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    Super Poke v1.02 - Poke like a pro!!​
    Official Post and Download on

    Do you remember Facebook's Super Poke App? This is a basic recreation of that for Minecraft. Using the commands you can send messages to players that reflect an action you want to do them. For example a message may say 'Polaris120990 has poked you'. It is a fairly simple plugin and is very easy to use.

    Support for PermissionsEX added as of 1.01
    • poke.* : access to all commands
    • poke.poke : access to /poke poke
    • poke.throw : access to /poke throw
    • poke.act : access to /poke act
    • poke.help : access to /poke help
    • poke.damage : allows a player to damage using /poke poke

    • /poke : Displays version information.
    • /poke help : Displays a list of commands.
    • /poke poke [player] (damage) : Sends a poke message to a player ie 'player has poked you' OPTIONAL: deals (damage) to player (1 = .5 heart, 20 = 10 hearts)
    • /poke throw [player] [object] : Sends a message stating that [object] has been thrown at a player ie 'player has thrown a shoe at you'
    • /poke act [player] [past-tense verb] : Sends a message stating an action has been performed on a player ie 'player has slapped you'
    To Do

    • Add support for PermissionsBukkit
    • Add more commands ie /poke throwi : Removes an item from your inventory and gives it to a player.

    Version 1.02:
    • Poking can now deal configurable damage.
    Version 1.01:
    • Added PermissionsEX support.
    Version 1.0:
    • First official release.
    If you have any suggestions please feel free to make them. I am very open to criticism and new ideas! Also, If you like what you see and want to support the development of this plugin and any other plugins i decide to create, please donate by clicking on the donation link here
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    The title doesn't quite meet the guidelines, you're also missing a changelog. Please re-read the plugin guidelines if you require help. If you require further help, quote me with what you need help with. Once you feel your post meets with the guidelines, tag or quote me and I'll happily re-review your submission :)
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    @RightLegRed I believe everything should be in order now. Sorry about that, this is my first plugin so I am a bit new at this :)
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    No worries :) I've gone ahead and moved this into releases, awarded you a shiny new tag too :)
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    maybie you can add something like poked player will be hurt
    and animation of throven object can be cool :D
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    @neclovek I already plan on adding the ability to hurt people with pokes and I will see what i can do about a thrown object animation :).
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    Thanx ! :D
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    @neclovek The poke command now deals configurable damage.
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    First, I need to say something about the title:

    whahahahahahahahhahaha XD

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