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    You can [​IMG] if you want to support me and my plugins

    ThunderJoin creates harmless lightning bolts whenever a player joins the server at the players join location.

    • Creates harmless lightning bolts on player join at the players location
    • Very leightweight
    • No commands
    Changelog 2.0:
    • No more Permissions
    Older Changelog (open)
    Changelog 1.6:
    • Reworked some code
    • Changed the permissionnode from "ThunderJoin.join" to "thunderjoin.join"
    Changelog 1.5.1:
    • Reworked code
    • Fixed some small and very rare issues
    Changelog 1.5:
    • Only CB761+
    • Using Bukkits native harmless lightning bolts now
    • Removed 80% now unneeded code
    Changelog 1.4:
    • Reworked major parts of the code
    • Fixed a new bug from 1.3 concerning the block damage
    Changelog 1.3:
    • Official support for CB740
    • Reworked the system to properly stop all block and entity damage
    • Won't accidently power up Creepers anymore
    • Won't accidently zap Pigs into ZombiePigmen anymore
    Changelog 1.2:
    • Official support for CB733
    • Fixed damage to entities
    • Removed all debug output
    Changelog 1.1:
    • Added Permissions
    • Fixed damage to blocks
    Changelog 1.0:
    • Initial release
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    I had the exact idea a while ago, however a little different.
    Could you make two locations?

    1. Where it happens upon spawn
    2. Where it happens upon teleportation

    Thought it would be kinda cool. :)
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    eagerly awaiting permissions support.
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    I had an evil smile when I came across this thread.
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    Just an FYI, this will stop ALL fire spread due to lightning.
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    Implemented in v1.1

    Fixed in v1.1
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    Exactly what I am saying. I was having some fun with friends and as soon as I teleported I looked down and made a lightning bolt "appear" to hit me, but it'd be cooler if a plugin did it for you automatically.

    Call it ThunderAction :p.
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    Alright, I'll look into it and when I get it working it will be like you have 3 different permissions nodes, "join" "spawn" and "teleport" and only players having these nodes will be enhanced by this plugin
    also if you're not using permissions you will only be able to use the "join" part as I think all of this for every player is too much for those servers without permissions

    Edit: Forget it, I've got it working but it's such a pain in the ass ... dude, the plugin "Elevators" is calling TeleportEvents so when I'm using my plugin with teleports enabled I get like 20 lightningbolts in 10 seconds ... major pain in the ass
    also respawnlightning does work, but when using plugins like my "BedRespawn" which alter the respawnlocation on a per player basis this still strikes at the world spawn ... in the end I just dont like this and maybe there are ways of stoping the lighnting if its Elevators who is doing the TeleportEvent, but thats just too much work and if I start compatiblity with one plugin I'll have to do lots and as I'm not even slightly interested in teleport part I'll just stop here, my plugin will remain as "ThunderJoin" and done.
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    There's an easier way of doing it.
    Add your own teleport feature and upon typing make it shoot a lightning bolt down.
  11. Hay,
    could you please remove the debug output in your next version?? :p
    11:50:03 [INFO] Location{world=CraftWorld{name=world}x=-134.0y=71.0z=564.0pitch=0.0yaw=0.0}

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    Great plugin! :) Only tested it a few times but seems to be working fine so far on CB716.

    Seems to be working fine in RB733.

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    You should create a lightning on teleport too!
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    Logged out next to somebody, logged back in and the lightning/thunder killed them.
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    Cool - that's a feature, no ;)
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    Now I just need a Raiden skin and I can begin recruiting mortals for the battle for Mine Realm.
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    nice xD xD xD xD
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    Actually, I wouldn't mind keeping this one as a feature - my server has tombstone with protected chests so not as much of a problem if someone dies :)
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    same for my server but I dont want any of my plugins to "depend" on another plugin so I fixed it ;)
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    Your downloadlink is broken.
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    Definitely good to have it fixed - was thinking of this as an option (non-default) perhaps? :)
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    I won't add a config file just for one option.
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    Totally understand - hadn't really noticed that ThunderJoin didn't have a config file :)
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    If you spawn on wool the thunder sets it on fire and causes the wool, and the player, to burn.

    edit: Apologies, this is with ThunderJoin 1.2 and bukkit build 773.
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    I'm fanboy ! this plugin is marvellous :)
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    do you receive damage or does the wool get destroyed?
    the problem is with thunder -> the fire is hardcoded into the client so I cant stop the fire-animation, I just can stop the damage to the player and blocks!
    So if you dont take any damage and if the wool doesnt set other blocks on fire and doesnt get destroyed, then its working as intented ;)
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    Cool plugin! I tested it 773 with wool at spawn, it caught on fire, but did not get destroyed. Good deal!
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    Sorry if this is a silly question, but what's the permission node? :p
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    Not sure if this is a lot to ask, but would it be possible to have a way to configure whether there was lightning for a particular player without using permissions? Perhaps a player list or ops even? Thanks!
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    There actually appears to be a conflict, I'm taking damage and it is setting things on fire. Do you know if one of these doesn't work properly with the plugin?

    RetractableBridge, InventorySort, BukkitCompat, EssentialsChat, PickBoat, PorteCoulissante, nSpleef, ColorSheep, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, Essentials

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