Inactive [FUN] ThunderJoin 2.0 - Join with a bang [953]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Dreadreaver, Apr 23, 2011.

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    You can [​IMG] if you want to support me and my plugins

    ThunderJoin creates harmless lightning bolts whenever a player joins the server at the players join location.

    • Creates harmless lightning bolts on player join at the players location
    • Very leightweight
    • No commands
    Changelog 2.0:
    • No more Permissions
    Older Changelog (open)
    Changelog 1.6:
    • Reworked some code
    • Changed the permissionnode from "ThunderJoin.join" to "thunderjoin.join"
    Changelog 1.5.1:
    • Reworked code
    • Fixed some small and very rare issues
    Changelog 1.5:
    • Only CB761+
    • Using Bukkits native harmless lightning bolts now
    • Removed 80% now unneeded code
    Changelog 1.4:
    • Reworked major parts of the code
    • Fixed a new bug from 1.3 concerning the block damage
    Changelog 1.3:
    • Official support for CB740
    • Reworked the system to properly stop all block and entity damage
    • Won't accidently power up Creepers anymore
    • Won't accidently zap Pigs into ZombiePigmen anymore
    Changelog 1.2:
    • Official support for CB733
    • Fixed damage to entities
    • Removed all debug output
    Changelog 1.1:
    • Added Permissions
    • Fixed damage to blocks
    Changelog 1.0:
    • Initial release
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    i think this isnt possible (yet?)
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    my pluggin gives me errors? any ideas?
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    not if you dont post the error ... make sure that you are running CraftBukkit 761 or higher

    Version 1.5.1 is out, changelog:
    • Reworked code
    • Fixed some small and very rare issues

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    Note: Your download is b0rked.
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    fixed now ;)
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    Nope. Nice plugin though.
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    thanks for the info! Seems like it's a GitHub issue .. reuploading
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    Yep. Works now.
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    fixed the download .. enjoy!
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    BTW your DL link says for version 761 while your title says the presumably correct 766 :)
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    It's 761+ ... as in "for builds on or above 761" and 766 is above 761 ;)

    btw: working on 798 just fine, updated Threadtitle
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    lol ok now its changed a plus works too :p
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    huh? I havent changed anything. It's always been 761+ for ThunderJoin 1.5+ and ThunderPort!
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    Temporary link until @Dreadreaver decides to put up his source and downloads again.

    ThunderJoin.jar v1.5.1 (#761-798)

    EDIT: June 23, a month has passed. Removed download link. Sorry. :)
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    Haha are you a fan of my plugins or why do you have a local copy of two of them? =)
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    I keep all of my updates ordered (Beta 1.5_01 Server Patch #5) and saved. I don't know what happened to BedRespawn, I had it earlier in here. I use them on my server, you know.
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    Happy to know that even Moderators enjoy my work ;)
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    new version is finished .. waiting for Craftbukkit for 1.6
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    Can you make it possible to disable this for admins but enable it for moderators? it screws up stealthjoin if users can hear the admins coming.
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    You can do that with permissions.

    Just give admins - -thunderjoin.join
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    new version is online :p
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    permission not working???
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    Are you using "thunderjoin.join"? Careful with the caps ...
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    I can confirm, on 1.6, OLD node still works, new one doesn't.
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    You're right, somehow I screwed up.

    Sorry, just uploaded the fixed 1.6.
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    Im not sure but i downloaded the new version but still it doesn't work for me. Im using permissions 3.1.2 and i added the permission node, nothing happens when i join.
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    Oh god this shitty GitHub ... somehow if I delete a file and upload another file with the same filename it'll just give you the old file. Kinda looks like thats what is happening now again ... its 7am in the morning so right now I dont have time to fix this.

    @pandapipino @Joy @dark1256
    Sorry for the inconvinience .. 1.6.1 is online with fixed permissionnode

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    gonna try it now thanks bro!
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    Sounds fun! I'm going to install this tomorrow.
    Is there a way to set it so that if somebody just relogs it doesn't zap lightning? Or how about a configurable amount of time that they have to join before lightning will strike them after they last left? It would be nice because it's not a exciting when somebody is just going to relog, but when they first join it's more of a surprise, and the lightning adds to it.

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