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    This is a Game [FUN]
    [Test Reaction] Type "hKXyD5x" and first wins $1000
    <Player>: hkxyd5x
    <RgtArRr>: hKXyD5x
    [Test Reaction] Congratulation RgtArRr win $1000
    <Player>: hKXyD5x
    <Player2>: hKXyD5x
    <Player3>: hKXyD5x

    note: "hKXyD5x" it`s random.

    What I would like: Make it configurable time out again [TestReaction], and the word that is random with capital letters, small letters and numbers

    Additional Ideas: They also can give awards objects.

    Ideas for commands: no commands.

    Ideas for permissions: no permissions

    When I'd like it by: As fast as possible without pressure. xD

    If there is any plugin that can do that, please tell me. And if anyone can do it too
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    I will look if I can make it, I will start right now :p
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    seems pretty cool :)
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    It may cause some spam on your server, what would you say to something like /tr hKXyD5x
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    Thank you. No matter the spam, in order to know who are trying to win the game.
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    Would you want the game to be scheduled or an admin to initiate it?

    I have this completed for you. Will upload file shortly. Have made it so you can configure the amount in $ they win, and the letters that are used.

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