[FUN] TempPermissionPaper v1.4 - Grant users a one-time license [1000]

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    Invisible Ink Extension

    Temporary permission paper extension
    Version 1.4
    By Lennart van Bremen
    Total package (Invisible Ink, extensions and source)
    Temporary permission paper grants any user who uses it one time permission to execute a predefined command. The Invisible Ink plugin creates a paper with readable text on it. When right-clicking with the paper, this plugin will hook into the permissions plugin, gives the user '*' permissions and executes the command written on the paper. After that, it removes the permissions again.
    To create a TempPermissionPaper, use /createpermissionpaper <String> where <String> is the command you want to be issued by this paper. Note that the / in front of the command isn't necessairy.​

    This plugin doesn't require you to have permissions installed, but without it, this plugin doesn't really do anything.
    To give a user the right to create a TempPermissionPaper, define invisibleink.permissionpaper.
    If permissions isn't detected, it will default to OP's only.

    • v1.4 - tested for craftbukkit 1000, minor typo corrected
    • v1.3 - compiled against updated version of Invisible Ink
    • v1.1 - tidied up the code and made source available
    • v1.0 - initial release!
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    first post, but not shure exactly whats going on here to use it and how to make the onetime use. and stupid question :>
    does it really "wright" on the paper?
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    It uses the Invisible Ink plugin. You will need copy that to your plugins folder first. More information about usage is there, but it basically shows the message 'written' on the paper when you left click. It IS dependant of the paper you use, but you can't actually see the text written on the paper tho.
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    This is awesome, thank you.
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    title was missing plugin versio, added, please keep it updated
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    @Dutch_Devil can I type somewhere which commands can be used by the user?
    Also iConomy support?
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    is it possible you could make a license feature. you can give someone a specific paper and as long as they hold it they have that permission. this would be great for giving temp permissions in something like a ctf match.
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    When you create the paper, it will take an argument with the command it will process upon usage. As long as you are the only op/the only player with permissions to create the paper, you can choose which paper you give the other players.
    Also, take a look at PaperChooser to give your users a choice between different permissionspapers ;)

    In what way would you like iConomy support?

    I already planned to make a TimedLicense which, upon usage, gives you permission for a command for a predetermined time. Check InvisibleInk for updates ;)
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    could you pleas, please add permissionsbukkit support? that would be so awesome!!! alsjeblieft? mooie plugin!
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    I'm sorry for all who wanted it, but permissionsbukkit isn't going to work with my plugin.

    The built-in permissions API just isn't developed far enough to support my plugin. I tried to hack into the system and inject the permission myself, but bukkit didn't really like that.

    I did all I could, but it just isn't going to work.
  11. It would be nice if you could maybe link it with iconomy and give it a command, so you can view all papers and buy any one you choose (e.g. similar to the kit plugin). Then another cool thing would be the user would be able to define the amount of time they get it for, and you get charged per each minute of using it (like /permissionpaper buy fly 10 would allow them to fly for 10 minutes or something) :D

    Sorry if that wouldn't work lol, i don't know how to code for minecraft so i don't know whats not possible :)
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    I already did the time thingey: TimedLicense,
    I don't use iconomy myself, so probably am not going to implement it. You can use a market system to sell these papers like any item tho, enough of those plugins support iconomy.
  13. Ahh awesome, just a question - the shop thing I use works with the id of the block/item with the damage modifier. Is there any way I would be able to add one of your papers, like maybe with it's own unique id or something??
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    well, my system stores all papers in the config file, indexed by their id. You could look up the id there and use it.
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    Hey Dutch. I'm testing your awesome plugin but it doesn't work. The server doesn't know the command.
    I've installed InvisibleInk, TimedLicense and TempPermissionPaper. Nothing works.


    Please help me!

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