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    Sprint - Enable Users To Sprint:
    Version: v1.3

    Sprint allows users to sprint by holding down your sneak key and moving. It does this by multiplying the velocity of a user by a given number when they hold shift and are moving. It has a configurable speed and permission support.

    • Lets users sprint while holding sneak key
    • Configurable sprint speed
    • Configurable energy meter
    • Live in-game configuration editing
    • Permission support
    • Easy installation

    Download Sprint.jar
    Source Code

    Download the Sprint.jar and extract it to your plugins directory. Run your server and a Sprint folder will be created in your plugins directory with a config.yml in it.
    Now edit your config.yml:
        item-id: 301 # id of the item which is required to wear to sprint (must be either boots, chestplate, leggings, or helment)
        enabled: false # if a item is required to be worn in order to sprint (true = enabled, false = disabled)
        item-id: 0 # id of the item which is held by the user to enable/disable sprinting by left clicking
        enabled: false # enable/disable being able to enable/disable sprinting by left clicking with a specified item in a person's hand
        interval: 5 # use 5 or 10 for this option. (every 5 or 10 % amount of energy used/gained a message will appear with your current energy left)
        energy-lost-color: f # the color that is displayed when a user is losing energy
        energy-gained-color: f # the color that is displayed when a user is gaining energy
        energy-gained-per-second: 1 # amount of energy gained while not sprinting
        speed: 0.6 # controls the sprint speed (its what the player's direction's velocity is multiplied by)
        energy-lost-per-second: 1 # amount of energy lost per second while sprinting
        requires-command-enabled: false # if set to true, it will allow people to enable/disable sprinting by using '/sprint on' or '/sprint off'
        high-jump-enabled: false # if set to true, it will allow users to jump high while sprinting, but if set to false, users will jump the same height while sprinting as the normal jumping height
    NOTE: If upgrading from v1.0 or below to v1.1+ you must delete your Sprint folder and restart your server or plugin for the new config file to be created! If not the plugin will not work!

    Permission Nodes (open)

    sprint.admin # allow users access to sprint administrative commands
    sprint.allow # allow users or groups access to sprint
    sprint.highjump # allow users who have sprint.allow be able to jump high while sprinting

    NOTE: If no permission nodes are detected, it will default to using ops.txt.

    Commands (open)

    Sprint Commands:
    /sprint on : Enables sprinting.
    /sprint off : Disables sprinting.

    Sprint Administrative Commands:
    /sprint speed <amount> : Change sprint speed.
    /sprint energygainedpersecond <amount> : Change energy gained per second.
    /sprint energylostpersecond <amount> : Change energy lost per second.
    /sprint highjump <enable|disable> : Enable/disable sprint highjump.
    /sprint requiresitem <enable|disable> : Enable/disable require item to wear.
    /sprint requirescommand <enable|disable> : Enable/disable require command to enable/disable sprinting.
    /sprint helditem <enable|disable> : Enable/disable being able to enable/disable sprint using an item.
    /sprint helditemid <id> : Change the item that is used to enable/disable sprinting.
    /sprint itemid <id> : Change the required item to be worn.
    /sprint messagesinterval <seconds> : Change the interval between messages sent while sprinting.
    /sprint energygainedcolor <color> : Change the color of the energy gained message.
    /sprint energylostcolor <color> : Change the color of the energy lost message.

    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.3
    • Changed it so when energy-lost-per-second is set to 0 the stamina messages wont show up
    Version 1.2
    • Divided '/sprint admin' into 2 separate pages
    • Fixed bug where you were required to have 'requires-command-enabled' enabled to use 'held-item.enabled'
    Version 1.1
    • Added ability to enable/disable sprinting by using commands
    • Added in game administrative commands (you can change any setting in the configuration file in real time)
    • Added ability to enable/disable sprinting by left clicking with a specified item
    Version 1.0
    • Fixed no permissions detected problem (wouldn't work without permissions)
    • Added Sprint version check (notifies you in the console if there is a new version of Sprint available)
    Version 0.9

    • Added sprint.highjump permission node
    Version 0.8

    • Added high-jump-enabled option to config
    Version 0.7

    • Added energy-gained-color and energy-lost-color to config.yml
    • Changed messages to display as 'Stamina: #%'
    Version 0.6

