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    Current version: Download Here
    This plugin requires WorldEdit and TagAPI.
    This is a fully functional plugin that allows you to simulate playing Team Fortress 2 from within Minecraft. It is based off of the popular map created by SethBling, only without any of the redstone required, so it's perfectly fine to play with Minecraft 1.3.
    Players can press a button to join a TF2 match from the lobby which will balance all players who join it into 2 teams. For each map there will be a maximum amount of players which can be defined after creating the map. The objective is for blue team to defend their capture points. Red team’s objective is to try and attack / capture blue team’s capture points. There is a time limit to each map, if that time limit is reached, and red team has not captured all of the capture points, then blue team wins. The moment red team captures all of the capture points, red team wins.

    Example Gameplay

    • Fully automated lobby status wall, allowing you to join maps and view the status on each one, including it's status, amount of players on each team, which capture points have been captured, and it's time remaining down to the second.
    • Players are automatically balanced onto the red and blue teams as they join (there's also a command to pick which team you want). The names above player's heads are changed to represent their teams (red team gets red names, blue team gets blue names).
    • Create class buttons which players can hit while in their team's lobby, all classes fully customizable as to which items, armor, and potion effects they are given in the configuration.
    • Define capture points for each of your maps and the time a player must stand on that point to capture it.
    • Create changeclass buttons which players can hit while in-game to be taken to their team's lobby to change their class.
    • Define a timelimit for how long a game should last, a playerlimit for the entire map, and a delay for which the red team is teleported after the blue team when the game starts (this gives blue team a chance to get to the capture points to defend them).
    • You automatically re-spawn with new items, and item drops are disabled, as well as item/armor damage.
    • PVP disabled while in the lobby and friendly fire is disabled.
    • A "ding!" sound plays when you hit someone with an arrow, and a customizable sound plays when you kill someone.
    • Queue system! Don't worry about spamming the signs, you will get placed in the map you choose as soon as a spot is available.
    • AFK players are automatically kicked from the game.
    • Much more!
    Map Creation/Setup Commands

    /TF2 reload
    Reloads all configurations and refreshes the lobby wall.

    /TF2 create map <id>
    This will create a map. It can be a number or a word. A WorldEdit selection is required to define it. Everything inside it will be considered a part of that map. The ID of the map is important as it will be used for all of the commands that set up the map itself for TF2, and it can be an integer or a string.

    /TF2 set playerlimit <map id> <#>
    This will define the max amount of players who can join a map. Only numbers divisible by 2 are accepted.

    /TF2 set redtp <map id> <#>
    Set the delay in which the red team is teleported after the game starts.

    /TF2 set capturepoint <map id> <#>
    Stand on a pressure plate (wood or stone) while issuing this command to set the pressure plate as a capture point for the map you define. The # is which number it is in order of capture points. For example, if # is 1, then it will be the first capture point that must be captured before you can capture point # 2 and so forth. In the config you can change how long players must stand on a pressure plate for it to become a captured point.

    /TF2 set spawn <map id>
    This command open the GUI for setting various spawn points.

    /TF2 set spawn lobby
    Does not require a map ID, this is the global lobby players will be sent to when the game ends, etc.

    /TF2 set timelimit <map id> <time>
    This will set the map’s time limit for a given map. The time must be in seconds.

    /TF2 create classbutton <normal | donator> <class>
    This will give you a button, wherever you place this button it will make that button a class button. A class button is a button that when pressed, it will change a players class to the corresponding class defined for that button. <normal | donator> is the type of button, there are two types. For <class> these are the different weapon / armor classes that must be defined in the config. These buttons should be placed in both the red and blue team’s lobbies for players to chose while they wait for the match to begin.

    /TF2 create changeclassbutton
    This will give you a button, when placed, will be defined as a changeclass button. Changeclass buttons when pressed will send a player to their team’s lobby, where they can change to a different class. The moment they choose a different class, it will send the player back into the game at their team’s spawnpoint. This type of button should normally be placed somewhere inside the map where it can be accessed mid-game.
    Gameplay Commands

    /TF2 join <map id> [team]
    Joins the player to the specified map. If only “/TF2 join <map id>” is issued, then it will balance the player evenly to the team with the least amount of players. However if “/TF2 join <map id> blue” is issued for example, it will join the player to that map’s blue team, ignoring the player balancer.

    /TF2 leave
    Leave the map and get sent to the global lobby.

    tf2.create Allows usage of all commands under map creation commands.
    tf2.play Allows use of all commands under gameplay commands.
    tf2.button.normal Allows use normal class buttons.
    tf2.button.donator Allows use donator class buttons.

    Yes, it's backwards!
    We realize red team is supposed to defend and blue is supposed to attack. On this plugin, it's backwards, red attacks and blue defends. We thought it was more fitting because red is a more aggressive color and it just fits better. I guess it makes this plugin unique. :)
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    This is awesome. Its like the Survival Games Plugin with the Lobby Wall. thats why i love this!! Gonna put it on my server abd tell it everyone !!!
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    Thanks! :D
    Make sure to follow the setup tutorial correctly or it'll fail horribly.
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    i will for sure :)
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    Please link me a few map downloads!
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    Vanilla MC or spout? :confused:
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    Vanilla. See the picture. Try it yourself.
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    Looks fantastic! Although I can't believe you did all that work and got the teams the wrong way round.
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    Hmmm? What's up with the signs. Lol
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    Make sure when your facing the wall your facing north. Bug with the current version.
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    Hey chaseos what is the plugin you use when you go through a portal it takes you to a different server like in skitscape's server?
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    Nice! I love this idea! Mind if I use it for a couple of my plugins?
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    MySQLstatsafsfg!?!!!!! Does it have a webserver or PHP backend?
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    i get "[TF2] You don't have permission for that." when i try to do /tf2 join or click my sign (i know what my map is) it only works if im OP please help.
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    to so that you have to set up the permission in the permissions file the permission is tf2.play

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