instance, if the ship is called "transport" and you want EVERYONE to be able to use it, in the default group, add "autocraft.transport".

    How to use
    • Throw the plugin into your plugins folder (and the folder included in the ZIP)
    • use /ac ingame for help
    • /ac help to view the help file
    • /ac allowed [ship type] to view what is allowed for a specific ship type
    • /ac dismount to dismount a ship you are piloting
    • /ac napalm to drop napalm from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac drop to drop bombs from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac fire to fire TNT from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac torpedo to fire a torpedo from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac info to view information about the ship your are piloting
    • /ac list to view all the [ship type]'s the server has available
    • /ac pilot [ship type] to pilot a ship type
    • /ac turn [left/right] to turn your ship



    • Sycoprime - for porting the Movecraft plugin to bukkit for which gave me the inspiration to make this plugin. I also referenced your cardinalDirection arraylist to help with rotations.
    • GarretSidzaka - for showing me movecraft, giving me the idea to make my own plugin similar to movecraft, and supplying me with ideas on how to make my plugin act
    • KoryuObihiro - for helping me figure out the getData() method and how to spawn TNT entities into the world.
    Additional Details:
    • This plugin was started on July 28th 2011, at 7:32 PM
    • TNT cannons require AT LEAST 4 TNT in a dispenser.
    • TNT drop cannons require AT LEAST 2 TNT in a dispenser
    • cannon length means the amount of iron blocks you can place behind a diepsnser (the more iron blocks, the farther the TNT will go)
    • this plugin comes stocked with 5 different ship types
    It'd be appreciated :)
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    Love the plugin been using it for almost a year now. I was just wondering if you were going to continue to update this plugin. Right now I am unable to use it. It spams the console with max height issues and says everytime someone pilots an airship. ALso when you pilot a ship and fly it away gives an error about grass but it will fly breaking apart. ANy info on a future update would be appreciated.
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    that means the ship is on grass when you piloted it. It should unpilot you, for a few updates ago, I made the ship have to be floating in order to fly it.
    I'll fix that when I get the time.
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    Oh awesome thanks been waiting to see if it was gonna happen. My members have been bothering me for a while now.
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    It should be fixed. Please redownload the plugin :)!
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    Testing it today thanks again.
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    It seems like the max length for ships is 17 blocks, and I can't see anywhere to edit that. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Hey I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but for some reason whenever I pilot a ship it will not move. Like i will type in the commands correctly and the chat will say I am now piloting the ship and to navigate by right-clicking but when i go to move the ship won't budge although i am still able to use the rotate commands the ship won't move if someone could please help that would be great. Thanks
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    Hi. I made a ship about 15 blocks wide and less than 32 in lenght (was trying to place it in two chunks). But still, i get the message "your ship is too long". Also, i added most of blocks to the allowed list (made my own ship type) and added them to global list. Questions:
    1. Which of blocks cannot be processed? I heard that chests etc wont work
    2. What is a ROT.txt?
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    Hey Orange thanks for the update. I get an error on startup still but all seems to be working except a few things we have noticed.We can still fly ships and use them just a few things we had questions on.
    On server startup I get this for Autocraft
    [SEVERE] Wrong Method Arguments used for event type registered.

    Napalm doesn't destroy sand or sadnstoen as well.
    Also Torpedo is creating a diamond block upon explosion.
    The ships sometimes change their design while flying liek blocks get switched around.
    Is it a feature or bug that you can't pilot a ship when the block is touching a non-ship block like a cobblestone wall or something similar.
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    So I can to build my ship as long as I want, but when I turn it it says it is too wide. It turns out that my ship cant be any bigger then 17x17 or else I won't be able to turn it. I thought that the size limit was much higher?
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    hi! um i downloaded the plugin, and drug it into my plugins folder. it worked, and i got the commands. but when I built a ship, it wouldn't move. please help! i don't know how to fix it.
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    This is a pretty great plugin. I'm hoping it stays updated so I can keep using it on my server.

    Can you create your own ship types? I've got a few I'd like to add.

    I also want to know if there's any way to edit the max size of the ships. I have a few designs that are barely too large for this plugin.

    A couple bugs I've noticed:
    - Blocks not directly touching others sometimes don't move with the ship, and they then break the ship entirely. I've noticed this most with glass, if you don't have a block directly under it.
    - Sometimes turning the ship causes it to give you the 'your ship is too long or too wide' error, when it was working fine before the turn.

    Also, I learned the hard way -never try to drive one of these things with a block in your hand. Very happy bad things happen. Oh yeah, I also get the same diamond block issue that Toxicminers reported.
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    I will try.