    • Reconfigured config.yml
    • Added decimal support for energy-lost-per-second and energy-gained-per-second
    • Added item-id option
    • Added messages options (interval and color)
    • Fixed message bug (spammed 15%)
    Version 0.5

    • Converted to config.yml
    Version 0.4

    • Added energy meter and config options (energy-lost-per-second, energy-gained-per-second)
    • Fixed minor bugs
    Version 0.3

    • Fixed glitch were a user could go infinitely in the air
    Version 0.2

    • Attempting to fix Mac error (was using ancient version of eclipse)
    • Added leatherboot option in config
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release
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    maybe somehow limit how long they can sprint? or add fatigue? nice plugin tho :D
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    Agree with pencil, and it slowly recovers back.
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    Agree with both, with a cooldown :)
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    Good idea, I will look into it.

    And I'm glad you like it :)
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    Does this conflict with crouching? Thinking of getting it, but I dont wanna sacrifice the crouch for a sprint.
    svict4 likes this.
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    I really love the concept of this mod, and I agree with duration and cooldown, and I am concerned about conflicting with crouching. Like Neoblade, I don't want to sacrifice crouching for dashing.
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    Wow this plugin seems sweet, some sort of stamina cool-down bar would be the best, Maybe be able to change the key from shift? Wouldn't want it to conflict with crouching.
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    Prehaps have it in a config file an option to need leather boots to sprint? Not all people would want to sacrifice sneaking for sprinting.
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    You are still able to crouch, however your speed would be increased.


    Would you want to be able to use a command to enable it or another key? I'm not sure what keys I'm able to use without conflicting with other things.


    Good idea, I will definitely look into that as well.
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    @Carbon131 Maybe have a config file and it will say something like "Sprint = Shift" and you can change it to "Shift = Crtl" or something like that if its possible
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    This is EXTREMLY useful, especially with MagicCarpet. Now i can say bye bye to Nuble!
    Thanks for making this!
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    Sadly, that would require a client modification as well as a bukkit modification.
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    This is a great idea for a plugin. I have a problem though. The sprint seems to not work on my server. I believe this may be because I am on a mac and maybe the value for shift is different on macs? I would appreciate if somebody could confirm this works on the mac version of minecraft.
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    Are you using permissions? And it uses a bukkit boolean (isSneaking()) so it shouldn't have an affect on mac users, however I am unsure because it has only been tested on a windows server.
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    I'm having the same issue as jnollz....and I'm a mac
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    Well I updated it in an attempt to fix the error for Mac users. Also added a new option in config, if 'leatherboots' is set to true, it will allow users who have permission and are wearing leatherboots only to sprint; and if set to false, allow users who have permission and aren't wearing leatherboots use sprint.
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    Yes I am using the most recent build of permissions and it does not seem to work, I will redownload and let you know

    Edit: I just downloaded the new version and it runs with no errors but still no results... I wonder what the problem could be??
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    If you just downloaded, download again, I uploaded a faulty version by accident.
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    Edit: Ok, I did and it still doesn't seem to work.. :/
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    Try deleting your Sprint folder and then restart.
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    Not working for me either. Playing on windows, server is a *nix system. I've tried it with and without Permissions installed, no difference. Tried the new version you just uploaded. I can confirm It's a new version because I can see the boots option in the new config file, however in console it still says v0.1, and it still does not work
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    ok, ill try

    Edit: No luck...
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    Yeah, I just did a fresh install with new CB version and it loaded no errors but the sprint does not work. :x I love the idea though lol
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    Well I have found the issue of why it can't work, but as usual it will take time to fix, so sorry for the inconvenience, I will have it done soon.
  26. Cool! I'll give this a go! Fantastic idea!
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    dosnt work
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    Doesn't work for me :( Running on latest craftbukkit and permissions, no errors, it just doesn't work.
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    Does the console say any errors? And what build are you currently using?

    I just tested v0.3 with craftbukkit build #642, and it works flawlessly. Are you sure your config file is setup properly?
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    it works! don't even have permissions installed. Also running build 642.

    However, the actual sprinting is very unsmooth/skippy. you slow down and speed up so much to the point that it seems on average you are moving the same speed as not running. If this is indeed a problem with the plugin and not my setup, I'm sure it;s just how MC is coded and there's no way around it

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