    There will be a way. Infact, I already have it done, I just haven't had the time to upload it.

    - Not a bug
    - odd... o: I'll look into that

    I'll look into that as well.
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    I got a problem, I got a huge ship and I want it to fly but it says: This ship is either too wide or too long, Is there a way to make the limit bigger? If not, could you add it?
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    I honestly don't see how hard it is to look ONE post up...
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    First of all, great plugin!

    Second, I get a really weird error with two things: Pistons and Chests
    Chests overall are a tad buggy (But still a step over movecraft in that you can have them on your ships). They cause exceptions that would be great if you looked into them. (I'll attach some files with the errors)
    Pistons get very odd when flying. I try to fly, but then they get into a weird state where they look both extended and retracted and can't go back to normal. (Also attached)

    Help, if you have some spare time?

    P.S.: Something to keep in mind, Signs fall off when moving (And multiply when they drop!) and paintings don't move with the craft. Also, stairs don't act like wooden planks in terms of holding stuff together. I'll edit later if I find anything else.

    P.S.S.: Still an amazing plugin, though! My favorite on the server I play on!

    Screenies: (FYI, when I move in these, I move up)

    Edit 1:
    While I was using chests, severe error occurred, causing only half the ship to be moved, and the other half deleted.

    Edit 2:
    Sorry for reporting all of this stuff if it made you feel bad as a java programmer, I think everyone on this thread agrees that you are really great and everyone appreciates what you are doing for this plugin.

    Edit 3:
    Is it possible to prevent pistons from always facing down when you move?

    Edit 4:
    Our server has the max block for each ship OVER 9000 (9001), but we still get the too wide, or too long error. Is there any way around this? And is there any other information you need to know?
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    I am not able to move any ship. I have correctly built each ship that I have tried to move but right clicking does not seem to make it work at all. Is there something I am missing?
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    Hello. I have encountered a problem with this plugin. On my server, only the op's can use this plugin and the non-op players couldn't. Also I don't use permission and I am not very sure what caused this problem. Also how could I set it so that all of the ships could have chests, furnaces, and workbenches on it without getting all glitchy. Please help! Btw great mod.
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    So how would you change how many of the essential block a ship would need to be able to fly? For example, if I wanted to make a ship so it could fly if it had x blocks of wool or x% percent of its blocks were wool, how would I set the x? And if this isn't an option already, can you please add it? Even Movecraft can do that.
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    is there a way to protect regions from the napalm bombs tnt cannons etc?
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    Wondering if you are planning an update for 1.3 and if you might have an idea when it will be released?
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    ive run into to trouble whilst installing this plugin on my server & i cant find an answer to it: users can pilot their and turn their ships but they cannot move them in any direction. is there an obvious reason for this? what have i done wrong?

    Anyone had a smiliar experience? or know what ive done wrong?

    Just realised i had a noob moment there, the reason ( i believe ) i cannot run this plugin correctly is because i am running the most recent version of CraftBukkit and the plugin is slightly behind, shouldve spotted that days ago lol. looking forward to the update!

    Just realised i had a noob moment there, the reason ( i believe ) i cannot run this plugin correctly is because i am running the most recent version of CraftBukkit and the plugin is slightly behind, shouldve spotted that days ago lol. looking forward to the update!

    Hope this helps the other guy having the same trouble...

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    i will like to know, how i can use this plugin. when i write /ac list no ship pop up, thats because i dont have any ship. how does i add a ship and named? hope u can help

    anything i can do to fix this problem i need to add ships, when i type /ac list it only show this up autocraft ship types
    i think i am missing some ship type, but i dont know how to add a ship plss help or give a link/video where they explain

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    Hey Guys, When I installed it, and used it properly, I get the Message: HT Use Right Mouse To Control Your Ship
    The 'HT' is in some kind of dotted line box. And I cannot Pilot The Craft but I Can turn it. Please Help. Thanks In Advance
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    I stopped working on this plugin.
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    I really liked this plugin. What caused you to no longer work on it?
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    AutoCraft is now updated for 1.4.2, OP is out of date. Check dev bukkit link for the most recent updates to this plugin.
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    I really like and appreciate this plugin. My friend and I own a server called simply-minecraft and have recently been wanting to do pvp stuff. We played around with this plugin and plan to create a map based on flying around, killing others, and taking objectives. I really like the features this plugin offers, mainly because I don't have to have all of my players install another mod, so that that may play on my server. I look forward to future updates and will tell you if my map goes anywhere.
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    i cannot use autocraft because the permission (/ac) causes it to toggle admin chat and i do not know how to configure this. has anyone had the same problem? p.s. when i type another part of the command such as /ac pilot it announces that to the other admins because of admin chat.

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